Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anubis Meditation

I like to use the iconography of the Gods from many different cultures and religions. Granted, I may take a little creative license with them, in the end it is for good purpose so I am sure they don't mind! Remember to do the mind sweep before trying this one! The following meditation is all about judgments, here you will meet Anubis He is an Egyptian God of Death, he weighs the hearts of those who have passed over, and makes judgment. Please read through this meditation first as there are going to be places you need to fill in.

You walk into a tomb, its tan colored block walls are cold to the touch but torches warm the room, you follow a passageway deeper into the earth. The steep decline seems to go on forever, the light from the torches cast eerie shadows and you feel as though you are not alone. You come upon a door, it’s iron handle cold to the touch. Hesitantly you open it, you enter into a room filled with light. A giant scale lies in the center, and a black dog headed figure stands to the left of it.
“Why are you here?” He asks in a deep gravelly voice.
“To have my self-judgments weighed.” You reply.
“As you will.” He approaches you standing to your left. You notice on one side of the scale is a feather on the other is nothing. This is where you judgment will go.
Anubis continues on,” If your judgment is true then you will rise higher then the feather, if it proves false you will sink lower. Because truth unburdens us and makes us lighter, lies weigh us down and keeps us from growing. Sit upon the scale.”
You follow his direction and sit on the right side of the scale the brass is cold on your buttocks, you tremble a little bit out of nervous then the scale begins to move, you hold on to two of the three chains connected to the plate as the scale balances itself.
After a couple of minutes you are equal to the feather. 
“What is your first judgment?” Anubis asks his black eyes seem to see through you, into your very being.
“My name is (insert your name here)” Slowly the scale moves, you begin to descend, and then ascend.
“Truth, your name is (insert your name here)”
“I am not perfect, even though I should be.” Your side of the scale moves downward, then up, then down again.
“False, you are perfect. Just as you were meant to be.” 
“I am to skinny/fat” Your side of the scale stays just as it is.
“False. You are not to skinny/fat.”
Continue through your own self-judgments let Anubis help you, but please be honest with yourself you will get nowhere if you do not.
You leave the room closing the heavy door behind you, you walk up the tunnel back towards the main entrance. There is no fear in the tunnel now only a bright light as if it were day, no shadows leap upon the walls. You enter the main room of the tomb and walk out the entrance and into the light of the day. You will wake feeling refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated and loved. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mind Sweep Meditation

This meditation will clear your mind completely, although I can’t stress enough that you need to practice this everyday. Do not get discouraged if it does not come to you right away, or you cannot keep your mind empty for more than a minute. This is a meditation and meant to be relaxing. Just keep at it.

Close your eyes see the blackness behind the lids. It is a total darkness, look around you, feel the floor beneath your feet, and you are safe. Listen to the thoughts racing in your mind, see them land on the floor in brilliant white lettering, anything you think feel or see ends up on the floor. 
As you look to your left a mop sits in the corner, pick it up. Begin to clean away the thoughts on the floor. Keep cleaning until all is black again. When you have accomplished this hold it for as long as possible. If more words begin to appear, pick up the mop and clean them up. Try to hold it for five minutes.

As you read this meditation it looks fairly simple, but in fact to still the mind for long periods of time takes some people years to accomplish. So do not be upset if you are not a mind-clearing guru on your first, second, third or even fourth try! Just keep at it. The more you do it the easier it will become.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Focus on Meditation

Hello Lovelies!

Meditation is so important for any budding reader or anyone at all, it helps to reduce stress, keep you objective and overcome some of life's larger issues. I have been meditating since I was a little girl and even spending just five minutes a day closing my eyes and letting my mind go helps to put me more at ease.
On the Psychic Switch (Wed. nights @ 8pm ET) I say all the time one of the best ways to hear spirit is to turn your mind off. It's true, how do you expect to hear the words of spirit if your mind is abuzz? It's like trying to scream across the room at someone at a crowded concert.
So for the next couple weeks I will be posting some different meditations, ones that I have found useful. They are all original created by me. I have had clients, colleagues and friends use them with success and I hope you do to!
Some of these will just be stress relievers, others will focus on specific issues, whether it be connecting with spirit, dealing with self-image or making a decision.
One of the tools I find most useful for this is a voice recorder or computer. You can simply speak in a monotone voice the words of the visualization/meditation, then play it back and vegetate. Personally, I couldn't just read some of the meditations and memorize them so I found this way to be easiest.

The first meditation will be posted tomorrow morning! We will start with my favorite...The Mindsweeper!