Monday, August 29, 2011

Psychic Games for Parties and Groups!

I’ve been to a lot of parties and psychic work is never a boring topic. More than once I’ve been grilled about my background, cases I’ve worked as a paranormal investigator and medium and more. When I inevitably come back to the conclusion we are all psychic, they usually balk or say, “I’ve had  a couple of experiences.” This is when I typically will initiate the question “Why not?” We are a social species and are hard wired to be a little bit competitive so psychic party games are great for both! Not to mention when meeting new people these games are great icebreakers!

Sending and Receiving Games

They are exactly as they sound, one person thinks of  an object, person or place and the group tries to guess what it is.  Try it with colors!

Game: What am I Thinking?

Pick one person to be the sender, it is best if the person is good with creative visualization. Then have everybody write down the color that they see. Give everyone 40 seconds to do this. Compare to see who got it right. Do it two more times then switch to a different sender. For every color guessed right is 3 points, to guess wrong is -2 first person to reach 21 wins! Oftentimes couples, or family will be more intuitive with each other and you may notice they pick up on what the other is thinking more quickly or accurately. This is due to the bond shared between them. Kind of like twins. You can incorporate pretty much anything into the sending and receiving games like animals, numbers, household items. Assign your own point values to harder subjects

Game: The Human Pendulum

Everyone stands in a circle, they pick one person to be the pendulum. The player who is the pendulum leave the room while the rest of the circle whispers among themselves as to one person in the circle that they will focus on. When they are done the “pendulum” will come back in. Have them stand in the center of the circle and close their eyes. Everyone place a finger on him or her and focus on the person in the group you agreed upon. The “pendulum” will start to sway. What you are looking to achieve is to have the “pendulum” point to that person. It happens almost every time.

Psychometry Games

Psychometry literally means to measure the spirit or soul of an object. It is gathering information through the touching of objects. The things around us hold memory and the objective is to discover what those memories are!

Game: Who’s Is It?

Have everyone bring something (either a piece of jewelry, key etc.) that no one has seen before put them all in a shoe box with a hole at the top. Have each person pick an object out of the box (if it’s yours put it back in the box discreetly). Let everyone sit with their object for a second getting a feel for it. When everyone feels they have a name then go ahead and let them name off who they believe their item belongs to.

In this tough economic time people need to get their minds off their stresses and these fun, interactive games are always a hit! Have fun, relax and increase your own psychic abilities!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finding Your Bliss

I know many times in my life before I found my career I had to work jobs that I hated, or wasn’t paid enough for. I have clients that come to me all the time seeking their niche and wondering what is wrong with them because they are not happy at work. I am here to tell you, if you are underpaid, overwhelmed or just generally unhappy at work. Get out. I have a friend who was a vice president at a very established bank. She handled the mortgages and loans department of said bank. She was there for about twenty five years. She hadn’t been happy for a long time and then something happened, that completely changed her way of thinking. Her daughter got sick with colitis. She tried mainstream medicine but it didn’t help, meanwhile she was still working in a job that came with a ton of stress. She did some research and found some alternative therapies. Through those therapies her daughter was successfully treated and now her colitis is under control. But that isn’t the main bit to this story. My friend found her calling. She quit her job at the bank and went into massage therapy. This was the first positive step toward finding her niche. Through massage therapy she discovered a holistic practice called Nutrition Response Testing. It is healing through whole foods, she has worked with people who have autism, cancers and more helping their bodies to find their balance and heal. She has thrived doing this work and discovered her passion. She is overwhelmed (in a good way) with clients and is less stressed and getting paid very well, to learn more about her and her journey go to When you find the right fit, the Universe notices. Your energy changes, your perceptions change. It is a beautiful feeling.
However just because you have an idea of what you want to do or what your potential niche is that doesn’t mean just up and quitting your job. That’s just not reasonable. It is best to go ahead and start it as a side project or hobby. Build your business from there. Although it does mean more work, if it is something meant for you to do then the Universe will make it happen.
In other times the Universe will push you onto your path. A friend of mine recently got laid off from her job. Luckily while there she made many connections with others in her field. They gave her a wonderful severance package which lasted about six months after her last day. Struggling to find a job in this tough economy was a challenge and eventually she gave up. She then realized what she needed to do. So many of her colleagues had been getting laid off because of budget cuts that she decided to create a firm consisting of a network of her colleagues from various areas and states around the country. Much like the phoenix she rose up from a hard situation and found her bliss.
One way to get direction is to write a wish list. This list will contain all of the feelings and things you want in a job or career. Such as happiness, creative control, free time, travel etc. Write up your list, then put it under your pillow for a month, hold it before you go to bed at night and visualize your dream job. After the month is up, burn the list, this sends the wants and needs out into the Universe.

