Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mercury's Meditation

This meditation is all about socializing and recognizing the God or Goddess in you. Let the light of deity shine through you, remember you are piece of art who can bend matter to your will and has the power to change perceptions of yourself and others. Remember to start all your meditations with the Mind Sweeper exercise. Read this over before doing because there is some blanks you will need to fill in.

You enter a crowded hall, dressed in jeans and t-shirt while all others are in formal wear. Uncomfortable and alone you finally spot an acquaintance, you don’t know this person very well and have only seen them from time to time at a local convenience store, saying hi and bye. You walk up to this person, feeling kind of ignored as the person carries on a conversation with their friend. You tap the person’s arm and they smile at you. “Hello, I didn’t expect to see you here!”
“Not to sound completely ignorant, but where is here?” The Meeting of (think of some subject you know nothing about) Society.
“Oh” you reply with a lost and forlorn look on your face.
“Well” says your acquaintance,” It’s your first time here so I will be your guide.”
Feeling much safer the person leads you around the room. “That over there is Mrs. Reynolds, she is really informed about the Society. Why don’t you go talk to her to learn more?”
You head over to a tall elegantly dressed woman, her long gray hair held high in a bun and a string of pearls around her neck. She looks at you as though you are a fly on the wall. A man appears before you dressed like you in jeans and a t-shirt, Mrs. Reynolds look at him the same way. “Hey, how are you doing?” he says to the old woman holding out his hand. The woman looks flabbergasted. How does this guy have this much confidence? You think. He smiles broadly at both you and the other woman like a boy who got caught doing something naughty. The other woman smiles in return the wrinkles around her eyes crinkling, she looks like a giggly schoolgirl. You begin to feel a little more comfortable.
“So what is this all about?” The man asks looking at you.
“I..I don’t know.” You reply.
“You mean you haven’t asked yet? You have been here how long?” you feel a little upset at the way he talks to you but make no move to correct his behavior.
“Okay, here is the thing. I’m Mercury, all about communication! I’m your father, I’m a part of you. Yeah that’s right I’m in there beneath all the doubt and self-loathing. You just have to find me. What I’m here to do is to help you! It’s easy enough to speak, I mean you do it every day right? So what makes this so different? If your best friend were sitting across from you would you hesitate to ask what the heck they were talking about? Of course not! But that takes trust! You have to trust the other person not to make you feel like a complete bozo and reject you! Well here you don’t have that you don’t know that that won’t happen. Right?” He smiles at you as he takes a breath No wonder he is the God of Communication he doesn’t shut up you think to yourself.
“First off I heard that, and yeah I do talk a lot. But always with reason I want you to imagine that the bald guy over there is your best friend. Imagine you’ve known him forever, been to his house a million times, and met his wife, his dog Fido and his kids. Just try it for me will ya?”
You hesitantly agree to try it. He then pushes you in the direction of the bald man, his suit is pressed just so and he has diamond cufflinks, definitely muck a muck. You would rather crawl under a rock right now but then your mind magically forms the man into the image of your best friend.  You shake your head trying to get rid of the vision but it doesn’t fade or disappear, this must be your best friend! You look behind you for Mercury but he is no longer there.
You smile and walk up to your friend. “Hi! How are you?” the person looks back at you “Well I am doing wonderful! How about you?” A similar smile answers yours.
“I’m doing great, so what do you think of this gathering? I’ve never been to one before.”
“Oh you haven’t? Let me introduce myself my name is Mr. Spaulding, I’ll fill you in on the purpose of this meeting of the (Society Name).” Suddenly the image of your friend disappears and the bald man, but you are comfortable with him and the feeling of companionship doesn’t lessen. 
As he leads you around the room you greet a myriad of people, but you are comfortable, each person smiles at you, although dressed as you are you are not sure why, you are nothing special. Then you look down at yourself, you are in a beautiful formal outfit, and the man with you is none other than Mercury dressed to the nine’s.
“You did it! You introduced yourself to someone without being afraid. The key to this is recognizing that everyone is a potential best friend, everyone is family, you are my children. Sometimes a child can be mean and stubborn, expect it, it will happen, but remember they have not yet reached their maturity and are in the stage of the Maiden or Son, they will grow, they have their own lessons to learn and learn them they will. But as I was saying, for every stubborn mean child there are a thousand mature, kind, and wonderful children.”
“As one of my children I am a part of you!” Mercury touches your throat and the corner of your mouth. “You have the gift of communication, use it to your advantage. If ever you are scared let me speak through you. Let my voice be your voice, know you are a piece of me and that you are beautiful.” Suddenly he changes to a bright blue light and dissolves into you. You can feel his presence surrounding you, your confidence building as you peruse the hall. You approach a woman, her long blonde hair was tied back in a clip, she is thin in a dark red dress, just beautiful. Typically you would find this situation intimidating, but you feel Mercury with you. You smile as you walk the last couple of steps toward her.
“Hi! My name is (your name), this is my first time here and I just wanted to introduce myself.”
The woman looks at you as though you are beneath her and doesn’t reply but begins to talk to her other friends. You tap her on the shoulder. “I think I’ve met you somewhere before, but I’m not sure. Where are you from?” The woman names some far off place you’ve never heard of. “No that’s not it, but I swear I’ve seen your face before! Hmm… okay then, I don’t know where I recognize you from. But I can see you are busy, sometime though I would love to sit down with you and compare notes. I know I know you!” The woman gives you a contemptuous smile.
“I don’t think you move in my circles.”
You begin to grow downtrodden; your confidence is beginning to fail. Just as you were about to make another awkward remark Mercury speaks to you. “Ask about her dress.”
Oh, Thanks you say in your mind.
“Beautiful dress where did you get it?”
“It’s Dolce.” She replies.
You then talk for another couple of minutes about fashion; eventually the talk turns to work then family and home.  I knew you could do it! Good going’! Your on your own now, keep it going I’m always with you and you are always safe no matter the circumstance I will protect you!  You smile Thanks Mercury.

