Friday, October 1, 2010

October 2010's Tarotscope

This month I am using the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Deck put out by U.S. Games Systems Inc and created by the Church of Light. These cards carry symbology from the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light each of the Major Arcana has a corresponding color as seen in the cartouche border surrounding the image.  The first Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot was created in 1936 by Gloria Beresforn in 2003 Vicki Brewer redesigned it and brought it from black/white into full color imagery. Only in 2009 did she fully completely the deck which took her 6 years to restore and modify. It truly is a beautiful piece of artwork, with zodiac correspondences for each card as well as numbering and more. The design is simple, the deck itself is certainly not for a beginning reader as some of the symbols may be a little distracting. If you have never been into the occult sciences some of the characters surrounding the picture may be extremely foreign however, you can always get The Sacred Tarot which provides a full history of the deck, and its meanings!

Libra - Happy Birthday all you Libras! Let's see what's in store for your birthday month! First card to come through is the Ace of Scepters reversed, telling me that right now it is time for you to back off of business and activities. The first part of the month should be focused on relaxation and recuperation! The middle of the month you enter into the Seven of Cups reversed, don't try to make too many changes at home right now, renovations and DIY projects will not go smoothly. Instead, focus on little things like rearranging furniture and cleaning. With the last of the month comes Arcanum XVII or the Star as it is better known, the Star speaks to us of hope it also tells us that Universe will work in accord with plans and ideas in the future that you dream of today. So, although you took the earlier parts of the month off, now is a time to actively imagine and dream of your future.

Aries - In the beginning of the month you pass through the Five of Cups telling you that now is the time to look for love (or let love find you) and that you need to make a point of taking self-responsibility. Own up to your flaws and mistakes, let people see that you are human. Otherwise, there may be a kink that will cause you undue stress.  In the middle of the month, you meet Arcanum XII or the Martyr (Hanged Man) it warns you to be forgiving of enemies and not to cast stones. It also speaks of sacrifice on an earthly level, this could be of a possession, ego, pride, or even of a relationship. Either way, you are sacrificing something in hopes of creating a positive change in your life.  End of the month you will be riding high when you enter the phase of the Seven of Swords reversed unfortunately victory is not with you! Do not sign any contracts or go to court during this time, the energies do not appear to be with you. However, there is not anything major here which indicates you need to watch out for anything other than just the idea that right now, things will probably go very contrary to your expectations.

Taurus - "I know, I know I know" This will the statement you reiterate over the beginning of the month, you are in the phase of the Youth of Coins, one of the court cards which I can only associate with that of a Page. However, this card also indicates a distinctly Aquarian moment, you will be very fluid and all over the place with your thinking and ideas. Also your creativity and wit will be at an all time high, you will be able to be center of attention without being obnoxious and, people will gravitate towards you to help with possible future projects. You enter the Three of Swords  in the middle of the month, the card is in it's reversed position (which we like) and indicates a strengthening of love relationships! Focus on improving your love life and being open with your partner during this time. At the end of the month the Eight of Swords comes into play bringing with it some negative experiences, however, the keyword here is EXPERIENCE!  Nothing more than a bruised ego, but you've learned valuable lessons and won't make the mistake again!

Gemini -   You kick off the month with the Arcanum X a.k.a. The Wheel of Fortune, indicating a time of things being up in the air and a quick change in direction. Although from the other cards it seems that this only is going to affect for a short period of time. Middle of the month the Queen of Cups greets you during this time it is all about manifesting your desires and really going after what you want even if you must force your needs into manifestation. At the end of the month you meet Arcanum XX a.k.a.  The Sarcophagus get ready Gemini, you mission awaits. A new project will bring about a strong motivation for success. Push forward it's coming your way, don't worry about money or time  you may end up putting more in than you expected in the beginning, but it is well worth it.

- Entering the beginning of the month is the Arcanum V: The Hierophant in his reversed position look for the words between the sentences Cancer. Your friends are trying to relay messages to you, whether they are hurting and do not want to burden you with their problems or they are trying to warn you, but you are unwilling to hear. Now is the time to listen with your heart rather than your head. In the middle of the month you meet the Ace of Swords you may receive a letter or communication from a loved one that you have not heard from in a bit, aside from that you must be aware of moodiness, it seems that during this time you are a little bit of an extremist. All or nothing and that includes your moods, either really happy or really upset, not much of an in-between. At the end of the month though comes the three of Scepters indicating a positive business agreement or partnership on the horizon. It's also a time to really market yourself as people will be more receptive to hearing what you have to say!

