Friday, October 30, 2009

TarotScopes For October 30th - November 6th

Hi lovelies!
We're trying a different format this week, but the Tarotscopes are BACK!

Your TarotScopes for October 30th - November 6th


Career ~ Don't be afraid to take the easy road this week. You have the 9 of Swords reversed, which tells me you may not be feeling up to your usual energetic self. Take it slow and don't strain yourself at work, many projects may be nearing completion and be aware that there may be some negative feelings towards you from co-workers. Do not worry about it though, everyone is testy this week, that's all. It is not going to be anything long and drawn out.

Health ~ In the health sector you have the Hanged Man reversed. If you have been battling illness it's finally going to lift this week. Granted, you may still feel slow, but towards the end of the week you should feel almost normal. If you've been healthy, now is the time to push physical boundaries and move forward with your workout routines or start one!

Relationship ~ You have the Tower in your relationships. Be careful this week and make sure to keep communication open. At home things may feel like they are coming at you really quick, much like at work. Don't hesitate to make any big decisions this week. You will only have one opportunity -- otherwise other people and fate will take over.


Career ~ Now is the time to create your battle plans, Taurus. Look into more creative avenues this week to get projects completed. This is a week to think outside the box when it comes to bringing in extra revenue. Now is the time to move up in your current career or to start a new one!

Health ~ Don't let your health get away from you. Pay close attention, particularly to your stomach this week. You may feel a little off or have easy stomach upsets.

Relationship ~ Now is the time to go out and meet people, start new relationships or celebrate the one you are currently in. Don't be afraid to take a night off, relax and go see a movie. No staying indoors this week!


Career ~ You have the Lovers reversed in your career Gemini. Be careful of unfulfilled promises and broken agreements this week when it comes to business. Make sure to cover your butt and get good contracts in place. Financially, things look positive but if you have been waiting for these deals to push you ahead, safeguard yourself and keep a close watch.

Health ~ This week, put your money where your mouth to speak. Invest in yourself this week Gemini, you are going to need it later.

Relationship ~ Beware of being Mrs. / Mr. Fix-it in your relationship. Your forward style may not be appreciated as much and you may be acting like the "couch therapist" just a bit. Just be an ear and listen -- don't try to solve too many of your friend's problems at once!


Career ~ Watch your money this week, Cancer! There are some big bills headed your way over the next couple of weeks. If you can pull in some extra cash by moonlighting or working extra hours it may not be a bad idea.

Health ~ No big problems on the horizon

Relationship ~ Don't be afraid to steal the spotlight this week. It's time for you to shine in your relationships. You are always so busy supporting everyone else. Take time for you!


Career ~ Things are going to start moving faster in your career, Leo, as signified by the Ace of Chalices reversed. But be aware that you are still in control of the pace so don't be afraid to push yourself a little harder than usual. You will definitely reap the rewards later on.

Health ~ You are going to be in an upswing this week as for your health. More energy coming to you with a lot of clear breathing.

Relationship ~ Be aware of judgments this week -- both yours and your partners. Things may get a little testy between the two of you. Now is not the time to be making snap judgments or decisions, Leo! Have patience!


Career ~ This week is the week of the Victorious Virgo as represented up the Chariot in the upright position. Your planning and management skills are really going to pay off this week! Everything you touch will turn to gold!

Health ~ Pay attention to your mind this week Virgo, you will be receiving lots of guidance from the Otherside and may have a slight psychic awakening (this can sometimes cause headaches).

Relationship ~ Take charge in your relationships! You have The High Priestess here, the people around you need nurturing and the cards say you are the one to take that position. Do not be afraid to be a mother to your friends, family and significant other. Offer loving advice and words, but do not expect much in return.


Career ~ Dreams are yours this week, Libra, so aim high and throw your intentions and goals out there to the Universe. Your ability to manifest wanted outcomes will be strong this week!

Health ~ Don't dwell too much on the past this week, it will only lead to high blood pressure and some issues with dizzy spells. Be aware that you need to completely let go of your past traumas in order to move forward. Lighten your load!

Relationship ~ It's time to sit back and watch the grass grow, spend a little time reconnecting with your loved ones. You have been so career focused you may have lost sight of those around you. Nurture the relationships you already have and do not worry too much about forming new ones.