Now is the time to take the meditation into your own hands, let your imagination flow! Remember you are trying to make yourself as uncomfortable as possible, use your I statements, and make the person you are speaking to realize how interested you really are in their conversation. Make each person harder to talk to.

You walk out of the meeting feeling safe, secure and loves. You wake feeling rejuvenated, renewed, and confident.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mercury's Exercise

Yesterday I posted all about Mercury and feeling intimated when approaching new people or networking! One thing is for sure; if you don’t put forth effort nothing will ever happen. So try for the next week introducing yourself to five strangers. Just walk up and say hello. If they look at you oddly, well, smile! Baby steps are the best steps. So if you feel uncomfortable walk away but remember what I said people love to talk about themselves. Another thing to think about is as much as you are nervous, no matter if the person is snotty or sweet as pie, most likely they are nervous too.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mercury God of Communication and the Mind

Do you ever feel stupid? I used to! I talk to a lot of people through my work and sometimes I don’t understand a word they are saying, it goes right over my head. It used to make me feel less than when I didn’t comprehend something, and I often felt that in order to feel useful I had to get a college degree or some type formal academic training under my belt to prove I was a sophisticated and intelligent person.
Not all of us know the life cycle of a fly or what it means if the NASDAQ is below a certain percentage, when your around those who do it can be intimidating to talk to them. But what most of us don’t realize is that in our chosen field, which I assume you know A LOT about, we can be intimidating to someone who doesn’t understand it. It goes both ways. The great thing about life is it is one big school, we are always learning and presented with opportunities to continue our education!
I for one ask a lot of questions it is my Gemini curiosity rearing its head and everything interests me from the KFC cashier to the celebrities! Five or six years ago I would have had all these questions brewing in my mind but never the confidence to ask them. What changed it? Deity, He/She is all knowing, and as children of the deity we have a need to know. Nothing will ever change that.
The other thing that you need to keep in mind when you feel intimidated by a situation like this is that people love to talk about themselves. When I meet a person for the first time after introductions are done I often ask them to tell me their story. When some hears that phrase they will do one of two things, open up completely and unload all their dirty secrets and childhood memories, or just give me the basics either way I get them to talk a little (or a lot) about themselves. If you feel comfortable you can talk about yourself or just listen. But remember to use those I statements.
When they begin to talk about something you know nothing about just simply say, “I love what I am hearing but I think I would be able to appreciate it more if you explained (what ever part) to me.” People love to be praised it’s in our nature to look for gratification from others. If it is an aspect of their work you can say, “Wow I can see you are very proud of what you do, it sounds very interesting! I feel that I could understand your work better if you explained (aspect of work) to me.”
One of the other things that used to really make me uncomfortable was being at a party and not knowing anyone. But I am a Goddess, you are God or Goddess, so that kind of makes us family doesn’t it? Once you recognize the God or Goddess in yourself and others you will begin to feel more comfortable not only with yourself but with people you do not know. Let’s work on these two things: Asking questions to strangers and introducing yourself to strangers.

