Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tarotscopes - July 2015

Hello Lovelies!

It has been over a YEAR since I've posted Tarotscopes, I had determined to just take a small break and so many things have happened since then. I am so ready to come back with these monthly readings, I have missed doing them so much. I also would like to remind my readers that I am currently running a special for the 4th of July so be sure to check that out here to get in on the deal.
July is going to be a killer month (in a good way) for most of the signs and I sure hope you take advantage! That said, let's get to it!

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) – HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANCER!!!! You walk right into the Tarot at the beginning of the month, typically indicative of sudden change. A lot of my clients look at the Tower in a negative light, but I prefer to look at it as an opportunity in the midst of chaos to recreate something beautiful and new. For instance, there may be some upheaval or shifting going on around work, and you may be bored in your current position. However, these shifts may allow you to change positions and grow within work. So the Tower tells us chaos this month will bring great changes. Next we see you sliding by the Ace of Swords giving you the mental clarity you need. It's definitely a light bulb moment, but I feel this has more to do with love/relationships than anything else, it could be that "Aha!" moment when you realize how to communicate properly with a loved one, or the second when you realize your dating pattern and how to change it. We see you end the month in the Five of Wands which tells me that there is a test of faith coming your way, this is a powerful moment for you to realign spiritually.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) –   You begin the month as the Knight of Pentacles indicating that now is a time to relax in your routines, enjoy them for the stability they provide, if you need to focus on anything it is time management! Next we see you sitting beside the Queen of Cups you are stepping into your intuition during mid-month it is a great time to work on spirituality and following your 'gut feeling'. Emotionally we see you feeling confident and ready to face tough situations, don't be afraid to have "those" conversations. This is the perfect time to do so! You end the month with the Page of Wands indicating that there are new projects that you want to set into action. Unfortunately this guy tells you to slow down and don't get frustrated, there are going to be a couple of set backs but you just need to be patient.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20) –  The energy of the Five of Cups greets you in July bringing with it some sense of disappointment, and a fear of being 'stuck' in a situation. I feel like this is all down to perspective, what I would suggest is looking at the situations around you with this in mind: Is it real? or Does it FEEL like it's real? The reason I would have you pose these questions to yourself is because oftentimes things in reality are much more manageable than our emotional self perceives it to be. The Wheel rolls on by during the middle of the month indicating that you are entering a time of good luck and a proverbial fork in the road regarding life itself. Just remember no decision is truly a wrong decision! You end the month with the Chariot, your will is strong and your nature is passionate, this card tells you to harness both and now is the time to push for what you want!

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) –  You begin the month influenced by the Moon reversed ready to take on fears and face them! Nothing will stop you right now, push through anxieties and worries recognizing that once you deal with them they will no longer hold power over you. You move into the Two of Wands which draws you towards planning for the future, your riding the momentum high! You end the month with the Seven of Pentacles, indicating a feeling of reward for your perseverance earlier in the month, it also indicates a time of great profit.

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22) - We see you heading into the Six of Pentacles right off the bat, now is the time to be generous with those around you. It's also a time where financially you will be feeling at ease and able to help. Mid-month you bump into the Eight of Wands reversed which reminds you that sometimes, life is just about waiting. We wait for people, elevators, phone calls, etc. Unfortunately at this time, your going to have to practice patience and learn to wait. You end the month in the Seven of Cups war

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) –  The month of July is going to prove interesting for you Virgo! You begin with the Three of Swords reversed giving you the message that now is the time to let go of past pain, and to embrace forgiveness. It is also a supremely optimistic time for you which creates the perfect storm to aid you in getting past the pains and opening your heart to truly release and forgive. You then move on to The Hermit who points you toward a moment of inner guidance and introspection after having released so much he tells you it is time to listen to your soul self and reevaluate your current position. You end the month with the Ten of Wands telling you that after so much hard work there is still more to be done, this however is more work oriented than spiritual. Lots of stuff being put on your plate Virgo, time to trim the fat and release some of those physical demands before you burn out!