Career ~ Scorpio, don't be so hard on yourself this week. Success is around the corner, so relax a little! A new career option may present itself in the coming weeks so be open to it!

Health ~ Depression may hit you this week Scorpio. This is in direct correlation with relationships and feeling alone or isolated. Don't worry it's not going to last!

Relationship ~ Ah Scorpio, your seemingly cold exterior often throws people off. However, when you love someone you can be so warm and protective. Now is the time to remember that feeling. As mentioned above, you may be feeling a bit more like an outsider this week. But don't worry, it's all in your own mind. Don't force yourself to become part of the group, they want you around. Relax and let yourself be invited in.


Career ~ Wow, Sagittarius! You have the Star upright; water in any card always represents success to me. The star is always about hopes. Seeing as it is connected to your Career, I think you should be open to the possibility of travel in your work! Be on the lookout, opportunities are going to present themselves!

Health ~ Let's not play the 'wait and see' game. If you have been feeling 'off' lately, go see a doctor. If you are not sick yet...just wait, you may not be feeling too hot this week.

Relationship ~ This is your week to be an introvert. It is time to do some soul searching, get a little bit more into meditation. Some of the insights you will get will actually help you in your relationships.


Career ~ Time to take back control in your work environment; people around you may be asking for a lot of favors. Be choosy when it comes to saying yes. You may get overwhelmed this week. Financially I am not seeing any fluctuations.

Health ~ Positive health is yours this week! Although please be careful because you immune system may not be the strongest.

Relationship ~ Money is the name of the game in your relationships. The 7 of Coins tells me a lot of people are going to be asking or there is going to be some money going out. Don't let it stress you though, it will be replaced and balance restored in short order.


Career ~ Things may not be seem that fair at work right now, Aquarius. Ever the creative type, you may be feeling a little restricted in your current occupation. You may want to look into some extra training or education to move you further faster.

Health ~ Energy may be a little low this week, Aquarius. Stay away from breads and grains they will not agree with you.

Relationship ~ You have the Two of Pentacles reversed, watch out for petty arguments around you! Don't take sides and don't attack back. It really isn't about you, but more about the person or people involved.


Career ~ This will be an emotionally fulfilling week in your career, Pisces, whether completing a project or helping a coworker, at the end of the week you are going to feel right with the world! Enjoy it!

Health ~ Educate yourself on health this week. It seems that universe is sending you messages, saying that you need to take care, study or learn about a specific illness or issue. If this doesn't make sense to you yet, hold onto it and see what the week brings.

Relationship ~ Disagreements that may have been settled may be brought up again, Pisces. Don't prepare for battle though, come at it from a logical and loving point of view and realize that not everyone can be as mature as you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

TarotScopes WILL Return!!

Hello lovelies!

I have been a whirlwind of activities lately.
The TarotScopes will return this week.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where I've Been: Phantom Con 2009

You may have noticed that there were no TarotScopes this week -- that's because I was invited to North Carolina for Phantom Con! It was an awesome experience, and I kept a journal to share with all of you.

Getting There

We picked up our friends Jeff and Shannon at their house and Jeff drove our car to Logan Airport -- Katie hates driving in Boston and refused to do it. It was my first time on a plane and it was absolutely amazing...after the initial take off.

Katie was next to me in the aisle seat and across from me was Shannon Sylvia from Ghost Hunters International and Jeff Sylvia host of Up For Discussion, a radio show airing on ALI-FM. We touched down in Charlotte, North Carolina and immediately Shannon and Jeff wanted Katie and I to have the "Wafflehouse experience". Justin and Johnnie, the two men that were running the convention, were there to pick us up as well as a couple of other para-celebrities.

Johnnie stayed behind and we all agreed to meet at the Wafflehouse. Eventually we met up with Stephen LaChance and his son Elliot, Stephen being the author of the Uninvited. They were going to premiere the Haunted Survivor Tour at PhantomCon that weekend and I have to say I was very excited.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn and it was absolutely beautiful -- if you have to travel I highly suggest it. There I met Jacqui Carpenter (psychic medium), Lizzy Star (psychic medium), Denice Jones (mother of the boy who inspired the movie the Sixth Sense) and her mom.

The Experience

The first day of the actual convention was great. We were set up at an old schoolhouse with a large auditorium; the old fashioned wooden seats still bolted into the floor. I remember walking in and the first thing I heard was a little girl saying, “You’re here!”