Next Post will be Mercury's Exercise!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am Venus!

Who wouldn’t want to be the Goddess of Love right? Well now is your chance! Make sure to do your mindsweeper After you have done that and have kept it going for five or ten minutes begin with this meditation.

You walk into a clearing there are men/women laying all around, as you enter they look to you with love and admiration in their eyes, you are naked, safe and comfortable in your own body. You can feel the blood thrumming in your veins; you wiggle your fingers and toes, feeling each bone move in accordance. Before you is a red velvet settee, you walk over and lay upon it, the material teases you’re skin making it more sensitive. One of your followers approaches you, he/she touches your thigh “I love your skin. It is soft and beautiful, it protects you and cares for you, just as I do.” Thne another approaches you, you notice that a line is forming. “I love your eyes the next says, they are expressive, full of knowledge and warmth. They show the love you feel for someone, the caring and understanding you have they show your soul. They are beautiful and are just one of the many perfections that is you.”
“I love your feet, they support you and help you walk your path, they take you where they need to be, they are formed to perfection, sensitive, and fun. Just like you.”
“I love your calves, they are strong and wonderfully shaped, they help carry you.”
“I love your thighs, they are beautifully molded and perfect the way they are. Sensitive for love making and strong.”
“I love your face, your nose, your ears, your mouth, your cheeks, perfect for kissing and caressing, gorgeously molded and shaped.”
Each admirer continues each naming a different body part and how much they loved it, why they loved it. When they finished and have all sat in the clearing, you rise with the help of two of your followers. You leave the clearing feeling loved, admired, and confident in your body.

Although this meditation has sexual undertones (I mean it is Venus how can you not) the whole reason we do this is to help with the tape in your head, constantly focusing on the negative of your body. Anything you feel embarrassed about, or is negative on your body can be fixed because it is just perception. What you hear when you say I’m fat, is not you. It’s what society has told you. Don’t Listen!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Venus: Goddess of Confidence and Self-Love

Venus was the Goddess of Love, love of self and others, in this chapter we are going to channel her, it doesn’t matter what you look like you can be a Venus or Adonis. In the last chapter we discussed negative thoughts and views and how they affect us. Well we are going to expand on that a little bit. With appreciation and love of the self comes confidence. I was always different, and I got teased mercilessly for it. Until I realized the Goddess in myself and learned to love myself did I realize it didn’t matter what other people thought about me only what I thought about myself. People tease or talk for only three reasons, one, to make themselves feel better, two, fear, three, because they feel it will impress someone else. I’ve always been a little voluptuous and that was one of the reasons I got teased the most. Within our society is the feeling to be perfect, slim, be rich. Honestly, you don’t need to be any of these things to be worth something. Deity created you, your worth a heck of a lot.

