Friday, September 30, 2011

Bridge of Deaths Book Review

M.C.V. Egan twists truth and fiction until you question your perceptions. You meet the characters Bill and Maggie right off the bat, Maggie being more of an eccentric and Bill being of a more logical mind. What I loved was when Bill, the skeptic, went with Maggie to a past life regression and got his socks knocked off, from then on it is a story of intrigue as Maggie and Bill try to put the pieces of their past lives together. Bill is haunted by the numbers on a plane, and a bridge in Denmark that Maggie is all to familiar with. I love the mix of historical facts and you can tell Egan was quite devoted to the historical subject (just take a look at all those I adore the character of Catalina, who I feel in reading this may be an artistic interpretation of the author herself. One of  my favorite parts was when Catalina was going through her library, seeing written on the page her thought process was really funny, especially since the reader could sense Catalina's irritation at having to take up a 'real' job and put her obsession aside.  All of her characters come to life so easily you can almost hear them talking in your mind, imagine accents, smells and emotions.
Psychic elements run throughout the Bridge of Deaths, other than past lives Catalina went and visited psychics to discover more about her grandfather and his involvement in the mysterious plane crash that fills Bills nightmares. Most of the information contained within the book regarding paranormal phenomena, psychics and past life regression are spot on, when they are not the author notes what is fiction and where creative license was taken. I thought that the footnotes would be distracting but some of them are quite entertaining! Most of the seers and mystics she talks about in her book are either people who have read her or people she has obvious connections with as she cites their entire names etc.
I loved this book, there was no time to be bored, no slow parts. I will say that if you enjoy history, past life regression and the weird this will definitely be a story for you. However, I feel you will soon come to realize that it is much more than that, it is a story of real love, triumph and search for the self. Thumbs up to M.C. V. Egan

Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd

Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Tarot Leaves deck by Beth Seilonen

I get to review decks all the time and I feel so blessed and priveliged to do so. I decided to share the wealth and offer a deck to review to a good friend of mine named Sue. She has been studying and practicing in divination for over twenty years and has a passion for art in all it's forms.So this was the perfect deck to give her to review. Here is Sue's take on the deck...

"The first thing that you notice about this deck is it's gentle nature, from the pastelish coloring to the graphic depictions on each of the cards. Leaves are woven into each card in some manner. This in itself lends this deck to be a bit less foreboding to clients. I was able to use this deck on a person who is new to tarot readings and not have her be intimidated cards that traditionally have harsher images. All in all it was a fun deck to use, however it does require a bit more experience and intuitiveness then other. Because of that, I would recommend this deck for experienced users."

Prepare friends, the next review is way out of the norm for this blog! I will be reviewing a book by M.C. V. Egan entitled The Bridge of Deaths. I can already tell you that it is definitely a book I would read again...but you'll find out all about it in the next post!

Till then!
Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tarotscopes September 2011

Hello Lovelies!

Time for another exciting Tarotscope! This month I am using the Otherworld Tarot by Alison Williams with artwork by Sarah Nowell. Right off the bat the first thing I can say is this deck is whimsical, with flying pink fluffy unicorns on the back it reminds me of my childhood and playing with the Lisa Frank stickers, with unicorns, rainbows and lots of color. This deck is definitely vibrant! Each suit and the Major has it's own colored border and a couple of descriptive word beneath each card. Not all of the images are light and airy, some are more dark and foreboding, but it still incorporates that sense of whimsy. When this reader is using the deck, the clients don't freak out as they sometimes do with the more traditional decks, some of my clients will gasp when they see the death card even though it doesn't always mean an actual death. It is definitely a good deck for a beginning reader or tarot enthusiast. Now on to the Tarotscopes!

Virgo - The Ace of Cups kicks off your September! Whenever I see this card it really excites me, it means a reconnection in a relationship, a milestone (such as an engagement or wedding) or a new relationship coming in! Just remain open to the possibilities and let your heart lead you! Mid-month the Ace of of Wands appears saying that now is the time to take a different route or start something new in life. You will be pushed towards action, feeling motivated and maybe a little restless in your current situation. The Two of Cups indicate that you will have a moment of that ever elusive balance in your life a great way to end the month.

Aries -The King of Cups comes to you with a message of support, now is the time to put yourself aside and take care of others. The middle of the month brings an increase in finances and a feeling of prosperity, make use of it and save what you can. At the end of the month things are speeding up and you finally feel like your really moving forward!