I didn’t delve too much into the spirits around us at that point. my mind was on the presentation that Katie and I had to give later that day! Mark Spencer was there giving an informational lecture on UFO’s and conspiracy theories. Joe Wright from PSI was also in attendance lecturing about the basics of ghost hunting and the technology behind it. The women from the Charlotte Area Paranormal Society (CAPS) were setting up their vending table with all sorts of goodies. Finally it was our turn.

Katie and I had decided to speak about "possession vs psychology", ripping the title from one of her chapters in Devils and Demonology in the 21st Century. We talked about the different illnesses that could be misconstrued as possession, and we also tore apart the Anneliese Michel case (which the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on). We showed the facts of the case and let the audience decide. The whole point was not just to show the skepticism needed when dealing with a possession but also to prove that inhuman entities are very rare.

Immediately after closing the lecture, Stephen ran up to us and high-fived Katie. “That is something we have been saying for years! I am so proud of you, Katie!”

Stephen is the reason we ended up at the conference in the first place; he recommended us to Justin, one of the two guys in charge of the conference. Stephen had to be six foot five and then some -- his son was even taller -- but they were both gentle giants with wits as sharp as sushi knives and contagious laughs. You would never know by looking at them how haunted they really were.

Stephen still uses his past to help others in the present, much like Katie. He and Denice Jones work together all of the time, and she was also part of the Haunted Survivor Tour along with Lizzy Star. We all hung out, talked to attendees and just had a blast in general.

That night Jeff Sylvia gave a lecture on his own past and things he would like to see happen within the paranormal. Shannon gave a lecture on Paranormal Drama, and did her version of the Ashlee Simpson hoedown dance. Made me wish I had brought my video camera.

That night we had an investigation at the first house in Hickory, NC. Unfortunately Katie and I were drained, so were Shannon and Jeff. We all headed back to the hotel while the rest of the para-celebrities and some of the patrons went to the house turned restaurant. The next morning we all met for a fabulous breakfast provided by the Hampton. Coffee on demand, bagels, cheese danishes and so much more! We all sat down and Jacqui filled me in on the investigation the night before. They had tried an awesome product Shannon had created; after seeing so many investigators use a single red beam to see if it would be broken, she created a high powered laser with a filter on it that allowed for a matrix of pinpoint lights which cover an entire room. Jacqui said it was a huge success, and they actually saw a black form manifesting itself through in the grid.

“I always miss the good stuff!” Shannon exclaimed after the explanation, but Jacqui had recorded it on video camera. Awesome.

The next day Shannon gave a talk on anomalous photos aptly titled “Another Orb Bites the Dust”. It was great. She gave tips on how to tell a real orb from one that is dust or humidity. Katie and I got a chance to speak about our lives and histories. This was the night of the Haunted Survivor Tour and we were up right before them.

The music came on the room was dark and the image of four pictures, angelic statues, and other grunge type images of demons. Together they framed out a cross. The whole vibe was eerie. Denice’s mom was the host of the tour and came out to introduce Stephen the first speaker. A video played before he came out showing clips from various things he had been in. Everything came together seamlessly to tell the story. As he spoke about the pain he went through trying to protect his children while they resided in the Union Screaming House, his emotion poured out. He wept slightly as he talked about his reasons for not being able to immediately move. His pain was evident.

Later, Denice’s mom came out to introduce her daughter. Again a video played, and much like Stephen’s, it contained clips from previous things she had done which blended to tell astory. Denice was obviously shaken as she told her story; her helplessness when it came to the position her son was put in, and how to this day he still sees both spirits and demons.

Denice’s mom came out one last time and introduced Lizzy Star. The medium opened with a little bit of history about herself and jumped between telling stories and reading the audience. A few cried when she spoke of their loved ones. It reaffirmed for me that mediumship and “The Gift” is all about healing, nurturing, and helping those around us.

Ending Thoughts

Overall, the show was absolutely fabulous, and Stephen confided in me later, “We weren’t sure whether or not we wanted to share our stories. We wanted to do something these conferences had never seen before.”

That night we went out for drinks and had a genuinely good time. Stephen, Denice and her mom went back to the hotel. The next day at around three we left for the last big investigation. It was wonderful. We came to a wooded area, aptly named the Devil’s Stomping Ground. EVP’S were collected and experiences were had by all. We ended the night a little earlier than expected, but all in all I would call it successful.