Most who come to me for meditation work have confidence issues, starting with their body image. So let’s start there.  Get a full-length mirror, stand in front of it completely clothed. What do you like? If you have a spouse or partner have them join you. What do they like about your body? Next get into your underwear. What do you appreciate about yourself? Focus on the positive. Have your spouse or partner do the same. Then get completely naked. Look at what Deity gave you, you are a magnificent creature, focus on the positive. Do you like your smile, your hips, and your butt? Touch the skin of your arms, feel how soft it is, look into your eyes in the mirror, see the knowledge they contain, the life, the energy. Focus on them for a while; let your body fade away. Just stay there for a moment. Let your hands roam over your skin as you do this mapping your body. Think of Venus, in most of her painting she was a little voluptuous, not exactly today’s rail thin image of beautiful, she had her flaws, but that did not stop her or her lovers from enjoying and loving her body. Love your body. Try this exercise every night for one week before moving on, get naked as often as you can, even if it’s just walking around in your own house. Most people try to keep themselves covered as often as possible this makes our bodies alien to us, a separate entity not under our own control and so we work against it instead of admiring and working with it.
Often we try to cover up our shape, size and perceived imperfections beneath clothes, make up and plastic surgery. What needs to be recognized is we are each a living piece of art, meant to be loved and appreciated for our own individual perfection.  Remember the quote, “If art was meant to be perfect, it wouldn’t be art.”  Appreciate yourself as an artistic creation of Deity meant to be exactly how you are, because no matter how much you try to change your looks you are still…you. 

Get ready because the next post is your meditation!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hecate’s Meditation

Hecate is a powerful Goddess, one who never questions her decisions, soon you will too! Every time we make a decision we question, was it the right one? What if I made the wrong one? Sometimes it can get to the point where we second guess ourselves so much that we actually don't make any decision at all!.  So let Hecate help us conquer that fear!
Remember do the Mind Sweeper first!

On the night of the full moon, you leave your home and head for the street corner, two streets intersect with four stop signs. Suddenly a mist descends in the middle of the road, from it comes a beautiful woman her long red hair has gray streaks at the temples, in her left hand she carries a staff, her dark green cape swirls around her of it’s own accord. There is no breeze.
A soft smile makes her look younger than her years, “You are one of my favorite creations.” She says to you her voice a lilting symphony of vocal chords. “What can I do for you my child?”
“I am a stuck Hecate (problem you are facing), I don't know what to do! Can you please show me my options? Aid me in making this decision” you ask looking to the kindly woman for help.
“I am the Goddess of the Crossroads, I help those who need to choose a path. I am a part of you; you need not fear the choices you make for I lead you to them. Each choice is a lesson, and each lesson is a blessing. Do not fear seeking counsel from me for I am always here.” She touches your mind. “Do not hesitate upon making a choice, for that makes the choosing harder, always rely on my voice inside you, I will always point you in the right direction. If it does not turn out the way you planned it is simply another adventure, another experience, from which to learn, but you are always protected worry not. These are your choices."
Suddenly the road signs melt away the red paint dripping off the sign beneath it on each sign is an option. The street lights flicker and change to different colors. Each street has its own hue, red, green, blue and yellow.
"Each color represents a different path." Hecate tells you. "Which color are you drawn to?"
"(Name the color)." say this color aloud
"Each color has its own representation my child. You have chosen.." Skip to color.
Green: Brings healing, but obstacles will be placed in your path to cause that healing to occur.
Blue: Will bring you financial and spiritual security. But you must work twice as hard to keep it.
Yellow: Will bring you the recognition you desire, but you must be open to the opportunity and the sacrifice that may be needed to attain it.
Red: Gives you passion and creativity but you must learn to harness it and use it wisely else that passion will be like a fire and consume you.
"I am with you always my child, to guide you through the uncertain threads that Fate weaves. You must realize that the web is merely a guide not a certainty. We make our own way.

