Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Battle the Holiday Exhaustion

Turkey Day and Christmas is right around the corner my friends!!! You know what that means, making the rounds at holiday parties, purchasing, giving and recieving gifts, cooking, parades and of course being overwhelmed and exhausted. Maybe that's why people drink so much at New Years!
How do you keep your energy  the holiday season? Well I will give you a few of my favorite tips!

1. Get plenty of sleep - I know it is a little obvious but it takes over and hour for our brain to completely shut down and prepare for sleep, so when you think your actually getting six hours your really only getting five!

2. Invest in Green, Black or Oolong Tea - All have great benefits including boosting your immune system and your energy levels! But be sure not to overdo it, two cups of tea a day is a good idea. If you aren't a fan of hot tea stick with Green, it tastes really good cold. Or you can add a bit of honey to it which has astringent and cleansing qualities!

3. Manage your time - Again another obvious one, but it is very necessary to get organized! Get a scheduler or just a piece of paper and make a day plan with what activities on what days. Allot time for each activity and give yourself breathing time in between each. Putting it in black and white like that will help you to compartmentalize and process all of your tasks so you won't get overwhelmed.

4. Surround yourself with cheer - Wearing colors such as yellow, orange, golds, and blues help us to feel energized, red does this as well. Greens, browns and khaki's help us to feel more grounded. If I have a day where there is a LOT going on I will wear an energizing color. When it is a time to relax and recoup I will wear a grounding color.

5. Allow yourself to celebrate - This is my final rule for holidays. When I go to parties I meet so many people who, even though they are there to celebrate continue to think about issues at home or what is left on their task list. Leave it at the door! If you got all of your kids presents before the December rush celebrate that you achieved that goal! Celebrate yourself and the fact that you CAN do all of the tasks on your list!

6. Count your blessings - Okay I lied, this is the absolute LAST rule I swear! I think it is pretty self-explanatory but I will detail it anyway. I can remember my Uncle Bill used to count his blessings by helping others. Every Christmas he would drive around town with six bills ranging from twenty five dollars to one hundred each put into a card and sealed. He would also put blankets in the car (usually about fifteen or twenty) he would then go out Christmas Eve night and give these out to the homeless around town. Buying them a place to stay for the night, giving a warm blanket, or another act of kindness. This was his way of counting his blessings and giving back. Find your own way to count YOUR blessings this holiday season!

Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 2011 Tarotscopes

Hello Lovelies!
 It is time for the December horoscopes!!! This month I used the Audacious Angels Oracle by Helen Michaels and Lorraine Roe. This is a solid deck with 44 cards, each with a message from the Audacious Angels to help guide you during your spiritual journey. With a mix of practical information, a little magic and a lot of humor this deck is both enlightening and entertaining! I wouldn’t necessarily use this for reading others but prefer to use it as a true oracle deck, to give insight into your daily life and solutions to your problems. It’s a wonderful personal deck to keep and utilize. You can get the deck through www.schifferbooks.com

Sagittarius - Happy Birthday!! Universe is on your side this month so hone your magic arrows and shoot towards your target, the Divine will make sure it hits! Ask for what you want this month, be specific in the item, opportunity or situation, but not in how it is to be received! That is the fun part of playing with a Magic Wand.

Aries - The Audacious Angels say it’s time to listen up! You’ve got a Date with Destiny! Be open to signs from Universe directing you, it could be something as simple as being in the right place at the right time, or ‘just for the hell of it’ reading the classifieds and finding something you are destined to have. Either way, just keep an ear out and your eyes open!

Taurus - You are pregnant with possibilities right now! So many creative ideas and endeavors. But are you really nurturing them? The Womb Full card indicates that right now is not the time to focus on other commitments to other people, but rather commit to yourself and really work on the ideas that you’ve already got cooking!

Gemini - The angels say this is the month for healing! Talk to a counselor, a friend or even write out your feelings! Be honest with the people around you, gain closure in a situation. Take this month to relax, be introverted and to take a  couple of Mending Days.

Cancer - First Things First, now is the time to plan in baby steps. A lot of little changes can add up to huge change and make you feel more secure at the same time. So start that planning and take those tiny steps toward your future happiness!

Leo - Michael, Prince Charming of Protection has your back Leo! When this card comes up it indicates a need for protection from negative energies, and the Archangel Michael has you covered. Whether it be at work, home, or friends now is the time to clean out your toxicity closet! Let Michael help!

Virgo - Newsflash! There are new ideas coming your way! Universe is conspiring to bring you to most creative mindset! Whether it be new ways to handle a job task, make your money work for you or a new invention. Be open this month to letting your creative mind take over and come up with outside the box solutions.

Libra - Hot Lips tells you that this month is one for rejoicing!  Hace fun laugh out loud and just generally get happy this month! Laughing helps to release negativity, soothe stress and keep you in balance. no matter the troubles, traumas or issues, recognize that it too shall pass you have a lot to be thankful for! Rejoice and count your blessings!

Scorpio - Scorpio get ready to be sloppy! The Audacious Angels have given you the Grape Stomping card for this month indicating that this month is one for big emotional moments.  Whether they be really high or really low everything is going to be felt in extremes.

Capricorn - The Black Swan is ready to make it’s debut in your life! Recognize the drama around you for what it is an rather than trying to stop it let it play out!! Embrace the theatricality of a good drama and take center stage, you will be very enlightened by it’s conclusion!

Aquarius - The Audacious Angels say Charge It! Universe is asking you to go on faith and move full steam ahead! Whatever the ideas are no matter the risk, jump and know that this month Universe will catch you and help you succeed!

Pisces - You are the empty vessel this month being Warmly Receptive to the Divine and letting that energy seep into those around you. Be a grounding point for them, recognize your divinity and help others as Universe helps you!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Illuminara - Intuitive Journal With Cards by Elaine Clayton

The word intuitive works on many levels, some may use the word to mean psychic while others see it as a connection between the  concious and personal unconcious. Such is the case with set of cards and the journal that accompanies it.  The  cards  have no meaning written below them, no jacks or queens, but rather the author’s own art, street scenes, dogs, birds etc. Seemingly random they all trigger different feelings, memories, thoughts and ideas. I can see where the author is going with this system and I think it is brilliant! As she quotes in her book:
“A the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” ~ Lao Tzu
This wonderful journaling book and card set is a great step in tapping into your own inner knowledge and discovering your own inner interpretive library.