I always learn a lot from the people around me and this was no different. Jacqui Carpenter, Lizzy Star, Shannon and Jeff Sylvia, Denice Jones, Stephen and Elliot Lachance were all awesome, down to earth sweethearts with great stories, experiences and information. All in all it was a wonderful 5 day trip.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Horoscopes for October 9th - October 16th

Hello Lovely Readers!
Here is your horoscope for October 9th - October 16th.

If you like what you read, I'd so love to hear about it in the comments.
Always good to know when it's good!


Powerful ram that you are, you may feel somewhat stuck in your Career this week; whether it be a project just isn't moving fast enough for you, or you aren't getting the funding you need. However, income will still be consistent, which is very important to you. Financial security is everything! Even with the stability money, watch your spending habits; you will be very tempted to buy. I am seeing bigger bills that need to be paid so really consult with your inner self before making any impulsive purchases right now. As for your career, keep your head down and nose to the grindstone, this is the calm before the storm. Next week things will start ahead again at full speed.

In your Health sector you have the Devil, aches and pains are going to abound this week. So be sure to take care of yourself. If you were going to get sick, now would be the week.

Relationships are all about change and Aries you have the biggest change card in the deck – Death! Changes in your relationships may seem rough but they are for the better I promise. There may be a lot of talk about your relationships this week, and even though you're typically easy going there has been some strain. It looks like this is due to outside stresses and some unhealthy coping habits within the relationship. Now is the time to lay cards on the table and put your mutual energy together for change. Make a point of trying to do better, and understand one another. This can be a wonderfully healing time for the relationship and a new start. This can apply to love and friendships.


Don't be afraid to open your mouth and speak your mind this week around your Career, Taurus. There are many things you feel could be done more effectively or changed around in your workplace. If you don't have a job, right now is the time to go on interviews. It is all about face-to-face conversations this week. You hold the power and the ideas, even if you may not feel 100% in control of the situation. Don't be surprised if you mention something to a co-worker or your boss and they implement it and call it their own. Don't get upset, there is no point and you probably can't prove anything. But hell, at least it's fixed!

Health is not going to be focused on you but the people around you. Be careful, there is some sickness going on around you and you don't need those germs. Also, be open to taking the motherly role this week with friends and family, give them a little love while they suffer through their cold.

In your Relationships you have the Queen of Wands reversed. The approach you need to take with career this week is vastly different than the one with friendship. You are actually learning life lessons within your friendships and relationships. Be open to criticisms and suggestions this week from friends and loved ones.


Indulge yourself Gemini, you have been working hard and now is the time to sit back for a second and just enjoy. Career is always important to you, but this week is about taking some relaxing moments. Don't worry about money; it will be there. Even though financial strains may be upon you right now, release the fears. You will have plenty of time and money. In work itself, you will be helping a lot of people in need, which is indicated by the 8 of Wands. It's all about nurturing your fellow co-workers this week and helping them with their projects and deadlines. Don't get to overwhelmed or say yes too much, be aware of those that have the most dire need or with the closest deadline and help them.

Health is not something to be messed around with this week Gemini.You have the Magician reversed which means it's not exactly smooth sailing for you. Stay away from obvious dangers and take extra precautions against sickness.

Relationships are all about the here and now. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. It's important that you put your family and friends first. Things may feel like they are going backwards a little bit in relationships, so put the needed energy into reconnecting with family and friends. Find ways to spend time together even if it's five minutes on a cell phone. Be sure to acknowledge the little things they do for you this week, things that in your busy schedule would usually go unnoticed.


The 10 of Cups is your card for this week in Career. Now is the time to really push things Cancer. If you have been wanting to take chances or make some financial risks -- do it. Let you emotions work for you this week and channel your energy into your goals. If you are unhappy, focus that energy to create change. This is a great week for you if you decide to use it. The time to be passive and go with the flow is gone, now is the time to unleash your aggressive self and go after what you want.

Health is in your hands right now. Really be aware of your stresses and learn to compartmentalize the issues at hand so you can deal with things one at a time. Otherwise your health may take a plunge.

Stick close to home in Relationships this week. The Knight of Chalices reversed says you may be making new friends from far away. It could be meeting new people on-line or perhaps starting new dialogues with old acquaintances. So just be on the lookout. As for love, this week it's all about making your house a home. You have been spending so much time on your career and other aspects that your home and relationships may have actually suffered a little bit. The energy in the home may be stale. Now is the time to clean house!