The old woman opens her arms to you and you embrace her, it feels as though you are hugging your mother or grandmother, such love and affection, tenderness and acceptance of everything you are. A surety and confidence flows over you. Suddenly she is gone, but she is not gone she is a part of you always. You are alone, but not alone. You are your Mother’s child and She is always with you. You begin to walk down the street you have chosen, suddenly it seems as if the Sun has risen it is so bright out and your path becomes clear. You awake feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident in your choices and decisions.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads.....Queen of Decision Making

Hecate is a Crone Goddess, she guards Crossroads and is a wise woman, she helps people make choices. Which is why in this section we are going to connect with out inner Hecate. She understands that no choice is the last choice you will ever make, and that with every decision there is a consequence, a rebirth.
 Have you ever felt like the next decision you make will change your life forever in either a positive or negative way? We’ve all had to make decisions we didn’t want to make. Whether you’re a boss who had to fire an employee or a mom who couldn’t make the sons soccer game because of work. We’ve made decisions that were “wrong” for us, and have bit us square in the butt. We then continue to degrade ourselves for not making the opposite decision. When you make a decision what are you’re first thoughts?  Circle your choice.

1)      Ok, I need to figure out the pros and cons…I probably won’t sleep tonight
2)      Eeenie Meenie Miney Moe
3)      Whatever
4)      I know this won’t work out

What happens when the choice you made does come back on you in a negative way. What are your first instincts? What is the first thing you say to yourself?

1)   Okay why did it go wrong? I need to go back to my list!
2)      Can I have a redo?
3)      Not my fault!
4)      I knew this was going to happen!

By circling the answers above determined which type of decision maker you are Whichever color you picked the most of is your thought process, don’t be surprised if you are a combination every is different! Being aware of your decision making process is really important because it makes you aware of the tape playing in your mind.
There are four types of decision makers:

1)      The Analyzer – you don’t let anything go, you are constantly mucking a problem around in your head even after you have already made the decision.
2)      The Wishy Washer – you bounce between the choices completely unsure of which way to go. You will pick on then immediately change your mind and often feel that with even the smallest choices you could screw up your entire life!
3)      The I Don’t Care But I Really Do – your first words when someone asks you to make a choice would be whatever! Or doesn’t matter to me. You often feel that as long as you don’t make the decision it won’t affect you. Usually people like this have issues with taking responsibility not only for themselves but others. Or you agree to please others.
4)      The Negative Perceiver – It’s going to go to pot before you have even made a decision! You think the worst so you will be prepared! But what you are actually doing is manifesting the worst thing you can imagine! 

When you make a decision and it backfires do you see scenarios in your mind of how you could have changed it? What you would have done differently? What you should have thought about? Why get mad at yourself? When something negative happens in your life. Do you yell at your God? No you yell at yourself, why didn’t you do this or you could’ve done that. But why get mad at yourself? Deity leads you; if you make a “wrong” (I use this term loosely for no decision is the wrong decision) choice then there is probably a lesson to learn from it.

As of today there are three words will be erased from your vocabulary:
  • Could’ve
  • Would’ve
  • Should’ve

Whatever your actions may be, no matter what you choose, you have made a decision. Whether it was impulsive or well thought out. Right for you or “wrong” for you, you made a decision. You LEARN from that decision.
I’ve seen many people who have made one big decision or a bunch of little choices in their life that threw them completely off track. Your choices COULD affect the rest of your life IF you LET them. The wonderful thing about reality is that it can be bent to your will for you are the son/daughter of the Divine and therefore you are the Divine. If you decide to quit your job tomorrow because you can’t get along with your boss, you co-workers or you are just generally unhappy with it, is it the end of the world? No it’s not! Not for you, you are a God/dess. You can bend this reality to your will you just have to put a little effort behind it. So you think about your ideal job. You take the steps needed and you get it. Did you catch that? The word Will came up again. About that word what is Will? Will to me is the strength of an idea. If you believe in that idea and yourself enough, nothing will stop you because you’re WILL is too strong.

Tomorrow I will post the Hecate Meditation, in the meantime work on reprogramming your brain to erase the words would've could've and should've.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tarotscopes July 2011

Hey Friends!

