Thursday, June 3, 2010


Join Beckah Boyd and her guest Dinah Roseberry author of Psychic Pets as they discuss animal communication and reincarnation on the Psychic Switch next Wednesday at
The Psychic Switch staff is excited to have their first official guest on the show! Animal reincarnation is something that isn't really talked about, society and religion have so many theories regarding humans and the afterlife. What about animals? Next Wednesday at 8pm est they will be discussing that very topic on the Psychic Switch. Along with that they will also talk to Dinah about animal communication, how it works, how to develop it and how it can help you in your everyday life. "I am really excited to have Dinah on. She is a great woman with a gift, I also work in animal communication so I love a good meeting of the minds and I expect there will be a lot of discussion going on in the chatroom at with some of the subjects we will be bringing up."
About Dinah: Dinah Roseberry has been an author of the paranormal for many a year, but this is her first animal communications experience with the wild world of animals. She is also acquisitions editor for Schiffer Publishing's paranormal and mind/body/spirit lines.Visit for more information about her varied books and activities as author, editor, and ghost hunter.
They will also be giving away a copy of Dinah's book Psychic Pets (available through "It is such an important book, you get to follow this amazing lady through her journey in animal communication and the discovery of animal reincarnation. She is brutally honest about her emotional states, when her friends pets died, her thoughts of being crazy as she opened her psychic self and so much more. I think for anyone getting interested in psychic ability this is a great book to read to get you prepared for the changes that will happen around you and to you." says Beckah Boyd host of the Psychic Switch
Join the Psychic Switch every Wednesday night from 8-9pm est on the Tenacity Radio Network in the meantime please check out the Psychic Switch's official website to listen to archives and  discuss your favorite shows and your own experiences at the Generation Psychic Community forum!