Monday, August 29, 2011

Psychic Games for Parties and Groups!

I’ve been to a lot of parties and psychic work is never a boring topic. More than once I’ve been grilled about my background, cases I’ve worked as a paranormal investigator and medium and more. When I inevitably come back to the conclusion we are all psychic, they usually balk or say, “I’ve had  a couple of experiences.” This is when I typically will initiate the question “Why not?” We are a social species and are hard wired to be a little bit competitive so psychic party games are great for both! Not to mention when meeting new people these games are great icebreakers!

Sending and Receiving Games

They are exactly as they sound, one person thinks of  an object, person or place and the group tries to guess what it is.  Try it with colors!

Game: What am I Thinking?

Pick one person to be the sender, it is best if the person is good with creative visualization. Then have everybody write down the color that they see. Give everyone 40 seconds to do this. Compare to see who got it right. Do it two more times then switch to a different sender. For every color guessed right is 3 points, to guess wrong is -2 first person to reach 21 wins! Oftentimes couples, or family will be more intuitive with each other and you may notice they pick up on what the other is thinking more quickly or accurately. This is due to the bond shared between them. Kind of like twins. You can incorporate pretty much anything into the sending and receiving games like animals, numbers, household items. Assign your own point values to harder subjects

Game: The Human Pendulum

Everyone stands in a circle, they pick one person to be the pendulum. The player who is the pendulum leave the room while the rest of the circle whispers among themselves as to one person in the circle that they will focus on. When they are done the “pendulum” will come back in. Have them stand in the center of the circle and close their eyes. Everyone place a finger on him or her and focus on the person in the group you agreed upon. The “pendulum” will start to sway. What you are looking to achieve is to have the “pendulum” point to that person. It happens almost every time.

Psychometry Games

Psychometry literally means to measure the spirit or soul of an object. It is gathering information through the touching of objects. The things around us hold memory and the objective is to discover what those memories are!

Game: Who’s Is It?

Have everyone bring something (either a piece of jewelry, key etc.) that no one has seen before put them all in a shoe box with a hole at the top. Have each person pick an object out of the box (if it’s yours put it back in the box discreetly). Let everyone sit with their object for a second getting a feel for it. When everyone feels they have a name then go ahead and let them name off who they believe their item belongs to.

In this tough economic time people need to get their minds off their stresses and these fun, interactive games are always a hit! Have fun, relax and increase your own psychic abilities!!