Happy July! This month we are going to be using Tarot in the Land of Mysterium by Jordan Hoggard. This is a 78 card tarot deck although the cards are much bigger than your usual tarot, the point of this deck is to help you learn about yourself, you character, traits, and to use your imagination and intuition! From my understand of the deck each card is not a card but a character and you begin to understand yourself based on how you feel or what you see around this character! Sounds pretty interesting! The art itself is pretty cool, using bold color choices with an almost psychedelic feel to them, its a standard format with Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and pips. But the art is very different than other standard decks, which I love, you can really tell that the illustrator took artistic license and allowed their creativity to manifest. This in turn inspires the reader to let their own creative juices flow!
 Now that I've done that little bit let me also tell you it comes with a 192 page book! I love how the writer literally writes as the character. When describing the Hanged Man it starts with:

"Hey there! Up here in the tree! Welcome! Do you like playing on the jungle gym? Do you like climbing and hangin' out? I sure do! I hear you have a message for me from my Mom The Empress. Cool, Kewel! What is it?!
Climb on up in your mind and hang out with me. Your imagination is the best and safest first place things like this. You do not need to be concerned about these ropes. They are loose! I imagined them there so I could really see and feel the connection between my hands and between my foot and my favorite tree!"
Comical and entertaining Tarot in the Land of Mystereum challenges you to open your mind and let your imagination take you over, to release control and enter a dreamland where anything is possible and you can feel safe in discovering who YOU really are.

Now on to the Tarotscopes people!

CANCER - Happy Birthday to all of the Cancers out there! This month will start out on a fairly positive footing with the 6 of Wands entering your atmosphere indicating success! A feeling of great accomplishment just soak in those wonderful energies and enjoy the moment. Mid month brings along the 6 of Pentacles urging you to communicate honestly and to give to others in order to receive what you need! Now is the time to put some solid positive energy out there, don't be afraid to help friends through their issues, you can spare the time right now. At the end of the month comes the High Priestess she puts plans into action, as you enter this phase you may begin to think on goals or things you've always wanted to do, or have to is the time to do them. This period is all about action!

Aries -Your passionate nature will really shine this month Aries! The Ace of Swords comes to you at the beginning of the month letting you know that now is the time to just cut to the quick of a situation and in your communications. As Shakespeare said in Hamlet, "More matter, less art." Mid-month you move into the Ten of Wands having gone through the beginning of the month this card comes in to remind you to balance your energies to grab hold of your passionate nature and channel it properly as you may be putting to many eggs in one basket or feeling all over the place. At the end of the month The World presents itself indicating the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new journey!

Taurus - Page of Cups greets you at the beginning of the month ushering in new ideas, dreams and creations. Artistic talents will be at a high and inspiration will be everywhere, your enthusiasm towards new possibilities is contagious so don't be afraid to speak up about it! Mid month you enter into The Fool, a card indicating bright new possibilities and the beginning of a new road, take that blind leap of faith and know that spirit will catch and guide you! At the end of the month you bump into the King of Swords, now is the time to put away your emotional self and let your more logical aspects take over and innovate.

Gemini -You begin the month in the 3 of Pentacles, a reminder that no one else works the way you do! Also indicating that now is the time to put your heart, mind, body and soul into your work and gather your just reward, it will pay off! Actually what you end up doing and succeeding in may end up being even bigger than you realized so don't stress, just keep your head down and get creative! Mid-month comes in the Five of Swords telling you to just take a minute and take a breath, you may be feeling overwhelmed, or a sense of defeat, as Jordan put it in his book, you may have an 'ego-tantrum' (I love that word....and am soooo borrowing it) just sit back and reassess. Don't have a pity party now is not the time. At the end of the month you meet the Queen of Swords now is the time to evaluate the truth of your situation, don't be afraid to be shrewd and think things through before you speak. Present your ideas clearly and concisely and stick to the simple truths of the matter.

Leo - You begin the month in the phase of the Hermit movement is constant whether in body or mind. Now is the time to really take a look and discover how you feel, what is your point of view on the world? The Two of Pentacles join you at the middle of the month warning you that you may feel you need instant gratification in order to boost your ego and sense of accomplishments, but now is the time to fight that part of yourself. This cards says that now is time to think long term and rather than rushing work, manage your time wisely and maintain balance. The Tower greets you at the end of the month indicating big changes! Your resistance to change has crumbled and false ideas and structures are torn asunder leaving you feeling new and free.

