Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Venus: Goddess of Confidence and Self-Love

Venus was the Goddess of Love, love of self and others, in this chapter we are going to channel her, it doesn’t matter what you look like you can be a Venus or Adonis. In the last chapter we discussed negative thoughts and views and how they affect us. Well we are going to expand on that a little bit. With appreciation and love of the self comes confidence. I was always different, and I got teased mercilessly for it. Until I realized the Goddess in myself and learned to love myself did I realize it didn’t matter what other people thought about me only what I thought about myself. People tease or talk for only three reasons, one, to make themselves feel better, two, fear, three, because they feel it will impress someone else. I’ve always been a little voluptuous and that was one of the reasons I got teased the most. Within our society is the feeling to be perfect, slim, be rich. Honestly, you don’t need to be any of these things to be worth something. Deity created you, your worth a heck of a lot.

Most who come to me for meditation work have confidence issues, starting with their body image. So let’s start there.  Get a full-length mirror, stand in front of it completely clothed. What do you like? If you have a spouse or partner have them join you. What do they like about your body? Next get into your underwear. What do you appreciate about yourself? Focus on the positive. Have your spouse or partner do the same. Then get completely naked. Look at what Deity gave you, you are a magnificent creature, focus on the positive. Do you like your smile, your hips, and your butt? Touch the skin of your arms, feel how soft it is, look into your eyes in the mirror, see the knowledge they contain, the life, the energy. Focus on them for a while; let your body fade away. Just stay there for a moment. Let your hands roam over your skin as you do this mapping your body. Think of Venus, in most of her painting she was a little voluptuous, not exactly today’s rail thin image of beautiful, she had her flaws, but that did not stop her or her lovers from enjoying and loving her body. Love your body. Try this exercise every night for one week before moving on, get naked as often as you can, even if it’s just walking around in your own house. Most people try to keep themselves covered as often as possible this makes our bodies alien to us, a separate entity not under our own control and so we work against it instead of admiring and working with it.
Often we try to cover up our shape, size and perceived imperfections beneath clothes, make up and plastic surgery. What needs to be recognized is we are each a living piece of art, meant to be loved and appreciated for our own individual perfection.  Remember the quote, “If art was meant to be perfect, it wouldn’t be art.”  Appreciate yourself as an artistic creation of Deity meant to be exactly how you are, because no matter how much you try to change your looks you are still…you. 

Get ready because the next post is your meditation!