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) –  Nostalgia hits you at the beginning of the month Libra! We see you thinking about and talking about the past a lot, you may even bump into someone from your past who helps refresh your memory! A fun time for you reminiscing and remembering but be sure not to get stuck in the past because there is a ton to do here in the present. Next you slide into the Page of Cups who brings new creative influences, and good news! This is also a great time to look for new opportunities as synchronicity is definitely at work for you mid-month. You end July with the Sun which shines brightly and emits a fun, energetic, successful vibe to usher you into August.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) –  The Five of Pentacles reversed knocks on your door at the beginning of the month, telling you not to worry about money or bills. You are balancing out financially and it will happen on it's own. Spirituality may take a back burner at the beginning of the month as you focus on bringing harmony into the home. You bump into the Lovers mid-month indicates a new partnership, this could be in love or business, it also indicates harmony in the home life. You end the month with Temperance giving you a sense of purpose and balance in your life.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 - Jan. 19) –  You begin the month in the Seven of Wands telling you to shoot for the moon, now is the time to get into a competitive mindset and focus on the finish line! Next you move into the Fool who represents that free spirited nature, don't restrict yourself and get a little spontaneous especially with family and friends. It also indicates a time where your spirit will be pushing towards a new destination. You end the month in the Knight of Wands which tells you now is the time to act, he encourages you to unleash your innate sense of curiosity and yield to your adventurous self, this is a great time to try something new.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)   You start off the month a little slowly Aquarius, feeling like you are just trying to keep up with things rather than getting ahead of them this is due to the influence of the Ace of Wands reversed. You may also feel energetically low during this time. I would caution you to follow the advice your body is giving you and try to spend that extra time sleeping in or resting if at all possible. Next you move into the Two of Pentacles upright giving you the moment necessary to balance your time and your finances. This is also the perfect time to re-prioritize and figure out what you need to do right now or what can be put off until later. You end the month with the Death card indicating a time of great transformation, but not without sacrifice (i.e. sacrificing an old job for a new one or losing a car but gaining another) embrace the change. Unlike the Tower when I see this card come up in a reading typically it tells me the client is conscious of the change, and either have a hand in the decision or have an idea that it was coming.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) – You run into the Devil in reverse right off the bat but he is a helper in this situation, allowing you to break free from unhealthy things, like a dead-end job, a bad relationship, drug addiction etc. Take the energy he gives you and run with it, allow yourself to move forward past the obstacle in your life! Mid-month we see you bump into the Emperor he is someone who gives guidance like a father figure would, he is there to remind you that you are not alone in this life. His solid presence offers a sense of stability to you during this part of the month. You end the month with Strength indicating a time where you need to call on your compassion. This is an interpersonal issue, and at this point you really need to sit back and reflect on the situation and try to look at the other person's side with understanding. Basically its a "Kill them with Kindness" attitude at the end of the month.

Alright my lovelies, this has been the first Tarotscope in over a year and I have to say it felt good getting back in the seat here. I am excited that I picked now to start as it seems that many of you have a lot going on. There will be more articles, scopes and other things posted as well so be sure to check back often!

Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tarotscopes: Theme of the Year for 2014

Hello Lovelies!!
As I'm sure you are aware I did not post a Tarotscope for December. Unfortunately as of late my schedule has become insanely hectic and I have not been able to keep up! That said, I am not by any means stopping!!! I will begin doing seasonal Tarotscopes. Structured similarly to the regular the ones I've been doing but covering the entire quarter of the year! So please keep an eye out! For right now we are going to be delving into your theme for the year. For this I use Major Arcana only. This can help us understand the life goals for this year, give you a glimpse of possible challenges or give you insight into the strengths you may need to use in 2014. Lets begin!

Aries - March 21 - April 19 - Embrace your Mr/Mrs Fix It this year Aries, The Magician encourages you to get resourceful and focused in order to create your own destiny. This is a great year to use your wit and intelligence to manifest change.

Taurus - April 20 - May 20 - The Moon tells you this is the year to let go of fears and insecurities that may be holding you back from hitting your goals. The energy of the moon brings the idea of being in a dark basement with just a penlight, you can see a lot of shadows, bit and pieces but never the whole room. It's time to turn the light on Taurus and face the light.

Gemini - May 21 - June 20 - Creativity, ideas and prestige Gemini, this year you step into the Empress and embrace your power. Abundance surrounds you, just reach out and grab it. Time to recognize that you are deserving!

Cancer - June 21 - July 22 - Kill them with kindness Cancer, Strength asks you to control your more volatile emotions and allow your compassion to shine through this year. You will be tested with it this year so expect meet many difficult personalities during 2014.