Taurus -Don't be afraid to share your money this month Taurus, you'll have extra and there will be some people in need. This month is also a time for you to exercise your skills as an authority! People will be looking to you for guidance and instruction do what you can to aid them. At the end of the month you will meet someone (become aware of them) who is not as they appear. They may not be the most beautiful or handsome person, but they do have a passionate and giving nature. They are one of extremes and see the world in black and white, they can be vindictive if you do or say the wrong thing but are quickly forgiving.

Gemini -You move into the Four of Cups at the beginning of the month, bringing with it a sense of boredom, now is the time to entertain yourself and maybe take on a couple of new hobbies. At mid-month you pass by the Page of Swords who cautions you to really look at your situation from all sides and spend time to think things through rather than giving into your impulsive nature. At the end of the month there is a sense of peace that the Ten of Cups brings. Peace with decisions and your situation, enjoy it.

Cancer -The Hermit meets you at the beginning of the month indicating that now is the time for you to introvert just a bit and reflect on current situations and indulge in a little nostalgia. Mid-month brings some uncomfortable situations, I get this to be more family oriented than work, and you may feel a little disconcerted or heartbroken. Strength comes in at the end of the month to give you the courage to face these negative moments, keep your head up and keep moving!

Leo -It is time dear Leo to receive your reward! The Three of Pentacles comes through for you denoting an opportunity to finally get the payoff you've been waiting for! At the middle of the month the Devil comes to your door sending distractions and temptations your way. Do not fall prey to them as they will divert you from your goal and it will take even MORE time to reach it! At the end of the month comes success!!! Yay! The World presents you with the opportunity to really reach those goals and even some upswing in your finances!

Libra -You take on the Emperor at the beginning of the month which gives you a sense of clarity about your current situation. It's almost like Universe just connects the dots for you and begin to see things for what they really are not how you want them to be. Watch it though because sometimes to much knowing is not a good thing and the Two of Swords indicates an imbalance. Remember, work hard, play hard, let it be your mantra for mid-September. At the end of the month the Nine of Cups indicates a feeling of True Happiness, that things have finally come together, there are resolution to the situations around you and you will have kickstarted some new projects!

Scorpio -You place upon yourself the mantle of Justice at the beginning of the month, taking Karma into your own hands or watching Karma hit someone else! At the middle of the month there will be a lot of decisions to be made and a couple of really big choice, don't let your brain overwhelm you because at the end of the month The Fool comes in and urges you to just take a leap of faith

Sagittarius - Your brain will be on overdrive at the beginning of the month as you move into the Ace of Swords, take advantage and try to clear some of the work from your plate. Now is the time to wrap up or complete projects that have to do with finances or intellect such as finishing a book, or another creative endeavor. Middle of the month will bring exhaustion from all the work completed at the beginning of September, there are no worries though as you can take the time to recoup. At the end of the month the Eight of Cups indicates that it is time to move on, you may no longer be challenged at work or be tired of the same old situation. Do not be afraid to make change it is a good time.

Capricorn -Everything in moderation Capricorn or so says Temperance! That point will be driven home the first week of September, whether your bank account bounces because you overspend or your stomach aches because you ate to much. Middle of the month brings a lot of anxiety to you, do not freeze because of it. Sit with the anxiety but acknowledge that it is just an instinctual fear and that it is not powerful enough to hold you prisoner. At the end of the month comes a time of nostalgia, thinking back on your family, friends and work, enjoy the moment.

Aquarius - The Hierophant approaches you at the beginning of the month indicating a need for spiritual guidance. Now is the time to consult with Universe, Deity and/or their respective representatives and find the underlying meaning to your current situation. At mid-month there will be conflict as indicated by the Five of Wands however at the end of the month there is an opportunity for you to gain some new skills through the Eight of Pentacles. This may be geared towards career or life!

Pisces - Put up your walls Pisces the Seven of Wands indicates a need to defend what is yours! Do not take an aggressive stance and attack because whatever or whoever you are up against is not as equipped as you think they are. Middle of September is all about using the strength of your will to get through your current siutations, at the end of the month there will be a difficult choice to make and it is one you cannot get away from. I don't feel there will be a lot of time to make it, but take as much time as you possibly can.

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