*images used with permission from Schiffer Publishing LTD

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ghosts of Buffalo by Tim Shaw - Review by Katie Boyd

I am usually busy writing books myself and never get much time to read other books,until my publisher sent me Ghosts of Buffalo by my good friend Tim Shaw. I read the book cover to cover in about two hours. It is a full color book with tons of wonderful legends and historical facts regarding some of the most incredible haunted places in Buffalo NY. Tim also writes about his time as a re-enactor at well known Fort Niagara, and his experiences with the spirits that still haunt the military site. What I loved about this book was the beautiful colored pictures and being a huge history buff , I found the back stories very intriguing. I suggest if anyone loves haunted history and NY, get this book because you will not be disappointed.

Order Ghosts of Buffalo by visiting Schifferbooks.com or visit
Tim’s website theblackcatlounge.net

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gift Certificate Special!

Typically I run this gift certificate deal as a Black Friday special, but this year I thought to extend it from Nov. 1, 2011 all the way to Dec. 23rd 2011 The gift certificates (as shown below) are a beautiful gift to any friend! 
Give the gift of closure and insight to those you love!
Gift certificates will arrive by email within 24-48 hours of purchase and can be printed on any kind of paper of your choosing and fit easily into greeting cards, envelopes etc.
On top of that you get a free 15 minute reading that you can use for yourself or have packaged into another gift certificate for someone else! 

The gift certificate can be applied to:

  • classes
  • online readings
  • phone readings
  • in person reading
  • or any of Beckah's other services
Please be sure to include the name of the person receiving the gift certificate in the special instructions box when ordering!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To Make A Psi-Wheel

I borrowed this wonderful article from http://controlmind.info a wonderful site dedicated to discovering the true potential of the mind! A psi wheel is quite simple to set up and requires very basic materials. You probably have everything you need to make a psi wheel laying around your house right now. All it takes to make your own PSI wheel is a small square (approximately 2.5x2.5 inches) of a piece of paper or aluminum foil, a regular sewing needle, and a small lump of clay or a book to hold the needle in an upright position.  Below is the instruction on how to make a psi wheel:
  1. Cut a square piece of paper about 2.5x2.5 inches, but a little smaller or larger will still work most of the time.
  2. Fold the piece of paper diagonally to form a triangle. Open the paper back and simply fold the opposite corner over to form another triangle.
  3. Turn the paper over.
  4. Fold the paper in half both ways.
  5. Push in the opposite corners towards the center to make it as a little "hat" with the middle pointing up and the sides slightly bended down.
Now, it's all ready and folded up in the way it should. In this way, it will keep balanced when you place it on top of the needle and it will easily spin around when right energies is applied. Then, just to see how it functions, gently blow on the paper wheel (psi wheel), and you will see it spin gently and stable around on top. If there is too much friction making it hard to spin, fold it slightly more leaving the top tip more wide so it doesn't get stuck on the top of the needle. You can refer to the illustration below to get more understanding on how to make a psi wheel.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi Lovelies! It's November and time for your tarotscopes!! This month I used the Pirate Tarot authored by Carrie and Lucas Aodio with illustrations by Liz ‘Galindorf’ Harper.
If you are a pirate enthusiast, fan of woodcarvings or just like a deck that has that element of fun then the Pirate Tarot is for you! It was a blast to read these cards! The Major and Minor Arcana has been changed to reference pirate life with the High Priestess becoming the Figurehead, rather than royals there are now Captains, Lady Captains, First Mates and Cabin Boys. It is a wonderfully exciting deck to read, the art itself looks like real woodcuts, the intricate artwork will keep your eyes entertained for hours. Having gone through the deck multiple times in doing the Tarotscopes time and again I found bits in the picture I hadn’t noticed before! Its a playful deck that still keeps the mystical tradition of the tarot! Get the deck at Schifferbooks.com. Now let's get on to the Tarotscopes!!

Scorpio -  Happy Birthday Scorpio! The Cabin Boy of Coins peeks in at the beginning of the month bestowing a sense of accomplishment through education or learning a new task! The Nine of Cups stops by mid-November bringing with him a sense of satisfaction and cheer! At the end of the month you meet the Lady Captain of Pistols giving you a sense of sexuality, and a boost of extra energy.

Aries - You begin the month in the Two of Pistols, indicating a feeling of satisfaction and at the same time restlessness. You know the project is near complete or you’ve done a good job but your ready to move onto the next task. You move into the Nine of Coins midmonth bringing with it a sense of overall success and accomplishment! At the end of the month the Captain of Cups visits you burdening you with responsibility. You may feel a smidgen melancholy and like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Remember to organize tasks so they are not so overwhelming!

Taurus - The Two of Swords kicks off November, indicating the need for some major decision making. Don’t take to much time to consider options! If you don’t make one, Universe will do it for you! Mid-month brings the Ace of Cups, sending off the sense of contentment and joy! For those would be mothers trying to conceive  mid- November would be a great time to try as the Ace of Cups also denotes fertility. You end the month with the Justice card, giving you a sense of balance and responsibility.

Gemini - The Chichurgeon visits you at the beginning of the month bringing with him a lot of positive change and a feeling of transformation. He also points out the positive things to get inspired by! Mid month comes The Fool offering faith, luck and a little bit of chaos. You end the month with the Ace of Pistols,letting you know now is the time to put plans into action! You are in your manifestative prime!

Cancer - The First Mate of Coins pops in at the beginning of the month to let you know that now is the time to take caution and really think things through! Do your due diligence before making any big purchases or getting services. Mid-month the Chariot rides in to tell you that your determination will get you through. Stick to your guns no matter the opposition, your in the right and on the correct path! You end the month with Strength, telling you to have patience! Everything will seem as if it is moving in slow motion, but that is because you are moving in hyperspeed!

Leo - Death comes to you at the beginning of the month (not literally) bring with it closure and transition. You will feel as if a burden has lifted, you’ve gotten the answer you seek and can finally move forward! The middle of November the Seven of Pistols stops by telling you that just because your right doesn’t mean you need to argue the point. It is great to have conviction, but in this instance it does not help the situation, agree to disagree! At the end of the month you move into the First Mate of Cups who gives you a helping hand in revamping your love life.

Virgo - Now is the time to indulge!! So says the Lady Captain of Coins. Treat yourself to a good time, but don’t completely blow your budget, keep your goals in mind! The Five of Swords enters midmonth indicating that you may be to black and white right now. Be sure not to judge the people around you to ruthlessly, you may end up pushing some good, usefull people or opportunities to the side. At the end of the month the Two of Pistols visits, bringing a sense of contentment. Enjoy it!

Libra - The Five of Cups greets you at the start of November telling you that now is the time to accept situations for what they are and allow yourself some rejuvenation and healing time! Mid-month indicates some obstacles but just try to keep balance and you will be met with success. At the end of the month you meet the Eight of Coins, indicating a sense of focus on a money making opportunity!