Keep positive and have fun!
Brightest Blessings,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Communicating in Relationships

Ever had an argument and three days later you can barely remember what the heck it was you fought over? Or your having issues with something a friend or lover does and you just brush it off, don’t say a word and it festers? I know I have and a lot of the work I do is counseling, relationships are never perfect but I find most often it is due to a lack of communication, misunderstanding or some other small missteps. This doesn’t apply just to love but to all types of partnerships whether it be friends, family or work. Relationships should be give and take, a healing and empowering experience. But we so often get wrapped up in what we think we hear, or don’t know how to get our points across. Other times we forget to cherish what we have, and begin to neglect the other person or just expect them to be there when we need them.  

Recognize Your Faults

Firstly you need to recognize your own issues. I find about ninety percent of the time that one person or even both are holding on to past baggage, and holding their new mate or friend accountable for the transgressions of the past.  We have a tendency to play the blame game, it’s easier to blame someone other than yourself for the issues going on. However, we cannot blame just one person it takes the both of you to make things work.

Recognize Your Divinity

This is one of the most important parts, you need to recognize that you do not deserve to have these issues in your life, that you are entitled to better. But by recognizing that aspect in yourself you must do the same with the other person. You were not put here to argue and hold in your emotions, you are here to have fun, learn and enjoy your life.
Along with being empowered by your connection to the Divine, there is also the responsibility that comes with it. Sometimes to heal a relationship someone needs to be the hero and put the olive branch out there and actually put the healing in motion. In this case, you.

Recognize Your Tools

Your five senses are imperative when it comes to communication, we were built to be observers and thinkers. Sometimes this is to our own detriment, our minds can overanalyze a couple of words that were said. Our eyes can pick up on defensive body language and our ears can tune in and out of conversations while we have a million things going on in our own head. We expect people to say exactly what they mean, however, we typically only vocalize maybe five percent of what we are actually thinking during a conversation. The rest is displayed through body language, and the eyes.  Be cognizant of the body language, a simple thing to pay attention to is the arms. If they are crossed or have their hands on their hips then you know the person probably won’t hear what you are trying to say, they are in a defensive position. If they are down by their sides or in a relaxed position then you know they will absorb what you are saying. They eyes are the next easiest thing to read, if they seem dazed then the person has zoned out into their own space, if they are looking all over the place then that means their brain is going a million miles a minute and this is not the time for a real conversation. You are looking for that person  to maintain eye contact with you. Your biggest tool is your voice, sometimes we get riled or excited and don’t even notice our tone has changed. You need to really be aware of how your are putting things across to people, do you sound patronizing or sarcastic?

Recognize Your Safe Place

In my house there is a room, this room is really special it is sacred space for me and my partner, there are no secrets and no barriers between us in this room. When we are having arguments, we go to this safe place and let it all hang out. When we leave the room whatever issues we had were dealt with. There are eleven commandments we have to go by in this room:

  • No Yelling
  • No Interrupting
  • No Sarcasm
  • No Violence
  • You Must Listen (some people just hear the tone or tune in and out of the conversation this rule means you have to pay close attention give the person the respect they deserve)
  • You Must Acknowledge (what the other person is saying)
  • You Must Try To Understand  (where the other person is coming from)
  • You Must Recognize The Right To Feel (it may not be fact, but it is what they felt around what you are saying and vice versa)
  • You Must Use “I” Statements (I feel, I think, I hear, I see that way the other person does not feel you are attacking them and you are taking responsibility)
  • You Must Say Things In Love (you can’t just say whatever, you must say things out of love and want to heal you can‘t just attack)

These rules have helped not just me and my spouse but many other clients of mine, as it eliminates all escapes and barriers. It is not a place you go to when you are angry, sometimes it is best to wait a little bit let you both cool off and then come there, when you can say what you really mean and what won’t just hurt.