Things are out of balance at work Leo, and this is signified by the Justice card in it's reversed position. You could be taking on a little too much and not allowing yourself the freedoms that life demands. Remember Leo, you like to be the center of attention and life of the party. How can you expect to do that if you're exhausted from work? Whether it be the building itself, the people, or the monotony, either way it's time to create some change. Financially, you seem to be skimming the surface, paying minimums on bills just to get by. Things aren't going to change much there,

Health is downhill Leo. You are going to get hit hard with a sickness. But don't worry, this is part of a cleanse. You're getting all of the toxic stuff out of your body before the end of the season, so don't be surprised if this illness hits you harder than most. I would say the sickness could come at some point over the next week or two and don't be surprised if there is a lot of "drainage" (eyes, nose, throat, bathroom etc). This truly is a cleaning and clearing out.

If you aren't already in a serious Relationship Leo, now is not the time to go looking for one. There are a lot of players around you at the moment; people who are just looking to date for the fun of it. That is all fine and well, but it seems like you are looking for that long lasting permanent relationship right now. So why bother? That being said, for the Leo's that are in a relationship there is a lot to consider right now, so don't withdraw from your partner. Be truly expressive. One thing I am seeing is a new beginning, shown by The Fool in his upright position. But it also means you have to be careful and watch your words and actions over the next week. Think long and hard before you make any choices. With the Fool in your corner, a lot of life lessons may be coming your way this week and you need to be wise. Don't make snap decisions, as you may make a foolish choice or say something you don't mean.


You have the Chariot reversed in your Career sector this week, Virgo. No matter how hard you push or how meticulously you plan, victory will not be yours (but just for this week). Think of this week like Mercury in retrograde; it forces you to take time out and introvert a little bit, to reanalyze and rethink strategies. Virgo's are always thorough, but ideas change and now might be a good time to look over your battle plans, goal lists and re-evaluate.

Health is going to remain fairly unchanged Virgo, although watch for possible neck and throat trouble this week.

I know Virgo is the Virgin, but not this week! You are in the mood to take charge in your Relationships and you may notice that your libido will speed up a little bit. Be open to fantasy play this week and create your own scenarios with your other half. In friendships again you will have to take charge, but not to worry, I'm not seeing too many meltdowns or blow-ups around you. It's smooth sailing.


You have the Two of Swords reversed in your Career. Reversed, it's a positive sign of conflict coming to an end. But you need to be aware, Libra, that not everyone is after you, and that in fact you have many supporters willing to help at whatever the cost. What this card talks about is an unspoken truce between enemies. This could be someone you have been having conflict with at work, so this truce will make life easier for the both of you. It's almost like "You stay on your side, I'll stay on mine." be aware of your boundaries Libra, you don't need any more conflict. On the upside, it also talks about new business ventures and financial opportunities coming forth. But be aware, there may be a little bit of an investment needed so save up your money. It will be worth it!

Health seems to be fairly balanced this week. I'm not seeing any huge issues.

In Relationships, it's another week of busting through obstacles! Be sure to maintain communication this week, friends may bring you some new opportunities that are definitely worth exploration. Also don't be surprised if stress gets the best of you this week and you get snippy with your other half. Really be aware of what you're saying and how you're saying it this week. If you have issues, leave them at the door when you get home. You need to keep balance in mind and be sure to take opportunities to spend some extra time with your other half. If you are not with someone at the moment, you will not be in the mood to go out looking. Besides, now isn't the right time anyway. Hang at home, go out with friends and visit family.


Career is in slow motion this week Scorpio, and it is up to you if you want to speed it up. Money is coming in slowly but surely and consistently. Your determination will really do you well if you decide to move things forward. It's not bad to push, just don't go too far. Keep the ball rolling and don't try to micromanage things. Feel free to delegate responsibilities. Your intuition is usually pretty accurate when it comes to whom to trust, follow that this week and it will help you immensely.

Drowsiness is going to hit you big, Scorpio. You may feel worn to the bone, so make sure to take immune boosters. The 7 of Swords tells me something might be weakening your system a bit.

