Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Tarotscopes (they are late but they're here!)

Hello Lovelies!
I am so sorry about the delay in the Tarotscopes! Honestly, time has gotten away with me, I just finished writing another book and the deadline was insane. So unfortunately the Tarotscopes had to suffer for it! But I'm back and ready with a forecast for this month!
Firstly let me start by explaining the deck I am using this month it is the Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort. This is definitely a multi-cultural tarot, depicting symbology from all over the world. It is both colorful and inspiring. Alright, now let's get down to business, starting with this month's sign!

Leo - Happy Birthday to the Leos out there! Alright, starting out the month is the Queen of Swords, not a bad card. She comes in to remind you that the beginning of the month is going to center around research and communication. If you have been looking to start a project and want to learn more about it, now is the time to do it! The Ace of Cups meets you at the middle of the month you may be a little emotional, but it also speaks of the possibilities of new love. At the end of the month the Empress greets you, bringing with her the energy neccessary for creation. Now is the time to put plans into action!

Aries - The first part of the month is all about tidying up loose ends Aries, put finishing touches on projects and get ready. Mid-month the Ten of Cups comes in to remind you of the joys and love of family and friends.Something you may have been lacking while trying to finish up those projects! Then at the end of the month comes the Nine of Swords in it's reversed position, where typically you may get overwhelmed and make mountains out of mole-hills at the end of August you will have a burst of clarity and solutions to some of the issues you've been facing will present themselves.

Taurus - The Two of Wands comes in during the beginning of the month to remind you that you have control over present situations that you can change them and that ultimately it is up to you. In the middle of the month you enter into the Four of Swords, which tells you it is time to make up and play nice. There are some people around you that you may have been arguing with, call a truce. At the end of the month Justice flies in with her scales telling you to stand back, be objective and don't let feelings get in the way. It can also be a sign of a pending court case or other brush with the legal system (even signing documents for a new house).

Gemini - Six of Swords reversed starts your month, more than anything when this card comes up like that I would suggest that now is not the time for analytical thinking but for using your gut when making decisions. The Three of Swords comes up mid-month to tell you that you may be taking things to hard or out of context. He said, she said or misconstrued situations abound. The positive point however is that now you can let those crappy emotions out giving yourself a thorough emotional cleansing. The Six of Cups comes at the end of the month to let you know you may have someone from the past coming back into your life or a situation which brings back old positive memories of joy, love and laughter!

Cancer - At the beginning of August you immediately run into the Two of Cups, all about love and relationships the Two of Cups tries to remind you to keep hold of the connections you have and to be open to the possibility of new love coming your way. Mid-month the Queen of Wands comes to you in the reversed position, now is not the time to take on any creative endeavors or to plan for future possibilities. Take some time and relax. At the end of the month the Prince of Pentacles charges in reminding you not to be reckless with your money now is the time to save!

Virgo - The Tower reversed begins your month telling you that things are not falling apart but that now is the time to rebuild. Dealing with the aftermath of a situation, again the Nine of Swords in it's revered position comes to you giving you that sudden moment of clarity. At the end of the month you move into the Seven of Pentacles now is not the time to begin new projects, arguments, obstacles and issues will block you at every turn. Wait until next month.

Libra -  The Emperor comes to deliver a message of leadership, the Emperor is still young yet and although filled with energy and passion he is still prone to burning the candle at both ends. So as you take the reigns of leadership at the beginning of the month remember to relax and enjoy it, not to over extend yourself and to delegate so that you don't feel as weighted with responsibility. With the middle of the month comes the Ten of Swords, yes it is as bad you think but it's also over. Situations around you may feel as though things are not going your way, but as soon as it is there, it is gone. The Four of Cups comes in at the end of the month to remind you to stop comparing yourself to others! Yes the grass may seem greener, but truly it is just different.

Scorpio - You've been pushing for changes around you Scorpio but the Death reversed card tells us that right now, the energy is not really with you to make them. Strength comes around the middle of the month to tell you that patience is key, and brute force is not always necessary. At the end of the month Justice comes in to tell you to step back and really look at big picture without the emotional involvement.

Sagittarius - The King of Wands rides in at the beginning of the month this is a card depicting huge changes using the trans formative energy of fire, and passion, whether planning new career move or big trip either way make it a grand occasion and be secure in it you have the King helping you! Mid-month is a great time to put issues to rest as you move into the Four of Swords, it is time to wipe slates clean and get rid of toxic people and situations. At the end of the month the Eight of Swords tries to guide you in the making of decisions, unfortunately it isn't that helpful. You will enter into a situation which is 'damned if you do or damned if you don't' so pick whichever one seems like more fun and embrace the learning experience.

Capricorn - The Ace of Pentacles comes to you at the beginning of the month now is the time to use physical kinetic energy. Be grounded keep your head down and hard at work. All your worrying about right now is taking that coin and depositing it into your pocket. The Three of Wands tells you that you may have a little too much on your plate, now is the time to get rid of some excess activities so that you don't feel so overwhelmed. At the end of the month the Prince of Swords rides in on his chariot at this time right now you need to watch what you say and how you say it you may be starting fires that you didn't expect.

Aquarius - The Chariot rides in to guide you to victory! Projects, new jobs, promotions are all in your grasp just push that extra little inch the energy is with you! Next you move into the Three of Cups reversed. This is the extreme opposite of the beginning of the month, things aren't feeling all that abundant right now, just sit tight and appreciate the things that you already have. The Queen of Wands comes in at the end of the month telling you that right now is the time work on a new career especially something in the arts such as acting.

Pisces - The Ace of Swords reversed appears at the beginning of the month saying that you may be feeling a little foggy and fatigued. Midmonth brings with it the Wheel of Fortune reversed ruled by Jupiter a planet of success and money it is telling you that right now is a time to lay low and not to count on your luck. However, at the end of the month you move into the Sun! This card promises that for all of the waiting you have been doing you will have your reward, triumph and success are waiting at the end of the month!

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*All tarot images used with permission from U.S. Games Systems Inc*