Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tarotscopes March 2010

Hello Lovelies!

In like a lion, out like a lamb: that's the old saying for the month of March. But let’s see what March really has in store for you!


The beginning of March is going to put you on shaky grounds Aries, this is shown through the Star reversed. It speaks of a lack of confidence within yourself. However, the middle of March show some money coming your way; the appearance of the Ten of Coins tells me that this is money saved or you will be putting this money towards savings. Either way this is the time to make your money work for you. It’s all about financial growth. At the end of the month there will be some miscommunications in relationships as the Four of Cups points out to me in its reversed position. It may carry through till April but this card says that it is a short lived issue.


March will have a slow start for you, Taurus, as shown to me through the Hanged Man. The first week or so it will seem like every step forward that you take will include three steps backward. But no worries, it's not anything that will last. The Knight of Pentacles cautions you to stand back and assess a situation before charging headlong into it and taking responsibility. We look at the Knight of Pentacles as a person who always sees success in every endeavor but is also a great strategist. Take advantage of his knowledge and start making plans. The Two of Swords closes out the month with an explosive ending. The two swords representing duality and balance but not a peaceful and harmonizing way, more than likely there are answers within your situation at the end of the month that you are not choosing to see. That being said, all the blame is not to be placed on you, but yourself and someone you work in connection with. This can also be seen as a part of love, in which where the swords cross the heart is shows barriers erected and not letting anyone get in. Heed the warning of the two of swords; go into situations at the end of the month with eyes wide open and a heart that is free to feel.


Your Chariot awaits Gemini! The man who stands upon the chariot is in full control, mentally, spiritually and physically. He is much more able to channel his emotional energy towards manifestation. During the first portion of March, you my friend will be the charioteer driving towards your goals. The Chariot often appears when there is a call to get out of your own way, to stop grieving and griping, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move forward. After the Chariot you will pass through the Four of Swords. A time of peace, it is one of the only cards within the swords suit that gives a feeling of being at rest. The battle is not yet over but enjoy the calm before you head back into battle on your Chariot. The Ten of Swords will finish out the month, and it tells me that the obstacles you have faced this month were not without merit. You will come out of it with a sense of clarity and self.


Take your place as the Empress, mother of all, as she bears the weight of her responsibility with a kind and loving nature. She appears for you at the beginning of the month as a reminder to stop plodding along going about your daily routine and live a little! Enjoy the life around you; make a point of reaching out to people in the beginning of March. You will probably be put into a position of leadership during the beginning of the month so lead as the Empress would lead: loving, but firm and fair. Next you move into the Queen of Pentacles, almost a mirror image for the Empress, but where the Empress has the ability to give life the Queen has the ability to sustain it. Generosity will be abundant for you during this time, as you pass through this card, think of the Queen of Pentacles as a ‘Susie Homemaker’ type, she cares for everyone around her and will be there in all ways. The last card for the month is the Two of Wands, this card focuses mostly on your Will. During the end of the month you will see manifestations of your goals, be bold and daring during this time and recognize your dreams turning into reality. All deuce cards represent unions as well, denoting that now is also a good time for friendships and romantic relationships. The Two of Wands also serves to remind us that ultimately we are in control of our lives and that it is by our choices that the threads of fate can change.


March is a time of vitality, the promise of spring and new growth, however, you will be passing through the phase of the Death card in the beginning of this month. Before you start to freak out, the card does not mean you will die or that someone around you is going to either. Death, like many phases of life, is merely a transition. But it is a big one, it is a forced sacrifice, a change in perspective and attitude. This is the beginning of a new chapter for you Leo, make sure to take a moment and look back at your past before moving forward. The Princess of Swords will greet you in mid-March, bringing a good balance into your life and an understanding between your heart and your mind. The Princess is very direct and goes right to the heart of an issue, use her abilities for yourself and face possible confrontations or issues head on. The Queen of Wands will bring a focus to your life, but along with it will come a stubborn streak. You will go after your desires full force and I pity the person who gets in your way. As you move into the position of the Queen you will become a more magnetic personality, now is the time to go out to meet new people, create new opportunities and manifest your desires.


The Eight of Swords in its reversed position comes into your life at the beginning of March. While you are passing through this phase it will feel like you are not in control of your situation. Upright, the card talks about an abuse of power, reversed, it talks of someone not using their power to their full potential. You are in a position of leadership whether through friends, family or work and you are not making full use of your resources or personal strength and power. The Eight of Swords cautions you to be fair but also to realize that you really do have control. The middle of March heralds the arrival of the King of Pentacles. He is a Midas, everything he touches turns to gold. Remember this come mid-March, and also remember that the King has a strong personality -- although many see him as a stick in the mud merely because he believes in convention. He loves to learn but prefers traditional ideals and linear thinking. Invoke your power as King and go after your financial success, accept guidance where necessary but remember if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The Sun shines for you at the end of the month, bringing with it a sense of clarity and freedom. Obstacles, for the time being, are out of your way and success will come as long as you maintain your confidence. Enjoy the wisdom and glory you have gained throughout this month and the life-giving creative power of the Sun.