Sagittarius - The Cabin Boy of Swords swings in to say ‘Hallo!’ during his visit he gives you a reminder ‘Don’t doubt your innate cleverness and use it throughout the beginning of the month!” Mid-month you meet up with the Ten of Swords, indicating a need to release some bad habits and purge yourself of negative thought. At the end of the month your imagination and psychic sense will be at a high pay attention and use your creative self, so says the Moon.

Capricorn - Take your time, consider all of your options, allow for reflection! That is the message of the Seven of Coins for you at the beginning of the month! Half way through November you encounter the World which opens you to the feeling of integration on a large scale, a feeling of belonging and a clear mind so you can tie up loose ends! At the end of the month you meet the Four of Coins who tells you to be frugal with
your money, you will be happy you saved some cash on the side as you may have some unexpected expenses.

Aquarius - 
At the beginning of November you enter the Four of Pistols giving you a sense of freedom
and a reason to celebrate! Take joy in this moment and milk it for all it’s worth! Midmonth the Cabin Boy of Pistols stops in continuing to provide positive energy in the form of enthusiasm. This will also be the time
when you will have a lot of new and innovative ideas. Carry a notebook to help you keep track. At the end of the month Temperance pops by reminding you that with the good comes the bad and try to keep in balance and harmony!

Pisces - You are greeted by the Three of Cups bringing with it the gift of teamwork, and friendship. Embrace the ability to create new connections and network, network, network! This is important as you are visited by the Five of Coins later in the month giving you a need for mutual support and a lack of funds. No worries though it is a passing phase as at the end of the month you meet up with The Bosun, who gives you some information which will greatly help your financial situation. This could be anything from a new job opportunity to what stocks to invest in.

*images used with permission from Schiffer Publishing LTD

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ritual to Honor the Ancestors

 This was asked for by listeners of the Psychic Switch! I gave this ritual out tonight on the Honoring Your Ancestors Episode! Enjoy it!

  • Color: Black and grey
  • Element: Earth
  • Altar: Spread a black cloth, and lay it with photographs, paintings, and other depictions of our ancestors. Add also symbols of their old tools, and statues of ancestral deities, a bowl of seeds for the future garden, pots of soil, a pitcher of water, and many candles of black and white and grey.
  • Offerings: Things they would have liked to eat, drink, smoke, or smell. Tend a cemetery and clean up the graves.
  • Daily Meal: Food from an earlier era, using authentic recipes.

Invocation to the Ancestors:

Our ancestors got up at dawn, 
Slaved in the dirt, 
Sweated in the sun, 
Chilled in the cold, 
Numbed in the snow, 
Scattering each seed with a prayer: 
Pray that there be enough, 
That no one starve this winter. 
Pray that no bird nor beast 
Steal the food I have struggled for. 
And most of all, 
Pray that each seed I save 
Of this harvest 
Shall next year 
Bring forth a hundred more. 
We live today 
Because they worked 
Because they sowed 
Because they harvested 
Because they prayed. 


Those who came before 
We are your children 
Those who came before 
We honor your names

(Each person takes seeds from the bowl and plants them in the pots of soil, speaking the name of one of their ancestors as they do so, as in: "In honor of _______." The pots are watered, and the candles put out one by one.)

Found in The Pagan Book of Hours - Breviary

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Journey Tarot Review by Christopher Willey

Review By: Sue G. 

The very first thing you notice when using this deck is that the traditional imagery has been replaced by a modern update.  The colors are bold but not overpowering.  The Tower has been replaced by Intervention, The Hermit is now the Guidance and so on.  The images your clients see are ones that they can relate to more easily.  By using imagery that everyone can relate to, the deck easily lends itself to both new and advanced readers.  One of my favorite cards is the 12th Card of the Major Arcana, in Today's Journey is is entitled Choice and depicts a person's hand holding onto the steering wheel of their car while driving down a highway about to choice which off ramp to use.  This shows someone feeling a bit stuck, not knowing which way to go, but seeing the possibilities spread out before them.  Who can't relate to this much more easily then the image of a Hanged Man?  It's that type of ease that has made this deck quickly become my go-to one.

*images used with the permission of Schiffer Publishing LTD.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tarotscopes October 2011

Hello Lovelies!
It's that time of the month! Yes, the Tarotscopes!!! This month I worked with the Silver Era Tarot authored by Russell J. Moon and artistry by Aunia Kahn.  I absolutely enjoyed working with this deck, if there was one critique I could give it would be to the models more than the artist. They were at times simply to stiff or in an obvious ‘pose’. The actually quality of the graphics is amazing. I must say that I would recommend this deck to someone who enjoys more gothic style art, the images are black and white with pops of color in various pictures throughout the deck. My favorite card? The Hierophant, those blood red lips on a younger female face (very unique as most often the card is depicted as an old man) in the black and white shot with a very intense gaze. If I could get it framed and hang it on my wall I absolutely would. The mix of photographed and illustrative art is fabulous and has a definite ethereal feel to it. This deck is great for the intermediate intuitive reader.

Libra - Happy Birthday Libra!! The King of Cups greets you at the beginning of the month bringing with him a sense of being driven, busting through obstacles and having to make many decisions. The middle of the month brings Judgement reversed beckoning you to  take another look, your drive has become possibly obsessive in nature. This card also warns of a lack of momentum and a feeling of progress stopped. The Ace of Swords brings along a rise from a feeling of defeat and again picking up momentum and a feeling of accomplishment.

Aries - The Devil knocks on your door at the beginning of the month Aries! Excess and overindulgence may bite you in the bum later. Keep aware of your apetites and your wallet! Mid-month brings the Star, ushering new hopes and dreams. Keep the faith things are moving forward even if it isn’t obvious right now. At the end of the month is the Six of Swords indicating time for a change you may be feeling disconnection with the people around you or your environment. This will spur you on to big changes next month.

Taurus - The Moon comes to see you at the beginning of the month telling you to trust your gut with all decisions and allow creativity to be your outlet. Nex comes the Four of Wands indicating completion or a feeling of accomplishment. At the end of the month Justice stops by giving you a sense of balance and rightness.

Gemini - You start the month in the Ten of Cups indicating a harmonious partnership or relationship. The Nine of Wands comes in at the middle of October  indicating a small setback in plans. But don’t be disheartened you will overcome and everything will be back on track in no time. At the end of the month you meet up with the Hanged Man in the reverse position indicating now is a time to look inward for resolution rather than opinions and ideas from everyone else.

Cancer - Now is the time for action! So says the Eight of Wands at the beginning of the month. Choices have been made and there is nothing left but to follow through with the plan. The middle of the month brings with it the Seven of Pentacles reversed indicating a big risk, all can be won or lost based on your decision (no pressure!) time to get some advice! At the end of the month you meet the Queen of Cups telling you to pay attention to the people around you, particularly the successful and wise. You will learn some new things which will make life much easier

Leo - You begin October in the phase of the Knight of Wands influencing you to continue in your current direction with a surety of much success. Midmonth brings the Ten of Pentacles into your sphere indicating a good financial status, with the ability to money aside. It may also come up if there is an inheritence or a lot of debt is cleared. At the end of the month you land in the Two of Cups bestowing a new or renwed friendship or relationship with a feeling of a true partnership!