You've got the Queen of Wands is in your Relationships. Look out for powerful women coming your way. They will be teachers and guides in your life. Also, if you are a female, you will be feeling really empowered this week, and your expertise and knowledge will be welcome and valuable to those around you. Feel free to learn and teach in your relationships.


You have the Tower upright in your Career sector. Be ready for a complete change. An opportunity to get into new work or start with a new company will present itself this week. Just be on the lookout for it. The cards say this move will put you in a position of power so it will be a step up from the job you currently have. I drew a couple of other cards around it just to gain some further insight and what it tells me is that this is a change you may have been looking for. If you own a business it could be an expansion to a new area or new service, if you are working for someone, it could be a change in duties and job description. Either way it is a positive change, embrace it!

Immune systems are all a go this week, you have the Strength card! If you get sick it will only last a day or two.

Relationships may struggle a little bit right now, but no worries, it's only temporary. A little bit of disconnect is showing, so a very positive relationship may turn a little sour. But don't take it too hard; you both have a lot on your mind. Make it a point to talk openly with each other every night to get some "us" time. Friendships are also victim to this malady, although from what I am seeing it's more in the aspect of lacking communication. You may be so hyper focused on what is going on around you or your worries that you are not as communicative to your friends this week. Be sure to touch base with them.


It will be a good week for travel in your Career. If you have business trips to make, now is the time to schedule them. The cards say this time will be very lucrative for you! You are entering into a time of victory when it comes to goals, finances and your career. Now is the chance for you to begin manifesting your wants and needs; pushing that energy forth and into creation! Go for it, Capricorn.

You have the Tower in your health sector. Health issues may crop up quickly this week so be vigilant

Relationships are going to center around money. Unfortunately, it will be the lack of. Be aware there are going to be some larger sums of money getting paid out and that may put a strain on your relationship. Just be sure to keep good communication and you should be fine.


Watch your humor this week; your twisted kind of comedy may not be as appreciated as usual. However, that good natured and easygoing attitude will save the day. With the Magician reversed, you need to watch out for feeling a little more powerless than usual in your Career. Know that the ball is in your court and you can make all the foreword movement that you like.. Don't let anxiety and stress get the best of you. Take a deep breath, the only obstacle in your way this week is yourself.

You're pretty good where Health is concerned, I'm not seeing any if you're will continue to be sick and if you're healthy, well then you're all set!

There are no real gripes in your Relationships this week, however, those negative worries from your Career sector seem to have spilled over into your home life. So be aware that insecurities and harsh feelings towards yourself are just a bunch of baloney. From what I see in the cards, most of what you feel to be negative in your relationship may be in your mind. You and your partner are not dysfunctional, but there is always room for improvement. Take what your negative mind tells you with a grain of salt and move forward in happiness.


You have the 7 of Cups in your Career this week, so expect the unexpected. Emotionally you are going to be all over the place, from travel to work through to your relationships. So be on the lookout. Allow yourself to experience your emotions, particularly worry and anxiety. They are going to be your main combatants for this week. Don't worry about work though; all is good on that front. I pulled a couple of extra cards and we have the 8 of Swords reversed which tells me you will not have to make sacrifices at work and I'm not seeing you being fired or losing any of your finances. So all in all, it's just an emotional rollercoaster. You need to be very conscious about not getting so stressed or overwhelmed that you begin to make mountains out of molehills.

Not seeing a lot of issues in your Health right now, but watch out for your eating habits. You have the 4 of Coins reversed, which tells me you may not be eating your healthiest this week.

In Relationships you have the 6 of Swords. This means that problems are moving away from you when it comes to your love and friendships. Solutions to issues in relationships are going to present themselves this week. If you and your spouse have been arguing or having communication problems, this week it will come to a head and the issues will be sorted out. Now is a great time to fix friendships and heal old wounds.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Horoscopes for October 2nd - October 9th

Happy October, lovelies!

So, who's made a batch of apple cider yet? Pumpkin pie? In my opinion, October is one of the best months for all things delicious.

I've got your TarotScopes for October 2nd - October 9th. Enjoy!


Right now, it's time for you to plan for the future in your Career. What goals do you want to accomplish in the next few months? If you want to move up, or start a new company, now is the time to plan. It's not the time to manifest; it's the time to take baby steps. You may feel overwhelmed, and there may seem like there are obstacles in your way, but just take time out to think about what YOU (not your company) want to accomplish. It's not about everybody else this week; it's about you and your personal goals. Friends around you may inspire you to move forward, be on the lookout!