Leo - July 23 - August 22  - The most trans-formative card in the deck is yours to be had Leo, Death is your theme for the year in 2014. Now we aren't talking physical death, rather many transitions and changes this year. There is a catch though Leo, this is change with a price, so it could be sacrificing one job for a new one, or breaking the heart of another to fill your own with true love. Either way you need to just go with it.

Virgo - August 23 - September 22 - Time to take charge Virgo! The Emporer gives you the ability to truly step into a leadership role. Expect to be looked to for information and positive reinforcement from the people around you as they may regard you as a parental figure. It's also time to bring strict structure into your life, routine is incredibly important for you this year!

Libra - September 23 - October 22 - The Wheel of Fortune spins in front of you Libra bringing an energy of good luck, change and destiny. You will hit a cross roads this year that will bring you forward into your destiny, the ending of one life cycle (think of it like ending a semester of college) and the beginning of another (Woot Woot a new class and new learning opportunities) much like death it is not a physical end but more of a spiritual/circumstantial one.

Scorpio - October 23 - November 21 - This year is all about tapping into your subconscious, Higher Intuitive Self, the High Priestess calls you to your spiritual path. Where mundane things may have bogged you down in years past 2014 is time to ride that energetic high and let your God-Self speak.

Sagittarius - November 22 - December 21 - Take some quiet time Sagittarius! The Hermit guides you towards introspection and soul searching. What do you really want? What is really important for you in this life? Ask yourself the important questions, in the dark and quiet we can hear our true selves speak.

Capricorn -December 22 - January 19 - The World is open to you this year Capricorn! 2014 is a time of accomplishment, completion of projects and literally the world at your feet. Expect this year to be a busy one as you wrap up all the loose ends and spend some time travelling!

Aquarius - January 20 - February 18  - Justice is keeping a close eye on you this year Aquarius! Expect the law of cause and effect to truly rule around you! This is also affect those around you, so if you've been waiting for someone to get their "karma" this year would be when it happens. The truth will come out in every sense of the world so 2014 is a great year to unburden yourself to people in your circle. If you choose to hold things in they will come to a head no matter what you do.

Pisces - February 19 -March 20  - The Devil is around you this year Pisces. It is not representative of external forces (although it can feel that way) but actually internal ones. The Devil is a master of illusion and deception, and can give you the sense that you are somehow bound to him, while you truly the one in control. Time to retake that control and take accountability for what is truly yours. This is the only way to take the power back from the Devil. Look at situations where you are currently feeling stuck, restricted or caught in a negative cycle and recognize your own role within the situation then will yourself to change it. Break free from the chains of the Devil inside you, that is your task for the year.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tarotscopes: November 2013

 Hello Lovelies!!
Its time again for the Tarotscopes! I hope you all had a wonderful October and are well rested for the holiday blitz that will soon be upon us! Sit back, just for this moment and enjoy the energies of autumn. Aside from spirits and spooky tales its one of my favorite seasons, waking up to chilly mornings that make you want to be a bed bug for just a little while longer, leaves falling on the ground for kids both large, small and furry to play in. Allow for expansion and change during this season, typically fall is a restive energy but I believe this season is the opposite, it is one of great momentum and a wonderful time to begin projecting your energy to manifest your desires!

Scorpio -  Happy Birthday Scorpio! You immediately hop into the Five of Swords, indicating that you are open to changes at the beginning of the month and you have released past resentments. Mid-month the Four of Pentacles shows that you are in a place of financial stability, right now is a good time to show how frugal you can be. You end the month with the Fool in reverse which warns that you should take some time to get guidance from the people around you as you may be missing details or forgetting to read fine print in new deals and opportunities heading your way!

Aries - Make use of your skills by embodying the Magician and using your resourcefulness to pull things together last minute. Now is the time to work on your most important projects as your ability to concentrate will be at its best this month. Remember that whole law cause and effect? The middle of November is a great time to keep that in mind as you move into Justice, be sure that all of your decisions are really well thought out both in the details and the big picture. Now is a great time to get out your pro/con list! You end the month in the Three of Pentacles giving you the opportunity to flourish in a team environment where you will learn a ton from the people around you!

Taurus - Let go of your baggage Taurus! Right now you may be feeling a little held back by old problems or redundant issues, now is the time to confront them and let them go as you sit in the Six of Swords reversed. The Knight of Wands greets you mid-month indicating a very impulsive mind set and an energy of action as you shuck off the burdens brought to light by the Six of Swords earlier in the month. You wrap up November with Temperance helping you to find your balance in this month of extremes!