Virgo - As July kicks off you move into the phase of the Queen of Pentacles now is the time to embrace the differences in the personalities around you, your practical nature will be at the forefront both in homelife and at work. This is will be a giant benefit to you as you try to deal with the constant issues being thrown your way! The Ten of Cups comes in mid-month indicating that the dramas and hazards from earlier in the month are now gone and you are feeling fabulous! You are in the perfect place to reflect on the joy of your family and home life. At the end of the month The Star comes into play reminding you that your hope and knowledge is strong, it feels like the cosmos are coming together and FINALLY working in your favor rather than you having to push extra just to make things happen.

Libra -The Three of Cups greets you at the beginning of the month letting you know there is a great partnership or group experience, feel free to celebrate the sense of accomplishment gathered from successfully working with others! As the Knight of Pentacles comes to you in the middle of July remember what purposes your working towards! Be present, as you work your reasons for working may fade into the background and you could get lost in the details! Remember to take a step back and remember your reasoning so that you can keep things in perspective. At the end of the month the Moon swoops in to let you know that you may not be seeing things clearly, the Moon sheds light but it can be a weak light. Let your emotional self fall away so you can be objective. Whatever you do now is the time to trust your intuition 100%

Scorpio -The 2 of Swords meets you at the start of July, indicating a decision to be made and the need to really strategize, you may be the one judging the situation rather than actually being involved in the argument. Both sides will have equally strong evidence but it is important that you cut through the bullpoop and get to the point, whether you are in the argument or judging it. Mid-month brings with it the Knight of Cups now is the time to trust the strength and validity of your emotions and intuition above logic or reason. Things around you will be moving extremely quickly so those split second decisions will be important, go with your gut! At the end of the month you reach the Five of Pentacles there may be some issues around finances or material objects that are causing issues emotionally. What you need to discover is whether the problem is due to perspective, or expectation then do what you must to change it.

Sagittarius -The Hanged Man comes in at the beginning of the month to let you know that right now indicating that you are in a suspended state, this is not something to be looked at negatively but to be made use of as a moment of peace. Let yourself be.....As you move into the middle of the month you will find that your preparations for projects are complete, now is a fabulous time to have a get together or to attend some social activities. At the end of the month you meet the King of Pentacles, icon of the Master Builder, now is the time, you've set the groundwork now build and make things happen!

Capricorn - You start off July in the Two of Wands warning you of an overload or imbalance, now is the time to stop what your doing and find your center, before everything comes crashing down. At the middle of the month giving you harmony in your emotions and intuition. Be confident in expressing your emotions to others allow open communication on sensitive subjects, now is the time to clear the air! At the end of the month Death charges in bringing with it changes both big and small. Be sure not to stomp on new opportunities because of old fears and habits!

Aquarius - The beginning of July brings with it the Ace of Wands indicating a time to repurpose, reclaim or reorganize a room or area in your home or workplace. This is helpful not just for practical purpose but also will give the home or office a different energy and will aid in revitalizing the area. Next comes the Knight of Swords indicating a time of ideas and also a need to defend your position and beliefs. Do not back down whatever you do! At the end of the month you meet with the Chariot, indicating a sense of harmony among all your parts mental, spiritual and physical, this harmony results in success in the endeavors that you lead or take part in.

Pisces - The Heirophant greets you at the beginning of July telling you to take care of your body as if it were a temple and to allow control of your life to the Universe for a little bit. Don't worry, just let go! Mid-month brings the Lovers indicating the rekindling or beginning of a new partnership (either in business or romance) and a mutual respect. Embrace the newness and glory in the successes to come. At the end of the month you meet the Devil now the Devil of this deck is not Satan but rather the pagan God Pan! He tells you that now is the time to let go and be the free spirit allow yourself to play and express joy, be free and limitless!

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