Cups, cups and more cups this month Libra! It’s all about emotion. First you come into the Six of Cups which is the only card in the tarot that speaks specifically of the past; this card always represents a positive look back. It is also a child-like card so it is a reminder to not just look at your past but continue to acknowledge your child self. You’ve gotten too caught up in the material, thinking about the present and the future. Now is a time to look back and bring yourself emotionally back to center, happiness, joy and a child-like nature. Next you pass through the Ten of Cups. A rainbow of beautiful golden goblets is pictured within this card and it serves to remind you that Mid-March is not a time to worry about the material world, bills, etc. It is a time to sit back and enjoy what you have, it is also a time for love. The Rainbow pictured in the card when applied to relationships is all about blessing;, spend extra time with your other half or go out and get one. Unions formed during this time will have good fortune. The end of the month brings Librans to the Ace of Cups. This phase is particularly important as it predicts new relationships leading to whole health and happiness. On a spiritual and material level you gain a lot of power as you pass through the phase of this card, your inner voice will begin to truly speak during this time. Signs around you will point you in the direction you are meant to go, it is also a time to pursue your own ambitions.


Judgment is your theme for the beginning of March, Scorpio. This card speaks of conscious changes that you are making or planning. These changes are necessary in your mind whether for health, wealth or spiritual peace. You have the ability to turn away from these choices, but if you do, in the end you will likely regret it. When someone goes through the phase of Judgment there can be some hard decisions to make that will affect your life in a positive way, it is not as destructive as the Tower card. Another side of the Judgment card is it's ability to help you wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. If you have been in the doldrums, now is the time to make change happen. Following Judgment you will be moving into the Six of Pentacles, which is a time of generosity. Due to the fact that it is a pentacle card we focus mostly on the material, however. it can also be applied to the spiritual; giving your time instead of physical things. If you are the one going through the dark period, the Six of Pentacles serves you by letting you know that someone around you has taken initiative to help out. Whether they're giving money or advice, appreciate this person’s presence and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The end of March brings with it the King of Swords. During this time you will take a position of leadership. However, you will not just be one to order people around, you will be an active participant in your team's success. One of the many positive points of the King is that he is able to look at any situation objectively like a player in a chess match, and during this phase the King reminds you to take on this same attitude. Problems which may have refused to be resolved before will easily resolve themselves or a solution will be found.


In the beginning of the month you have the Five of Pentacles, a card that indicates loss usually in the form of material things, money, property, etc. But it is also a warning if it hasn’t happened yet you can definitely soften the blow. If it has already happened, stop worrying about it, this card comes up only when action is called for, worrying will do nothing more than stress you out. The two people who walk in front of the church window depicted in this card are destitute unwilling or unable to acknowledge how close they are to their salvation. Spiritually this card talks about being ‘in the dark’ so to speak, and unable to find the light. Sometimes our minds can be our worst enemy and the beginning of March is the time when your mind goes nuts, Sagittarius. Relief comes to you mid-March in the form of the Three of Cups, partially a reminder to count your blessings, the Three of Cups is all about celebration. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, its about togetherness, community and friendship. This respite from worry comes at a great time after the hazardous beginnings of March. The end of March brings the Eight of Cups in it’s reversed position. Cups deals mainly with emotions and relationships, in this vein it cautions you not to move to hastily. It says that the truths you are seeking are right in front of you and that you need look no further. This card cautions you about running away from challenges. Earlier this month indicated a material loss that triggered a huge emotional reaction, you may still feel burnt by this and the fight or flight impulse may be leaning towards the latter, but now is not the time to leave the situation.


The beginning of March will certainly start off right, Capricorn, as the Four of Wands is the first to say hello. When applied to career, it speaks of the beginnings of a successful business venture, or creative project. It also heralds the arrival of new friends, relationships or even marriage. It may seem as though you have already accomplished some big goals, but the power of fire inherent in the card pushes you to move further and test the limits. You next move into the phase of the Seven of Swords, this is the card of the con artist. This means that whatever you are getting into a little deception and guile is called for. It also speaks of a lone wolf mentality, which may prove more of a hinder than a help while you pursue your new ventures. The card can also serve to warn you of a cunning or con artist type around you who may try to enter your life or disrupt it at this time. So be on guard. You enter into the Queen of Pentacles at the end of the month, responsibility, trustworthiness and generosity will be necessary in the people you surround yourself with. The Queen of Pentacle is often seen as the bridge between the ordinary and the spectacular. Now is the time to let yourself shine!