Gemini -
Immediately you meet up with the Six of Pentacles indicating that you are prosperous are now focused in helping those in need around you, charity and generosity are at the top of your mind. You then move into Six of Cups which brings a sense of nostalgia, whether meeting up with an old friend, going over pictures or reuniting with family, expect a lot of joy to come from this. You end with the Ten of Cups (which to me has always been a wish card as it has such a joyful and pure energy) which brings with it a sense of harmony, and can indicate a marriage or rekindling/reconnection between you and your spouse!

Cancer -
Embrace your ability to communicate as you will need it as predicted by the Knight of Swords. It is important to retain your own voice within your discussions but be sure not to get to opinionated and react hastily to things that are said. Take a moment to speak to your higher self before responding to any comments or criticisms. You hit your balance with the Two of Pentacles during the middle of November, but it is important that you pay particular attention to time management as that will be your biggest challenge throughout the month! You end things on the Ace of Wands where everything feels new and inspiration is everywhere. Typically indicative of a new idea or new passion that you will be discovering be sure to remember to keep time management in there so you don't get so embroiled in it that you burn out!

Leo - The Star greets you at the beginning of the month bringing you a message of hope and a renewal of spirit. Soak in the good vibes to help prep you for the packed month ahead! At mid-month you meet the Queen of Cups who bestows on you a sense of calm and asks you to be compassionate towards others around you, particularly in work situations. You end the month with the Ten of Swords reversed telling you that you have recovered from a traumatic situation and the end of the chapter is about to be closed! 

Virgo -You passion can be felt from  mile away Virgo! The Knight of Wands comes in to help you find the proper channels for all of the energy. You may find yourself giving in to impulse at this time as new ideas flood your creative mind! Mid-month we see you moving into the Nine of Cups reverse which indicates that during this time you will find yourself focusing more on the physical world and trapped in materialism comparing your situation to others. Don't feed into this mindset and count your blessings. You end the month in the Eight of Swords reversed which indicates a great release of fears and things holding you back. We then see you moving into a new state of being with a different perspective of the world!

Libra -You begin November within the Ace of Pentacles! This a is a fabulous card to start out the month giving the promise of new financial opportunities and wealth, it can also indicate that you are in a state of manifestation so be careful how you think as it will come about whether positive or negative. You roll on into the Four of Cups reversed next giving you the sense that you need to pull back and maybe be a little more aloof with the people around you. You end the month in the Four of Wands denoting celebration, a sense of community and deepening of romantic relationships which could lead to further commitment!

Sagittarius - We see you bumping right into The Fool at the beginning of the month, who bestows on you the gift of feeling free! A new beginning is yours you merely need to take the leap! Mid-month you enter the Ace of Cups giving great depth to your emotions, they may actually become overwhelming in their intensity, there is also a great sense of compassion surrounding you. You end the month hanging out with the Hierophant who tells you that not is a great time to get some spiritual structure back in your life, developing routines that allow you to connect with your higher self, deity and the universe.

Capricorn - Get ready for an intense month! Beginning with the Queen of Wands you greet every challenge with a sense of will and a steely determination. Now is the best time to take on tough tasks and get them out of the way. Next you see the Knight of Pentacles who helps you break down your goals into their smallest steps giving you a more methodical system to work within. You end by meeting with Death, all of this work you've put in this month leads up to dramatic change, but this is change with a sacrifice (i.e. selling your house and moving for a better job) be prepared to give a little bit to gain big rewards!

Aquarius - You start out November by hooking up with the Queen of Pentacles reversed who warns you to keep balance between work and family, it is a tough situation right now making time for everything but it is imperative that you strike as close to even as possible right now. Next we see you drifting through the Five of Cups reversed, you've recently picked yourself up after a major loss or change and you are finally ready to truly move on. You end the month in the Princess of Swords creating this vibe of restlessness, as though you are not being challenged enough right now. Time to break out the puzzles and get that mind moving!

Pisces -Temperance tells you to take a moment and look for the purpose and meaning of the things going on around you at the moment. She also cautions balance and moderation right now, you may feel like going to extremes within emotions, she tells you to pick and choose your battles. Remember your feelings are not facts. Mid-month you shift into the Lovers reversed giving you a sense of disharmony within your relationships. You end the month in the Three of Pentacles reminding you that this month has been chock full of life lessons, sit back in the quiet moments and reflect on the changes your experiences have created.