- The wonderful Ten of Wands greets you at the beginning of the month giving you a sense of both relief and enthusiasm! Creativity is flowing and with it new discoveries. Uranus rules the Tens which is all about unconventional actions, ideas and wisdom. The answers to your questions at the beginning of the month will lay in the most unlikely situations. At the middle of the month you pass through the Five of Coins bestowing upon you inspiration and material wealth. This is hard earned money, but just as worthwhile nonetheless. The end of the month brings us to Arcanum XIII otherwise known as The Reaper in this deck and better recognized as Death in most tarot decks. Death, and rebirth the ultimate of transformations, the end of the month heralds a huge change for you, embrace it!

Virgo  - Use your intuition at the beginning of the month or so the Seven of Coins says, it also says that money will be gained through travel. So if asked to do a job or an offer comes along take it and know that you will be well compensated for the time. The Youth of Coins greets you mid-month in his reversed position showing letting you know to tread carefully. Your negative thinking may get the best of you at this time, it also tells you to be careful not to get to timid in difficult situations, stand up and use your voice it is important that your opinions recognized! Help with family and friends will be the focus mid-month. The end of the month the Queen of Scepters upright comes to tell you that it is time to bounce back from the difficulties of the earlier parts of the month. TIme to get back on track, get off your bum and move ahead with your own plans.

Scorpio - All Cups, all month long Scorpio! Starting off your month with the Nine of Cups indicating that hopes will be realized, what this really boils down to is that now is the time to make your wishes and get them realized! Go for it, Universe is with you! Your relationships may be exasperated and fidelity maybe tested by the middle of the month as you move into the Eight of Cups. Have patience and you will persevere, it is just a phase. By the end of the month you end up in the position of Queen of Cups, telling you to take time out for yourself and think, allow yourself to be emotional and refuse to be reserved. In other words be the exact opposite of everything that is Scorpio, become the extrovert and let your will be known as right now it is all about what you desire.

Sagittarius - The Eight of Coins brings you into the beginning of the month, indicating a short journey is on the horizon. It also tells you that now is the time to set boundaries and lay down the law in terms of relationships whether they be family or friend. You gave to much last month Sag, now is the time to recuperate and create healthier connections. The Arcanum VIII: The Balance joins you mid month in it's reversed position, showing that you are decidedly off balance. It also indicates that now is the time to be ever aware of cause and effect. Little drops turn into big ripples and with your spiritual equilibrium off those effects may not be the ones you anticipated or desired. However, at the end of the month you move into the Five of Swords in a reversal indicating that even through the tumultuous period during midmonth you come through okay if not unscathed and that your balance has been restored. Cleansing by fire Sag, get ready!

- Beginning the month of October is Arcanum II - The Veiled Isis, she leads by example blindfolded she ignores the material world and seeks answers from her own spirit. She guides you to block out the limited knowledge of man and instead find the answers within the eternal knowledge of your own spirit for decision making. Let the light of the Sun illuminate your path and help you to recognize a better way through the mire. People will just confuse you right now, it's okay to take time and be introverted. Next you move into the Seven of Scepters it indicates the opportunity of a new position in your career or a job change completely. Now is the time to explore other options and put your focus on building your business or moving ahead with your job. You move into the Three of Cups at the end of the month indicating good luck in love and relationships. Anything is possible! This is a great time for an engagement or marriage, for those already wed it is a wonderful time to have that second or third honeymoon!

Aquarius - The Six of Scepters gives you a boost of creativity at the beginning of the month particularly in the arts. However, it also indicates a good time to get ambitious, it's not time to sit on your plans but put them into action! No more time to waste. The Nine of Coins indicates that mid-month will be spent with a lot of money going out the window, not on yourself and it may not even be on the bills but family, friends and co-workers. But watch your spending, do not buy lavish gifts in order to impress, it's really not worth it. The coins warn to let reason be your guide and to spend only what you must. The Arcanum V: Hierophant joins you at the end of the month to tell you that now is the time to get back to spirituality and become grounded in the laws of Universe. Bring yourself back to center through meditation and introversion, help to propel yourself ahead by gaining spiritual ground rather than focusing on the material.

Pisces - The Ace of Swords starts the month off with a bang, watch the immune system of yourself, friends and family, sickness is on it's way.  YOu may end up having a little bit of a nesting period, right now your focus should be on organization and bringing order to an otherwise chaotic world. Time management is going to be essential for you at this time, you will be clearheaded enough during this time to be able to break up your time without letting your brain make mountains out of small tasks. Mid month you end up bumping into Arcanum VI: The Two Paths, indecision strikes you, you are forced to make decisions. Better to decide and be in control in this matter than to let go and make Universe force the choice. Trust in Universe to take care, now is not the time for thought, but just to do. The Ten of Coins greets you at the end of the month reminding you that whatever your choice it will pay off in the end, so be secure in your decisions.

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*All imagery used with permission from U.S. Games Systems