As far as Health goes, you have the Wheel card. Things may be up in the air regarding your health, so just be aware and pay attention to small signs and your cleaning rituals. Be careful in travel, -- you may pick something up there.

You have the Empress in your Relationships. People are going to be relying on you, and you're going to feel safe to open up and tell people how you really feel. Creativity in your relationships is going to hit you, and you're going to feel the need to help and support others. If there are arguments between you and friends, you're going to win. Certain friends may need to be told the truth as you see it. As long as you're tactful, it can be a really good learning experience for all.


You have the Temperance card in your Career this week. You're waiting on something, but right now you can't be sitting back. Whatever this decision is, it's really going to affect everything. Start making your move. Now is the time! You're also "yes-ing" too much at work. You need to learn how to say no. It will help the coworkers around you to see where your limits are.

Nothing new on the horizon in your Health this week. If you've been sick, looks like you may stay that way, and if you're healthy, well, that's not going to change either!

In your Relationships, you haven't been able to let something go. You've been stuck on it for a little while, and you're resisting changes. In a way, you're sacrificing too much to reach your goals in relationships and tiring yourself out. Open your ears, listen to other people's opinions, allow yourself to let go of some control – and take back a little bit of your time.


You have the Knight of Swords in your Career right now. There's a lot of talk of growth and changes in your company among coworkers. Don't listen to the gossip running around the hallways; not all of it is true. Take everything with a grain of salt, and do not join in spreading those rumors! These coworkers are going to talk themselves into your brain, and may rearrange your focus at work. Don't let the gossip get under your skin. Also, this week you've got to push toward your goals. Get your stuff done on time and don't allow yourself to be distracted. Take on one or two projects at a time.

You may feel run down this week in terms of Health. You may be working late, feeling stressed, and not get enough sleep. Do what you can this week to relax. You can jump over a slight illness if it comes your way, so don't panic and don't push yourself.

You have the World in your Relationships sector. This is going to be a big week for networking, and any obstacles in your way are going to be easily overcome. Listen to friends and their emotional issues; you may be able to really help them. A lot of the issues happening around you this week really don't have anything to do with you. Even if arguments or tempers seem focused on you, it's other people's personal issues. Let those things pass.


You have the Moon in your Career, Cancer. You're over analyzing things at work, aren't you? You don't need to worry! You're fine financially, but if you're stressing at the office, that stress is going to follow you everywhere. Money is going to be stable this week, so don't let your imagined panic distract you and show through to those coworkers or boss. Don't let people see you coming undone; keep your emotions and your brain stable. You can do it.

Things are moving forward in your Health. You may get some answers to some questions this week (perhaps from a doctor or other medical professional), and that's going to lift a weight from your shoulders. The stress in your career may be exasperating other issues, so if you can get your brain to slow down, you're going to actually make yourself feel better.

In Relationships, you have the Tower reversed. You're in a rebuilding period right now. You may have had a lot of previous pain surrounding relationships, but right now you could be reconnecting with either an ex-flame or with the person you're already in love with, and things are changing for the better. If there isn't anyone in your life, you may be rebuilding yourself back up after a personal loss and finding who you are and what you want all over again. Someone from the past may come back to you this week, so keep an eye out for them!


This week is a week for you to absorb information when it comes to your Career. It's a "sit back and wait" time. Research, ask questions, and listen to others. It's all about new information and learning new things. There may be a new class or a new way of doing things that's really going to interest you, and it will definitely help you in the future. Keep those eyes and ears open!

You have the Queen of Pentacles in your Health sector. You're good right now, so stop worrying! You may feel a little more tired than usual, but other than that, it's smooth sailing.

In your Relationships (always the biggest concern for Leos!) we have the 5 of Wands. You're planning for the future. You're creating a battle plan or blueprint, either with your partner or around finding a new person. Focus on the planning and have fun with it! Plans are just goals glorified, and goals change over time, so take a relaxed attitude with this planning phase.


You have the Hermit in your Career. It's a week to kind of keep to yourself. Typically you can be critical of the world; but this week, keep your opinions inside. Focus on your own projects and issues and perhaps separate yourself from certain coworkers who are bothering you. Now is not the time to come at others. People may be asking you for advice, however, so if the good-hearted knock on your door, it will definitely benefit you to help them.

