Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finding Your Bliss

I know many times in my life before I found my career I had to work jobs that I hated, or wasn’t paid enough for. I have clients that come to me all the time seeking their niche and wondering what is wrong with them because they are not happy at work. I am here to tell you, if you are underpaid, overwhelmed or just generally unhappy at work. Get out. I have a friend who was a vice president at a very established bank. She handled the mortgages and loans department of said bank. She was there for about twenty five years. She hadn’t been happy for a long time and then something happened, that completely changed her way of thinking. Her daughter got sick with colitis. She tried mainstream medicine but it didn’t help, meanwhile she was still working in a job that came with a ton of stress. She did some research and found some alternative therapies. Through those therapies her daughter was successfully treated and now her colitis is under control. But that isn’t the main bit to this story. My friend found her calling. She quit her job at the bank and went into massage therapy. This was the first positive step toward finding her niche. Through massage therapy she discovered a holistic practice called Nutrition Response Testing. It is healing through whole foods, she has worked with people who have autism, cancers and more helping their bodies to find their balance and heal. She has thrived doing this work and discovered her passion. She is overwhelmed (in a good way) with clients and is less stressed and getting paid very well, to learn more about her and her journey go to When you find the right fit, the Universe notices. Your energy changes, your perceptions change. It is a beautiful feeling.
However just because you have an idea of what you want to do or what your potential niche is that doesn’t mean just up and quitting your job. That’s just not reasonable. It is best to go ahead and start it as a side project or hobby. Build your business from there. Although it does mean more work, if it is something meant for you to do then the Universe will make it happen.
In other times the Universe will push you onto your path. A friend of mine recently got laid off from her job. Luckily while there she made many connections with others in her field. They gave her a wonderful severance package which lasted about six months after her last day. Struggling to find a job in this tough economy was a challenge and eventually she gave up. She then realized what she needed to do. So many of her colleagues had been getting laid off because of budget cuts that she decided to create a firm consisting of a network of her colleagues from various areas and states around the country. Much like the phoenix she rose up from a hard situation and found her bliss.
One way to get direction is to write a wish list. This list will contain all of the feelings and things you want in a job or career. Such as happiness, creative control, free time, travel etc. Write up your list, then put it under your pillow for a month, hold it before you go to bed at night and visualize your dream job. After the month is up, burn the list, this sends the wants and needs out into the Universe.

Keep positive and have fun!
Brightest Blessings,