Virgo - The Queen of Wands greets you at the beginning of the month with the message to forge ahead with bringing your dreams to fruition success lies around the corner. Mid month you embody the Page of Swords causing you to take an opportunity to advance your knowledge. At the end of the month you come in contact with the Six of Wands giving you a feeling of success and satisfaction.

Scorpio - You begin in the phase of the Three of Cups reversed indicating that now is the time to bring people together for a common goal.  The Page of Cups reversed comes to you at midmonth bringing with it a sense of a need to embrace the inner child.  Spend time with a friend, reminisce and relax. The endo fo the month brings the Five of Cups reversed inducing a sense of hardship and grief. Be sure to take your time with any decision making.

Sagittarius - Watch out Sagittarius! Now is the time to recover from last month the Four of Swords indicates a possible burnout on the horizon. The Tower reversed warns you to be cautious of change. Really take your time and weigh the pros and cons. The Knight of Pentacles warns you not to give into the pressure around you. Don’t let other people make the choices for you!

Capricorn - You start the month as the Queen of Wands reversed indicating a feeling of depression. But this does not last long as you move into the Magician midmonth bringing you to a crossroads. You cannot go forward, nor backward without making a decision. Take a minute and mull it over.  At the end of the month you reach the Five of Wands telling you to get involved in some healthy competition. It will be good for your spirit.

Aquarius - You start out in the Two of Swords telling you to accept fate. Release control and let things happen. Midmonth you meet the Hanged Man who tells you that right now you aren’t going anywhere, so just relax. But at the end of the month you have the Seven of Swords coming in giving you the ability to confront current issues with people and situations.

Pisces - The Devil is knocking at your door at the beginning of the month reminding you that things are only as bad as you percieve it. Sometimes we can cripple ourselves with our negative attitudes. The Fool tells you to take a second and look before you leap but it is definitely time for change at the end of the month comes the Ten of Swords indicating now is the times to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move on!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bridge of Deaths Book Review

M.C.V. Egan twists truth and fiction until you question your perceptions. You meet the characters Bill and Maggie right off the bat, Maggie being more of an eccentric and Bill being of a more logical mind. What I loved was when Bill, the skeptic, went with Maggie to a past life regression and got his socks knocked off, from then on it is a story of intrigue as Maggie and Bill try to put the pieces of their past lives together. Bill is haunted by the numbers on a plane, and a bridge in Denmark that Maggie is all to familiar with. I love the mix of historical facts and you can tell Egan was quite devoted to the historical subject (just take a look at all those footnotes...wow). I adore the character of Catalina, who I feel in reading this may be an artistic interpretation of the author herself. One of  my favorite parts was when Catalina was going through her library, seeing written on the page her thought process was really funny, especially since the reader could sense Catalina's irritation at having to take up a 'real' job and put her obsession aside.  All of her characters come to life so easily you can almost hear them talking in your mind, imagine accents, smells and emotions.
Psychic elements run throughout the Bridge of Deaths, other than past lives Catalina went and visited psychics to discover more about her grandfather and his involvement in the mysterious plane crash that fills Bills nightmares. Most of the information contained within the book regarding paranormal phenomena, psychics and past life regression are spot on, when they are not the author notes what is fiction and where creative license was taken. I thought that the footnotes would be distracting but some of them are quite entertaining! Most of the seers and mystics she talks about in her book are either people who have read her or people she has obvious connections with as she cites their entire names etc.
I loved this book, there was no time to be bored, no slow parts. I will say that if you enjoy history, past life regression and the weird this will definitely be a story for you. However, I feel you will soon come to realize that it is much more than that, it is a story of real love, triumph and search for the self. Thumbs up to M.C. V. Egan

Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd

Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Tarot Leaves deck by Beth Seilonen

I get to review decks all the time and I feel so blessed and priveliged to do so. I decided to share the wealth and offer a deck to review to a good friend of mine named Sue. She has been studying and practicing in divination for over twenty years and has a passion for art in all it's forms.So this was the perfect deck to give her to review. Here is Sue's take on the deck...

"The first thing that you notice about this deck is it's gentle nature, from the pastelish coloring to the graphic depictions on each of the cards. Leaves are woven into each card in some manner. This in itself lends this deck to be a bit less foreboding to clients. I was able to use this deck on a person who is new to tarot readings and not have her be intimidated cards that traditionally have harsher images. All in all it was a fun deck to use, however it does require a bit more experience and intuitiveness then other. Because of that, I would recommend this deck for experienced users."

Prepare friends, the next review is way out of the norm for this blog! I will be reviewing a book by M.C. V. Egan entitled The Bridge of Deaths. I can already tell you that it is definitely a book I would read again...but you'll find out all about it in the next post!

Till then!
Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tarotscopes September 2011

Hello Lovelies!

Time for another exciting Tarotscope! This month I am using the Otherworld Tarot by Alison Williams with artwork by Sarah Nowell. Right off the bat the first thing I can say is this deck is whimsical, with flying pink fluffy unicorns on the back it reminds me of my childhood and playing with the Lisa Frank stickers, with unicorns, rainbows and lots of color. This deck is definitely vibrant! Each suit and the Major has it's own colored border and a couple of descriptive word beneath each card. Not all of the images are light and airy, some are more dark and foreboding, but it still incorporates that sense of whimsy. When this reader is using the deck, the clients don't freak out as they sometimes do with the more traditional decks, some of my clients will gasp when they see the death card even though it doesn't always mean an actual death. It is definitely a good deck for a beginning reader or tarot enthusiast. Now on to the Tarotscopes!

Virgo - The Ace of Cups kicks off your September! Whenever I see this card it really excites me, it means a reconnection in a relationship, a milestone (such as an engagement or wedding) or a new relationship coming in! Just remain open to the possibilities and let your heart lead you! Mid-month the Ace of of Wands appears saying that now is the time to take a different route or start something new in life. You will be pushed towards action, feeling motivated and maybe a little restless in your current situation. The Two of Cups indicate that you will have a moment of that ever elusive balance in your life a great way to end the month.

Aries -The King of Cups comes to you with a message of support, now is the time to put yourself aside and take care of others. The middle of the month brings an increase in finances and a feeling of prosperity, make use of it and save what you can. At the end of the month things are speeding up and you finally feel like your really moving forward!