Recognize When You Are Reacting
In relationships people are often more reactive than proactive and so they have the tendency to just let their emotions and insecurities take over, by carrying on the vicious cycle of attacks. When all they really want is peace in their own lives and relationships. Next time you are about to boil over with anger ask yourself what you are reacting to? Why are you reacting to it? And by reacting how will that help? After you have answered those questions ask yourself why is the other person attacking? You must recognize that there are only two emotions love and fear and we work out of one of these at any moment during the day. When someone begins attacking out of nowhere it is out of fear. What insecurities do they hold around the issue? What do they need from you to feel more safe and secure in themselves? As humans we have a responsibility to support and help each other when we are in pain.

Love whether it be friendship or mate is a beautiful thing, but much like the rest of our lives it has it’s moments. Communication is essential in all endeavors, we are a social species. With technology getting more and more efficient people are losing the ability to communicate effectively, this has put a damper on more than one relationship when one says something through an e-mail or instant message and it was misconstrued by the recipient. It sounded good in your head though right? Get back to real face to face communication, when you have respect and honesty in a relationship, understanding is inevitable. Whatever you feel, put it on the table, not in an accusing way but in a healthy way.  Cherish your relationships and see them for the blessings they are.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Determining Your Sun and Moon Signs

There are twelve signs in the zodiac, and there are actually two components needed to get a basic grasp of your personality. The first is your sun sign which describes your essential self and is the easiest to get (just takes your birth date), your moon sign which is about your emotional and inner self that part of you that responds to habits, your psychic or instinctual feelings and your emotions. Finding out your Sun and Moon signs can shed a lot of light on how you work, what your strengths are and what you need to work on. It will also help you in relationships as you will be able to find out the compatibility issues between yourself, friends and lovers.
Sun signs are very popular (who doesn’t receive their horoscope every week in their e-mail?) they seem to tell us everything about our personalities, but no sun sign gives the full scope of your personality and nobodies sun sign fits them to a bill (unless both their ascending and sun  signs are the same). For example, I live with a Libra, now this sign is all about balance they are known to be somewhat dramatic, emotionally they keep themselves a little closed off and like to let other people take the reigns although when called for they can take a leadership role. Now the Libra I know, is very much a perfectionist and likes to be in control of their environment, they like to know absolutely everything that is going on. These traits are due to her Scorpio ascending sign. Now to determine your three signs your are going to need to write down your date and time of birth.
A sun sign is literally as it sounds, it tell us what sign the sun was in when you were born. As the sun circles the earth the sign it sits in changes, the time it has in each sign is varied and can last anywhere from thirty-two to twenty-nine days.

As I said sun signs are easy to figure out:
Aries: March 21st - April 20th
Taurus: April 21st - May 22nd
Gemini: May 23rd - June 23rd
Cancer :June 23rd - July 22nd
Leo: July 23rd - August 23rd
Virgo: August 24th - September 23rd
Libra: September 24th - October 23rd
Scorpio: October 24th - November 22nd
Sagittarius: November 23rd - December 21st
Capricorn: December 22nd - January 20th
Aquarius: January 20th - February 19th
Pisces: February 20th - March 21st

Moon signs are second only to sun signs you need to determine exactly which sign the moon was in at the time of your birth. You may actually identify and be more impressed with your moon sign than your sun sign, as it tells you exactly how your emotional and instinctual self works. The moon sign also dictates relationships, your subconscious thinking. However the moon sign will never override the sun sign, and will most likely only slight affect your sun sign. Although it is possible that the moon sign can contradict the sun sign (if you have two signs in polarity or confliction) which would cause some internal struggles, it is particularly important for women to understand their moon signs as it represents the Divine Feminine in many cultures and in fact may help bring to light some issues we may have been dealing with or help to empower us or recognize our strengths. The moon is in constant movement just like the sun, but unlike the sun the moon waxes and wanes over a thirty day period which is why we need the time of your birth. There is a really good site called Lunarium that has a great Moon Sign calculator. If you really get into the spirit of things by grabbing a book on astrology (pretty much all of them have some sort of charting for finding your moon signs), grabbing pen and paper and creating your own natal chart!
The moon and the sun have traveled around the earth since the beginning of time, and since the Dark Ages we have been using them to chart our futures and learn to recognize our individual needs and paths. It is a practice that has evolved with us over the centuries and yet remains consistently on point when it comes to accuracy. Give yourself some extra insight, take control, and have fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 2011 Tarotscopes

