Friday, October 30, 2009

TarotScopes For October 30th - November 6th

Hi lovelies!
We're trying a different format this week, but the Tarotscopes are BACK!

Your TarotScopes for October 30th - November 6th


Career ~ Don't be afraid to take the easy road this week. You have the 9 of Swords reversed, which tells me you may not be feeling up to your usual energetic self. Take it slow and don't strain yourself at work, many projects may be nearing completion and be aware that there may be some negative feelings towards you from co-workers. Do not worry about it though, everyone is testy this week, that's all. It is not going to be anything long and drawn out.

Health ~ In the health sector you have the Hanged Man reversed. If you have been battling illness it's finally going to lift this week. Granted, you may still feel slow, but towards the end of the week you should feel almost normal. If you've been healthy, now is the time to push physical boundaries and move forward with your workout routines or start one!

Relationship ~ You have the Tower in your relationships. Be careful this week and make sure to keep communication open. At home things may feel like they are coming at you really quick, much like at work. Don't hesitate to make any big decisions this week. You will only have one opportunity -- otherwise other people and fate will take over.


Career ~ Now is the time to create your battle plans, Taurus. Look into more creative avenues this week to get projects completed. This is a week to think outside the box when it comes to bringing in extra revenue. Now is the time to move up in your current career or to start a new one!

Health ~ Don't let your health get away from you. Pay close attention, particularly to your stomach this week. You may feel a little off or have easy stomach upsets.

Relationship ~ Now is the time to go out and meet people, start new relationships or celebrate the one you are currently in. Don't be afraid to take a night off, relax and go see a movie. No staying indoors this week!


Career ~ You have the Lovers reversed in your career Gemini. Be careful of unfulfilled promises and broken agreements this week when it comes to business. Make sure to cover your butt and get good contracts in place. Financially, things look positive but if you have been waiting for these deals to push you ahead, safeguard yourself and keep a close watch.

Health ~ This week, put your money where your mouth to speak. Invest in yourself this week Gemini, you are going to need it later.

Relationship ~ Beware of being Mrs. / Mr. Fix-it in your relationship. Your forward style may not be appreciated as much and you may be acting like the "couch therapist" just a bit. Just be an ear and listen -- don't try to solve too many of your friend's problems at once!


Career ~ Watch your money this week, Cancer! There are some big bills headed your way over the next couple of weeks. If you can pull in some extra cash by moonlighting or working extra hours it may not be a bad idea.

Health ~ No big problems on the horizon

Relationship ~ Don't be afraid to steal the spotlight this week. It's time for you to shine in your relationships. You are always so busy supporting everyone else. Take time for you!


Career ~ Things are going to start moving faster in your career, Leo, as signified by the Ace of Chalices reversed. But be aware that you are still in control of the pace so don't be afraid to push yourself a little harder than usual. You will definitely reap the rewards later on.

Health ~ You are going to be in an upswing this week as for your health. More energy coming to you with a lot of clear breathing.

Relationship ~ Be aware of judgments this week -- both yours and your partners. Things may get a little testy between the two of you. Now is not the time to be making snap judgments or decisions, Leo! Have patience!


Career ~ This week is the week of the Victorious Virgo as represented up the Chariot in the upright position. Your planning and management skills are really going to pay off this week! Everything you touch will turn to gold!

Health ~ Pay attention to your mind this week Virgo, you will be receiving lots of guidance from the Otherside and may have a slight psychic awakening (this can sometimes cause headaches).

Relationship ~ Take charge in your relationships! You have The High Priestess here, the people around you need nurturing and the cards say you are the one to take that position. Do not be afraid to be a mother to your friends, family and significant other. Offer loving advice and words, but do not expect much in return.


Career ~ Dreams are yours this week, Libra, so aim high and throw your intentions and goals out there to the Universe. Your ability to manifest wanted outcomes will be strong this week!

Health ~ Don't dwell too much on the past this week, it will only lead to high blood pressure and some issues with dizzy spells. Be aware that you need to completely let go of your past traumas in order to move forward. Lighten your load!

Relationship ~ It's time to sit back and watch the grass grow, spend a little time reconnecting with your loved ones. You have been so career focused you may have lost sight of those around you. Nurture the relationships you already have and do not worry too much about forming new ones.


Career ~ Scorpio, don't be so hard on yourself this week. Success is around the corner, so relax a little! A new career option may present itself in the coming weeks so be open to it!

Health ~ Depression may hit you this week Scorpio. This is in direct correlation with relationships and feeling alone or isolated. Don't worry it's not going to last!

Relationship ~ Ah Scorpio, your seemingly cold exterior often throws people off. However, when you love someone you can be so warm and protective. Now is the time to remember that feeling. As mentioned above, you may be feeling a bit more like an outsider this week. But don't worry, it's all in your own mind. Don't force yourself to become part of the group, they want you around. Relax and let yourself be invited in.


Career ~ Wow, Sagittarius! You have the Star upright; water in any card always represents success to me. The star is always about hopes. Seeing as it is connected to your Career, I think you should be open to the possibility of travel in your work! Be on the lookout, opportunities are going to present themselves!

Health ~ Let's not play the 'wait and see' game. If you have been feeling 'off' lately, go see a doctor. If you are not sick yet...just wait, you may not be feeling too hot this week.

Relationship ~ This is your week to be an introvert. It is time to do some soul searching, get a little bit more into meditation. Some of the insights you will get will actually help you in your relationships.


Career ~ Time to take back control in your work environment; people around you may be asking for a lot of favors. Be choosy when it comes to saying yes. You may get overwhelmed this week. Financially I am not seeing any fluctuations.

Health ~ Positive health is yours this week! Although please be careful because you immune system may not be the strongest.

Relationship ~ Money is the name of the game in your relationships. The 7 of Coins tells me a lot of people are going to be asking or there is going to be some money going out. Don't let it stress you though, it will be replaced and balance restored in short order.


Career ~ Things may not be seem that fair at work right now, Aquarius. Ever the creative type, you may be feeling a little restricted in your current occupation. You may want to look into some extra training or education to move you further faster.

Health ~ Energy may be a little low this week, Aquarius. Stay away from breads and grains they will not agree with you.

Relationship ~ You have the Two of Pentacles reversed, watch out for petty arguments around you! Don't take sides and don't attack back. It really isn't about you, but more about the person or people involved.


Career ~ This will be an emotionally fulfilling week in your career, Pisces, whether completing a project or helping a coworker, at the end of the week you are going to feel right with the world! Enjoy it!

Health ~ Educate yourself on health this week. It seems that universe is sending you messages, saying that you need to take care, study or learn about a specific illness or issue. If this doesn't make sense to you yet, hold onto it and see what the week brings.

Relationship ~ Disagreements that may have been settled may be brought up again, Pisces. Don't prepare for battle though, come at it from a logical and loving point of view and realize that not everyone can be as mature as you!