Taurus -Don't be afraid to share your money this month Taurus, you'll have extra and there will be some people in need. This month is also a time for you to exercise your skills as an authority! People will be looking to you for guidance and instruction do what you can to aid them. At the end of the month you will meet someone (become aware of them) who is not as they appear. They may not be the most beautiful or handsome person, but they do have a passionate and giving nature. They are one of extremes and see the world in black and white, they can be vindictive if you do or say the wrong thing but are quickly forgiving.

Gemini -You move into the Four of Cups at the beginning of the month, bringing with it a sense of boredom, now is the time to entertain yourself and maybe take on a couple of new hobbies. At mid-month you pass by the Page of Swords who cautions you to really look at your situation from all sides and spend time to think things through rather than giving into your impulsive nature. At the end of the month there is a sense of peace that the Ten of Cups brings. Peace with decisions and your situation, enjoy it.

Cancer -The Hermit meets you at the beginning of the month indicating that now is the time for you to introvert just a bit and reflect on current situations and indulge in a little nostalgia. Mid-month brings some uncomfortable situations, I get this to be more family oriented than work, and you may feel a little disconcerted or heartbroken. Strength comes in at the end of the month to give you the courage to face these negative moments, keep your head up and keep moving!

Leo -It is time dear Leo to receive your reward! The Three of Pentacles comes through for you denoting an opportunity to finally get the payoff you've been waiting for! At the middle of the month the Devil comes to your door sending distractions and temptations your way. Do not fall prey to them as they will divert you from your goal and it will take even MORE time to reach it! At the end of the month comes success!!! Yay! The World presents you with the opportunity to really reach those goals and even some upswing in your finances!

Libra -You take on the Emperor at the beginning of the month which gives you a sense of clarity about your current situation. It's almost like Universe just connects the dots for you and begin to see things for what they really are not how you want them to be. Watch it though because sometimes to much knowing is not a good thing and the Two of Swords indicates an imbalance. Remember, work hard, play hard, let it be your mantra for mid-September. At the end of the month the Nine of Cups indicates a feeling of True Happiness, that things have finally come together, there are resolution to the situations around you and you will have kickstarted some new projects!

Scorpio -You place upon yourself the mantle of Justice at the beginning of the month, taking Karma into your own hands or watching Karma hit someone else! At the middle of the month there will be a lot of decisions to be made and a couple of really big choice, don't let your brain overwhelm you because at the end of the month The Fool comes in and urges you to just take a leap of faith

Sagittarius - Your brain will be on overdrive at the beginning of the month as you move into the Ace of Swords, take advantage and try to clear some of the work from your plate. Now is the time to wrap up or complete projects that have to do with finances or intellect such as finishing a book, or another creative endeavor. Middle of the month will bring exhaustion from all the work completed at the beginning of September, there are no worries though as you can take the time to recoup. At the end of the month the Eight of Cups indicates that it is time to move on, you may no longer be challenged at work or be tired of the same old situation. Do not be afraid to make change it is a good time.

Capricorn -Everything in moderation Capricorn or so says Temperance! That point will be driven home the first week of September, whether your bank account bounces because you overspend or your stomach aches because you ate to much. Middle of the month brings a lot of anxiety to you, do not freeze because of it. Sit with the anxiety but acknowledge that it is just an instinctual fear and that it is not powerful enough to hold you prisoner. At the end of the month comes a time of nostalgia, thinking back on your family, friends and work, enjoy the moment.

Aquarius - The Hierophant approaches you at the beginning of the month indicating a need for spiritual guidance. Now is the time to consult with Universe, Deity and/or their respective representatives and find the underlying meaning to your current situation. At mid-month there will be conflict as indicated by the Five of Wands however at the end of the month there is an opportunity for you to gain some new skills through the Eight of Pentacles. This may be geared towards career or life!

Pisces - Put up your walls Pisces the Seven of Wands indicates a need to defend what is yours! Do not take an aggressive stance and attack because whatever or whoever you are up against is not as equipped as you think they are. Middle of September is all about using the strength of your will to get through your current siutations, at the end of the month there will be a difficult choice to make and it is one you cannot get away from. I don't feel there will be a lot of time to make it, but take as much time as you possibly can.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Psychic Games for Parties and Groups!

I’ve been to a lot of parties and psychic work is never a boring topic. More than once I’ve been grilled about my background, cases I’ve worked as a paranormal investigator and medium and more. When I inevitably come back to the conclusion we are all psychic, they usually balk or say, “I’ve had  a couple of experiences.” This is when I typically will initiate the question “Why not?” We are a social species and are hard wired to be a little bit competitive so psychic party games are great for both! Not to mention when meeting new people these games are great icebreakers!

Sending and Receiving Games

They are exactly as they sound, one person thinks of  an object, person or place and the group tries to guess what it is.  Try it with colors!

Game: What am I Thinking?

Pick one person to be the sender, it is best if the person is good with creative visualization. Then have everybody write down the color that they see. Give everyone 40 seconds to do this. Compare to see who got it right. Do it two more times then switch to a different sender. For every color guessed right is 3 points, to guess wrong is -2 first person to reach 21 wins! Oftentimes couples, or family will be more intuitive with each other and you may notice they pick up on what the other is thinking more quickly or accurately. This is due to the bond shared between them. Kind of like twins. You can incorporate pretty much anything into the sending and receiving games like animals, numbers, household items. Assign your own point values to harder subjects

Game: The Human Pendulum

Everyone stands in a circle, they pick one person to be the pendulum. The player who is the pendulum leave the room while the rest of the circle whispers among themselves as to one person in the circle that they will focus on. When they are done the “pendulum” will come back in. Have them stand in the center of the circle and close their eyes. Everyone place a finger on him or her and focus on the person in the group you agreed upon. The “pendulum” will start to sway. What you are looking to achieve is to have the “pendulum” point to that person. It happens almost every time.

Psychometry Games

Psychometry literally means to measure the spirit or soul of an object. It is gathering information through the touching of objects. The things around us hold memory and the objective is to discover what those memories are!

Game: Who’s Is It?

Have everyone bring something (either a piece of jewelry, key etc.) that no one has seen before put them all in a shoe box with a hole at the top. Have each person pick an object out of the box (if it’s yours put it back in the box discreetly). Let everyone sit with their object for a second getting a feel for it. When everyone feels they have a name then go ahead and let them name off who they believe their item belongs to.