This month I'm using a different kind of deck, we are actually switching it up to an oracle deck! Wisdom of the Maya: An Oracle of Ancient Knowledge for Today is a fabulously created and detailed deck of Mayan deities, glyphs, animals, forms and astronomy cards. The Maya were on of the most highly evolved ancient cultures, colonizing Central America for over 1,000 years. They had to know a little something something right? Dr. Ronald Bonewitz did a wonderful job of interpreting the symbology in order to create a great oracle deck with the assistance of carving illustrator Achim Frederic Kiel. 

Leo - Let Kumatz (the snake) be your guide. Aside from the jaguar it is one of the most important animals in the Mayan belief system, a herald of change at the deepest levels. Let your inner voice guide you over this next month and watch for outside stressors coming into major play. Learn to let go and let God..err...Kumatz...aid you in dealing with your current challenges in a way to create change.

Aries - Chel The Nurturer comes to you this month bringing with a sense of giving and needing a lot of support during the month of August. I get the sense with this that it is related more to family matters than friends so keep an eye out for parents, siblings and immediate relations.

Taurus - Nohoch Ek is the equivalent of the God of War indicating conflict, on the plus side, whatever arguments and negative situations that surround you during the month are at their worst and can only get better. On top of that be sure to look for support from your significant other, Nohock Ek is ruled by Venus and allows reconnection and reaffirmation or the beginnings of love to bloom.

Gemini - Kinich Ahau comes to you for the month of August, telling you that even a bad decision is better than no decision at all. You may be trying to push things forward but meet a wall or have to wait for others to get on the ball. Now is the time to stay on top of things and push as hard as you can toward the future that you crave.

Cancer - Dzonot The Cenote flags you down for the month of August allowing you a deeper look into yourself. Now is your chance to look into the heart of the matter and see it for what it TRULY is. This is also a great time for reinspection and reevaluation but don't make any plans just allow yourself to absorb the information that will be gleaned throughout the month.

Virgo - Balam, the jaguar makes use of the darkness, but when this card comes forward it tells you that now is the time for self-confrontation. You are allowing your darkness to hold you back, now is the time to face that negative and come to terms, turn weakness to strength and shed light on the dark.

Libra -Kanah indicates movement, a lot of movement, this could mean movign forward in life, a change of address, or job even a change in family. Sometimes the Paddler Gods may come up if you need MORE movement in your life indicating that now is the time to put action to your plans.

Scorpio - In the Chinese language the idiom for 'danger' is the same as 'opportunity' danger comes in many forms and Chibil Kin comes to warn you of rough seas ahead. Be very aware of your finances, not all dangers are physical recognize that they can be emotional as well. Worry not because the dangers will pass quickly.

Sagittarius - Pop denotes the need to give and/or recieve advice. Be wise in your choice of counselor, even if you have to start out with someone who may not be as well trained or organized as you would like, something is better than nothing.

Capricorn - The glyph Karn comes into your life this month indicating that being to comfortable or to satiated can be as bad as starving or moving to fast. Take a look around you and reasses, are you settling? Do you feel stuck? If you do then now is the time to make a change Universe will guide your way.

Aquarius - This is a month in which your strength will shine, there will be a lot of burdens weighing on you but you need to keep your headup, things will come out just fine. Pauahtun The Skybearer lends you the strength and the solidity to hold up the world if necessary, it will endure no matter how long you must sustain.

Pisces -Iq Icatz (new fire) indicates that right now you are at your height of manifestative power. With an 'out with the old in with the new' attitude you will begin new projects this month that will turn out to be great deals in the future if you play your cards right!

This Tarotscope was created using the Wisdom of the Maya Oracle deck published by St. Martin's Press