As you come into March, you immediately enter the realm of the King of Pentacles. You really need to pay attention to your material affairs and the King is the best card to have on your side. He is not a scrooge by any means, he gives generously of his time and money but not without reward. The King of Pentacles understands that by giving you are most likely to receive, and there is nothing that the King likes more than receiving, especially money. The Queen of Wands greets you in mid-March, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, deal with tough issues and whatever you do, do not back down when you feel you have to make a point. The Queen of Wands is seen as an elusive woman, who takes what she wants in life, follow in her image during this time she lends you her strength. At the end of the month you move into the phase of the Knight of Swords, many see him as a heartless figure but I have to disagree. The Knight of Swords does have emotions but he keeps them firmly in check so that he may head into battle without fear. This is why the Knight of Swords goes where others fear to tread. Take the initiative! The end of March is a time to move forward and take chances without fear. Embrace it!


The Queen of Cups is your power card for the beginning of March, with both her positive and negative attributes. She cautions you to listen more to your intuition when making decisions, but she can hinder in that you are more prone to daydreams and fantasies during the beginning of March. She is guiding you through your use of intuition but also showing you when you need to look at things realistically instead of bending the ‘small voice’ to say what you want to hear. Temperance appears in mid-March to remind you that you need to look at both sides of the coin before making any decisions. Impulsive actions and rash judgments of people around you are not good ideas at this time. Enjoy the positive moments but recognize that they are not permanent, also remember that compromise is the foundation of problem solving during this time when it comes to relationships. You fall into the Knight of Wands at the end of the month, courage and daring is yours. Where earlier you had to learn to balance your mind and heart, and mid-month you conquered quick judgments, now is the time to really exercise your newfound power! Friends may need your support at the end of the month and you will have enough energy to give it to them, don’t expect a burnout at all your zest for life will be at it’s epitome at this time. You will tackle challenges as they come and not perceive them as obstacles, but relish the idea of a new set of problems to contend with. A more positive outlook is shown through this card. It’s time to shoot for the moon and reach your goals!

The deck used during this reading was: The Spiral Tarot

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's All In The Fingers

Who wouldn’t love to be able to recognize a toxic personality by just glancing at them? When you're hiring someone, wouldn’t you love to have that edge, to be able to tell right away if someone is orderly or slovenly, if they're looking to work their way up or are willing to settle? I take a lot of stock in the way a person’s fingers look. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Now, when you read a hand you always want to go to a subject's dominant one because it's representative of present/future. The dominant hand is the hand a person uses to write.

Take the pinky finger for instance, it’s the smallest of the five digits but it is all about getting noticed. Go through the celebrity rag mags, or sites like and look at pictures of your favorite public figures. How far does their pinky finger reach away from their other fingers? The farther it reaches, the more they love the spotlight! For example, look at this picture of Angelina Jolie. No matter how much she denies it, our girl lovvvess the attention she gets.

The ring finger is the finger that's dedicated to emotions. You always want to make a quick comparison of someone’s ring and pointer finger. Are they the same length? Is the ring finger longer or is the pointer longer? If the ring finger is the longest than this person is usually more emotionally oriented. In other words, they make decisions using their ‘gut’ and how they are feeling in the moment. If the pointer is longer, they're extremely logical and analytical. If their fingers are the same length they are both emotionally and logically balanced.

If their middle finger is longer than the width of their palm, your subject is very critical of the people around them. This means that they may have tendencies towards complaining or being overly negative toward situations. If their middle finger is shorter than they are critical of themselves. If their palm and middle finger are the same length, then they take an even approach.

The thumb is the seat of aggression; so if you're looking for leaders you really want to pay attention to this finger. The wider the tip the more aggressive a person will be. They will go after what they want and god forbid someone get in their way! If the pad of their thumb is flat this means that they are no push over and may have more of a tendency to be seen as a bully. If you look at the photo to the right from you will see on Kate’s right hand (the one not holding the bag) three things. Her pinky sticks way out (showing that she likes recognition and fame), her ring finger is longer than her pointer finger (showing that she goes mostly by emotion and is easily frazzled) and her thumb pad is flat as a pancake (which tells us she really does enjoy getting her way and may apply ample pressure to the people around her in order to do so) these are just a few of the things that you can see in Kate Gosselin’s hands.

In comparison, if we look at the hand of the late Michael Jackson, you will see that he too was more emotionally oriented. His ring finger is much longer than his pointer, because of this vast difference I would say he was an emotional extremist, either really happy or really sad with no in between. Also you will see that his fingers are shorter, meaning he was quite self-critical. The V between his thumb and palm is rather wide, indicating a very giving personality. The middle finger stands straight but his pointer is crooked indicating that he looks at things with a very different logic than most people. It also leans away from his middle finger, which tells me that he does not learn lessons through logic. In other words, he would need strong emotional consequences before he would learn not to do something again.

These are just a few of the things you can tell by looking at someone’s fingers.

More to come soon…..