In this tough economic time people need to get their minds off their stresses and these fun, interactive games are always a hit! Have fun, relax and increase your own psychic abilities!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finding Your Bliss

I know many times in my life before I found my career I had to work jobs that I hated, or wasn’t paid enough for. I have clients that come to me all the time seeking their niche and wondering what is wrong with them because they are not happy at work. I am here to tell you, if you are underpaid, overwhelmed or just generally unhappy at work. Get out. I have a friend who was a vice president at a very established bank. She handled the mortgages and loans department of said bank. She was there for about twenty five years. She hadn’t been happy for a long time and then something happened, that completely changed her way of thinking. Her daughter got sick with colitis. She tried mainstream medicine but it didn’t help, meanwhile she was still working in a job that came with a ton of stress. She did some research and found some alternative therapies. Through those therapies her daughter was successfully treated and now her colitis is under control. But that isn’t the main bit to this story. My friend found her calling. She quit her job at the bank and went into massage therapy. This was the first positive step toward finding her niche. Through massage therapy she discovered a holistic practice called Nutrition Response Testing. It is healing through whole foods, she has worked with people who have autism, cancers and more helping their bodies to find their balance and heal. She has thrived doing this work and discovered her passion. She is overwhelmed (in a good way) with clients and is less stressed and getting paid very well, to learn more about her and her journey go to www.btnwhc.com. When you find the right fit, the Universe notices. Your energy changes, your perceptions change. It is a beautiful feeling.
However just because you have an idea of what you want to do or what your potential niche is that doesn’t mean just up and quitting your job. That’s just not reasonable. It is best to go ahead and start it as a side project or hobby. Build your business from there. Although it does mean more work, if it is something meant for you to do then the Universe will make it happen.
In other times the Universe will push you onto your path. A friend of mine recently got laid off from her job. Luckily while there she made many connections with others in her field. They gave her a wonderful severance package which lasted about six months after her last day. Struggling to find a job in this tough economy was a challenge and eventually she gave up. She then realized what she needed to do. So many of her colleagues had been getting laid off because of budget cuts that she decided to create a firm consisting of a network of her colleagues from various areas and states around the country. Much like the phoenix she rose up from a hard situation and found her bliss.
One way to get direction is to write a wish list. This list will contain all of the feelings and things you want in a job or career. Such as happiness, creative control, free time, travel etc. Write up your list, then put it under your pillow for a month, hold it before you go to bed at night and visualize your dream job. After the month is up, burn the list, this sends the wants and needs out into the Universe.

Keep positive and have fun!
Brightest Blessings,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Communicating in Relationships

Ever had an argument and three days later you can barely remember what the heck it was you fought over? Or your having issues with something a friend or lover does and you just brush it off, don’t say a word and it festers? I know I have and a lot of the work I do is counseling, relationships are never perfect but I find most often it is due to a lack of communication, misunderstanding or some other small missteps. This doesn’t apply just to love but to all types of partnerships whether it be friends, family or work. Relationships should be give and take, a healing and empowering experience. But we so often get wrapped up in what we think we hear, or don’t know how to get our points across. Other times we forget to cherish what we have, and begin to neglect the other person or just expect them to be there when we need them.  

Recognize Your Faults

Firstly you need to recognize your own issues. I find about ninety percent of the time that one person or even both are holding on to past baggage, and holding their new mate or friend accountable for the transgressions of the past.  We have a tendency to play the blame game, it’s easier to blame someone other than yourself for the issues going on. However, we cannot blame just one person it takes the both of you to make things work.

Recognize Your Divinity

This is one of the most important parts, you need to recognize that you do not deserve to have these issues in your life, that you are entitled to better. But by recognizing that aspect in yourself you must do the same with the other person. You were not put here to argue and hold in your emotions, you are here to have fun, learn and enjoy your life.
Along with being empowered by your connection to the Divine, there is also the responsibility that comes with it. Sometimes to heal a relationship someone needs to be the hero and put the olive branch out there and actually put the healing in motion. In this case, you.

Recognize Your Tools

Your five senses are imperative when it comes to communication, we were built to be observers and thinkers. Sometimes this is to our own detriment, our minds can overanalyze a couple of words that were said. Our eyes can pick up on defensive body language and our ears can tune in and out of conversations while we have a million things going on in our own head. We expect people to say exactly what they mean, however, we typically only vocalize maybe five percent of what we are actually thinking during a conversation. The rest is displayed through body language, and the eyes.  Be cognizant of the body language, a simple thing to pay attention to is the arms. If they are crossed or have their hands on their hips then you know the person probably won’t hear what you are trying to say, they are in a defensive position. If they are down by their sides or in a relaxed position then you know they will absorb what you are saying. They eyes are the next easiest thing to read, if they seem dazed then the person has zoned out into their own space, if they are looking all over the place then that means their brain is going a million miles a minute and this is not the time for a real conversation. You are looking for that person  to maintain eye contact with you. Your biggest tool is your voice, sometimes we get riled or excited and don’t even notice our tone has changed. You need to really be aware of how your are putting things across to people, do you sound patronizing or sarcastic?

Recognize Your Safe Place

In my house there is a room, this room is really special it is sacred space for me and my partner, there are no secrets and no barriers between us in this room. When we are having arguments, we go to this safe place and let it all hang out. When we leave the room whatever issues we had were dealt with. There are eleven commandments we have to go by in this room:

  • No Yelling
  • No Interrupting
  • No Sarcasm
  • No Violence
  • You Must Listen (some people just hear the tone or tune in and out of the conversation this rule means you have to pay close attention give the person the respect they deserve)
  • You Must Acknowledge (what the other person is saying)
  • You Must Try To Understand  (where the other person is coming from)
  • You Must Recognize The Right To Feel (it may not be fact, but it is what they felt around what you are saying and vice versa)
  • You Must Use “I” Statements (I feel, I think, I hear, I see that way the other person does not feel you are attacking them and you are taking responsibility)
  • You Must Say Things In Love (you can’t just say whatever, you must say things out of love and want to heal you can‘t just attack)

These rules have helped not just me and my spouse but many other clients of mine, as it eliminates all escapes and barriers. It is not a place you go to when you are angry, sometimes it is best to wait a little bit let you both cool off and then come there, when you can say what you really mean and what won’t just hurt.

Recognize When You Are Reacting
In relationships people are often more reactive than proactive and so they have the tendency to just let their emotions and insecurities take over, by carrying on the vicious cycle of attacks. When all they really want is peace in their own lives and relationships. Next time you are about to boil over with anger ask yourself what you are reacting to? Why are you reacting to it? And by reacting how will that help? After you have answered those questions ask yourself why is the other person attacking? You must recognize that there are only two emotions love and fear and we work out of one of these at any moment during the day. When someone begins attacking out of nowhere it is out of fear. What insecurities do they hold around the issue? What do they need from you to feel more safe and secure in themselves? As humans we have a responsibility to support and help each other when we are in pain.