You Health looks good this week!

We have the 5 of Cups in your Relationships sector. You may be more emotional than usual are right now. You may be more perceptive of other people's emotions; and if there are strong emotional pulls in the people around you, you're going to feel it. Don't allow their heavy emotions to effect you, though. Their energy might become your energy and that's not always advised. There's nothing big on the horizon, so just allow yourself to go with the flow and keep your heart safe from others' psychic energies.


You may feel slightly off balance in your Career. Home may be invading your workspace and distracting you. Maintain your focus, Libra! People are going to be coming to you this week for help and understanding, so you really need to keep yourself balanced and clear.

Your Health seems free and clear right now!

You're going to be a lot more social than usual this week when it comes to Relationships, and it might keep you out and about almost more than you'd like. You've going to be visiting a lot of people and places, and so you may not get as much time to sit back and relax as usual. You also may be feeling some financial stress pertaining to your home life. You tend to obsess about certain problems, so do your best to give in to the Universe this week and don't allow your issues to invade your personal relationships. Everything will be taken care of as it should be!


Put your nose to the grindstone this week in regards to your Career, Scorpio. You have the opportunity to strike a big deal or work a lot of overtime; right now you're going to be able to create some financial movement – in a good way! Just keep your focus this week and work, work, work.

You have the Hangman reversed in your Health right now. You may be feeling a little more rundown than usual, but this is nothing new. Have you been feeling tired for the last couple of weeks? If so, just give yourself some extra rest.

This week is all about enjoyment in terms of Relationship. It doesn't look like you're bringing work or stress into your friendships and love area; you're ready to take a lighthearted approach and that's great. Go ahead and enjoy.


You've got the World reversed in your Career. It may feel like things are falling apart on you, but it could just be in your head. You may feel a lot of frustration around work this week, so take time at home to relax. Everything isn't going to perfect or right, so just allow the chips to fall where they may. If you can get through this week, next week is going to provide room and time to decompress.

Watch out for headaches right now. They could be due to all that stress you're putting on yourself.

You're to have to be the leader this week in Relationships, Sag, You've got the King of Pentacles, and that's all about keeping the balance. The pace of your relationships are up to you this week and it looks as though most of you want to move full steam ahead and achieve those goals. There are some financial choices to be made between you and your partner this week, but don't let the stress get to you. You will most likely be the one to make the final decision. Again, it's your turn to take the reins this week. I'm not seeing any real ups or downs in love right now. It's all about taking control!

You have the 3 of Coins reversed in your Career. There's nothing new or big in the workplace right now. You may have some focus issues, but mostly, money is going to remain stable and things should go as planned.

You have the Star reversed in your Health sector. Nothing new, nothing big, just like in your career forecast. It may be a slightly boring couple of days – but at least you're healthy!

In Relationships, it's going to be about overcoming obstacles this week. If you've been waiting for answers or finality in your relationships or around financial issues, this week will bring them to a head and bring about conclusions. The focus is going to be on you, so watch and listen to what people are really saying right now.


Instead of planning for the future right now, stay in the moment regarding your Career. You may have been focused on the future for the last couple of weeks, but now is the time to keep your eyes open to what's currently going on around you – especially when it comes to financial issues. Don't worry about what you need to pay back in a few weeks, months, years; worry about what you need to take of financially today.

There shouldn't be anything big on your Health horizon right now, but do pay attention to your joints this week. They may be a little achier or inflamed than usual. Take precautions.

In your Relationships, you have the 10 of Cups. That's a dream card to me! You can make fantasies come true this week. You can say what you've always wanted to say, or convince loved ones to do what you've always waned to do! If you're not attached, now is the time to write out a list of everything you've ever wanted in a partner. You're in a power place right now.


You may be facing some opposition in your Career, and there could be some issues with coworkers this week. Have you been feeling like you've been held back, or coming against a lot of opposition? If so, those feelings are right on. You're handling these issues with grace and maturity, though, and the stagnation should only last for another month at most.

More than anything, in your Health, you may be feeling like you've been walking for miles at a time. Pay attention to the soles of your feet and during travel. You may feel aches or slight exhaustion connected to those areas, so do what you can to rest.

This is a time of growth in Relationships. If you've been looking to take things to the next level or find someone new, now is the time to do it. You've got the power in your pocket; so don't be afraid to make that move!