Love whether it be friendship or mate is a beautiful thing, but much like the rest of our lives it has it’s moments. Communication is essential in all endeavors, we are a social species. With technology getting more and more efficient people are losing the ability to communicate effectively, this has put a damper on more than one relationship when one says something through an e-mail or instant message and it was misconstrued by the recipient. It sounded good in your head though right? Get back to real face to face communication, when you have respect and honesty in a relationship, understanding is inevitable. Whatever you feel, put it on the table, not in an accusing way but in a healthy way.  Cherish your relationships and see them for the blessings they are.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Determining Your Sun and Moon Signs

There are twelve signs in the zodiac, and there are actually two components needed to get a basic grasp of your personality. The first is your sun sign which describes your essential self and is the easiest to get (just takes your birth date), your moon sign which is about your emotional and inner self that part of you that responds to habits, your psychic or instinctual feelings and your emotions. Finding out your Sun and Moon signs can shed a lot of light on how you work, what your strengths are and what you need to work on. It will also help you in relationships as you will be able to find out the compatibility issues between yourself, friends and lovers.
Sun signs are very popular (who doesn’t receive their horoscope every week in their e-mail?) they seem to tell us everything about our personalities, but no sun sign gives the full scope of your personality and nobodies sun sign fits them to a bill (unless both their ascending and sun  signs are the same). For example, I live with a Libra, now this sign is all about balance they are known to be somewhat dramatic, emotionally they keep themselves a little closed off and like to let other people take the reigns although when called for they can take a leadership role. Now the Libra I know, is very much a perfectionist and likes to be in control of their environment, they like to know absolutely everything that is going on. These traits are due to her Scorpio ascending sign. Now to determine your three signs your are going to need to write down your date and time of birth.
A sun sign is literally as it sounds, it tell us what sign the sun was in when you were born. As the sun circles the earth the sign it sits in changes, the time it has in each sign is varied and can last anywhere from thirty-two to twenty-nine days.

As I said sun signs are easy to figure out:
Aries: March 21st - April 20th
Taurus: April 21st - May 22nd
Gemini: May 23rd - June 23rd
Cancer :June 23rd - July 22nd
Leo: July 23rd - August 23rd
Virgo: August 24th - September 23rd
Libra: September 24th - October 23rd
Scorpio: October 24th - November 22nd
Sagittarius: November 23rd - December 21st
Capricorn: December 22nd - January 20th
Aquarius: January 20th - February 19th
Pisces: February 20th - March 21st

Moon signs are second only to sun signs you need to determine exactly which sign the moon was in at the time of your birth. You may actually identify and be more impressed with your moon sign than your sun sign, as it tells you exactly how your emotional and instinctual self works. The moon sign also dictates relationships, your subconscious thinking. However the moon sign will never override the sun sign, and will most likely only slight affect your sun sign. Although it is possible that the moon sign can contradict the sun sign (if you have two signs in polarity or confliction) which would cause some internal struggles, it is particularly important for women to understand their moon signs as it represents the Divine Feminine in many cultures and in fact may help bring to light some issues we may have been dealing with or help to empower us or recognize our strengths. The moon is in constant movement just like the sun, but unlike the sun the moon waxes and wanes over a thirty day period which is why we need the time of your birth. There is a really good site called Lunarium that has a great Moon Sign calculator. If you really get into the spirit of things by grabbing a book on astrology (pretty much all of them have some sort of charting for finding your moon signs), grabbing pen and paper and creating your own natal chart!
The moon and the sun have traveled around the earth since the beginning of time, and since the Dark Ages we have been using them to chart our futures and learn to recognize our individual needs and paths. It is a practice that has evolved with us over the centuries and yet remains consistently on point when it comes to accuracy. Give yourself some extra insight, take control, and have fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 2011 Tarotscopes

This month I'm using a different kind of deck, we are actually switching it up to an oracle deck! Wisdom of the Maya: An Oracle of Ancient Knowledge for Today is a fabulously created and detailed deck of Mayan deities, glyphs, animals, forms and astronomy cards. The Maya were on of the most highly evolved ancient cultures, colonizing Central America for over 1,000 years. They had to know a little something something right? Dr. Ronald Bonewitz did a wonderful job of interpreting the symbology in order to create a great oracle deck with the assistance of carving illustrator Achim Frederic Kiel. 

Leo - Let Kumatz (the snake) be your guide. Aside from the jaguar it is one of the most important animals in the Mayan belief system, a herald of change at the deepest levels. Let your inner voice guide you over this next month and watch for outside stressors coming into major play. Learn to let go and let God..err...Kumatz...aid you in dealing with your current challenges in a way to create change.

Aries - Chel The Nurturer comes to you this month bringing with a sense of giving and needing a lot of support during the month of August. I get the sense with this that it is related more to family matters than friends so keep an eye out for parents, siblings and immediate relations.

Taurus - Nohoch Ek is the equivalent of the God of War indicating conflict, on the plus side, whatever arguments and negative situations that surround you during the month are at their worst and can only get better. On top of that be sure to look for support from your significant other, Nohock Ek is ruled by Venus and allows reconnection and reaffirmation or the beginnings of love to bloom.

Gemini - Kinich Ahau comes to you for the month of August, telling you that even a bad decision is better than no decision at all. You may be trying to push things forward but meet a wall or have to wait for others to get on the ball. Now is the time to stay on top of things and push as hard as you can toward the future that you crave.

Cancer - Dzonot The Cenote flags you down for the month of August allowing you a deeper look into yourself. Now is your chance to look into the heart of the matter and see it for what it TRULY is. This is also a great time for reinspection and reevaluation but don't make any plans just allow yourself to absorb the information that will be gleaned throughout the month.

Virgo - Balam, the jaguar makes use of the darkness, but when this card comes forward it tells you that now is the time for self-confrontation. You are allowing your darkness to hold you back, now is the time to face that negative and come to terms, turn weakness to strength and shed light on the dark.

Libra -Kanah indicates movement, a lot of movement, this could mean movign forward in life, a change of address, or job even a change in family. Sometimes the Paddler Gods may come up if you need MORE movement in your life indicating that now is the time to put action to your plans.

Scorpio - In the Chinese language the idiom for 'danger' is the same as 'opportunity' danger comes in many forms and Chibil Kin comes to warn you of rough seas ahead. Be very aware of your finances, not all dangers are physical recognize that they can be emotional as well. Worry not because the dangers will pass quickly.

Sagittarius - Pop denotes the need to give and/or recieve advice. Be wise in your choice of counselor, even if you have to start out with someone who may not be as well trained or organized as you would like, something is better than nothing.

Capricorn - The glyph Karn comes into your life this month indicating that being to comfortable or to satiated can be as bad as starving or moving to fast. Take a look around you and reasses, are you settling? Do you feel stuck? If you do then now is the time to make a change Universe will guide your way.

Aquarius - This is a month in which your strength will shine, there will be a lot of burdens weighing on you but you need to keep your headup, things will come out just fine. Pauahtun The Skybearer lends you the strength and the solidity to hold up the world if necessary, it will endure no matter how long you must sustain.

Pisces -Iq Icatz (new fire) indicates that right now you are at your height of manifestative power. With an 'out with the old in with the new' attitude you will begin new projects this month that will turn out to be great deals in the future if you play your cards right!

This Tarotscope was created using the Wisdom of the Maya Oracle deck published by St. Martin's Press

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mercury's Meditation

This meditation is all about socializing and recognizing the God or Goddess in you. Let the light of deity shine through you, remember you are piece of art who can bend matter to your will and has the power to change perceptions of yourself and others. Remember to start all your meditations with the Mind Sweeper exercise. Read this over before doing because there is some blanks you will need to fill in.

You enter a crowded hall, dressed in jeans and t-shirt while all others are in formal wear. Uncomfortable and alone you finally spot an acquaintance, you don’t know this person very well and have only seen them from time to time at a local convenience store, saying hi and bye. You walk up to this person, feeling kind of ignored as the person carries on a conversation with their friend. You tap the person’s arm and they smile at you. “Hello, I didn’t expect to see you here!”
“Not to sound completely ignorant, but where is here?” The Meeting of (think of some subject you know nothing about) Society.
“Oh” you reply with a lost and forlorn look on your face.
“Well” says your acquaintance,” It’s your first time here so I will be your guide.”
Feeling much safer the person leads you around the room. “That over there is Mrs. Reynolds, she is really informed about the Society. Why don’t you go talk to her to learn more?”
You head over to a tall elegantly dressed woman, her long gray hair held high in a bun and a string of pearls around her neck. She looks at you as though you are a fly on the wall. A man appears before you dressed like you in jeans and a t-shirt, Mrs. Reynolds look at him the same way. “Hey, how are you doing?” he says to the old woman holding out his hand. The woman looks flabbergasted. How does this guy have this much confidence? You think. He smiles broadly at both you and the other woman like a boy who got caught doing something naughty. The other woman smiles in return the wrinkles around her eyes crinkling, she looks like a giggly schoolgirl. You begin to feel a little more comfortable.
“So what is this all about?” The man asks looking at you.
“I..I don’t know.” You reply.
“You mean you haven’t asked yet? You have been here how long?” you feel a little upset at the way he talks to you but make no move to correct his behavior.
“Okay, here is the thing. I’m Mercury, all about communication! I’m your father, I’m a part of you. Yeah that’s right I’m in there beneath all the doubt and self-loathing. You just have to find me. What I’m here to do is to help you! It’s easy enough to speak, I mean you do it every day right? So what makes this so different? If your best friend were sitting across from you would you hesitate to ask what the heck they were talking about? Of course not! But that takes trust! You have to trust the other person not to make you feel like a complete bozo and reject you! Well here you don’t have that you don’t know that that won’t happen. Right?” He smiles at you as he takes a breath No wonder he is the God of Communication he doesn’t shut up you think to yourself.
“First off I heard that, and yeah I do talk a lot. But always with reason I want you to imagine that the bald guy over there is your best friend. Imagine you’ve known him forever, been to his house a million times, and met his wife, his dog Fido and his kids. Just try it for me will ya?”
You hesitantly agree to try it. He then pushes you in the direction of the bald man, his suit is pressed just so and he has diamond cufflinks, definitely muck a muck. You would rather crawl under a rock right now but then your mind magically forms the man into the image of your best friend.  You shake your head trying to get rid of the vision but it doesn’t fade or disappear, this must be your best friend! You look behind you for Mercury but he is no longer there.
You smile and walk up to your friend. “Hi! How are you?” the person looks back at you “Well I am doing wonderful! How about you?” A similar smile answers yours.
“I’m doing great, so what do you think of this gathering? I’ve never been to one before.”
“Oh you haven’t? Let me introduce myself my name is Mr. Spaulding, I’ll fill you in on the purpose of this meeting of the (Society Name).” Suddenly the image of your friend disappears and the bald man, but you are comfortable with him and the feeling of companionship doesn’t lessen. 
As he leads you around the room you greet a myriad of people, but you are comfortable, each person smiles at you, although dressed as you are you are not sure why, you are nothing special. Then you look down at yourself, you are in a beautiful formal outfit, and the man with you is none other than Mercury dressed to the nine’s.
“You did it! You introduced yourself to someone without being afraid. The key to this is recognizing that everyone is a potential best friend, everyone is family, you are my children. Sometimes a child can be mean and stubborn, expect it, it will happen, but remember they have not yet reached their maturity and are in the stage of the Maiden or Son, they will grow, they have their own lessons to learn and learn them they will. But as I was saying, for every stubborn mean child there are a thousand mature, kind, and wonderful children.”
“As one of my children I am a part of you!” Mercury touches your throat and the corner of your mouth. “You have the gift of communication, use it to your advantage. If ever you are scared let me speak through you. Let my voice be your voice, know you are a piece of me and that you are beautiful.” Suddenly he changes to a bright blue light and dissolves into you. You can feel his presence surrounding you, your confidence building as you peruse the hall. You approach a woman, her long blonde hair was tied back in a clip, she is thin in a dark red dress, just beautiful. Typically you would find this situation intimidating, but you feel Mercury with you. You smile as you walk the last couple of steps toward her.
“Hi! My name is (your name), this is my first time here and I just wanted to introduce myself.”
The woman looks at you as though you are beneath her and doesn’t reply but begins to talk to her other friends. You tap her on the shoulder. “I think I’ve met you somewhere before, but I’m not sure. Where are you from?” The woman names some far off place you’ve never heard of. “No that’s not it, but I swear I’ve seen your face before! Hmm… okay then, I don’t know where I recognize you from. But I can see you are busy, sometime though I would love to sit down with you and compare notes. I know I know you!” The woman gives you a contemptuous smile.
“I don’t think you move in my circles.”
You begin to grow downtrodden; your confidence is beginning to fail. Just as you were about to make another awkward remark Mercury speaks to you. “Ask about her dress.”
Oh, Thanks you say in your mind.
“Beautiful dress where did you get it?”
“It’s Dolce.” She replies.
You then talk for another couple of minutes about fashion; eventually the talk turns to work then family and home.  I knew you could do it! Good going’! Your on your own now, keep it going I’m always with you and you are always safe no matter the circumstance I will protect you!  You smile Thanks Mercury.

Now is the time to take the meditation into your own hands, let your imagination flow! Remember you are trying to make yourself as uncomfortable as possible, use your I statements, and make the person you are speaking to realize how interested you really are in their conversation. Make each person harder to talk to.

You walk out of the meeting feeling safe, secure and loves. You wake feeling rejuvenated, renewed, and confident.