Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tarotscopes: June 2013

Hello Lovelies!
Welcome to June! This month I am not reviewing a deck, instead we are going to go back to the usual tarotscopes that I began with, simply giving you what you can expect for this month! The theme for this month overall is Judgement, whether making decisions or dealing with legal proceedings it is all about change and adaptation. This does not necessarily indicate a hard time or obstacles, it could mean that someone has judged you to be great for a new position at work but it is more responsibility and you have to adapt to it.

The number for Judgment is 20 which boils down to a 2 in numerology, if you look at the number itself picture the position someone must get into to form a 2, kneeling with back arched and head bowing it is a number of servitude, but also that of a survivor, when we see this numeric come up it shows someone who no matter the confrontation or issues, will bend but never break.

The number 6 (the number for this month) represents the caretaker or mother hen, it is seen as one of the most harmonious of the numbers. Don't get me wrong, it comes with issues and upsets but overall the numeral is considered be the peacemaker, teacher, protector and the "glue" within a family or community. A great number for the month and one that pushes you to focus on family, community and creating a healthy/peaceful environment in which you and others can blossom!

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) – Happy Birthday Gemini!! This month you start out in the Page of Pentacles, an inspirational card of new beginnings a young man stands in a field of blooming flowers holding up the pentacle coin. A new business or financial venture may be in store for you, Pentacles is considered a representation of the element Earth, this card deals with all things physical, since it is inspiration it could include beginning a new health regimen. Midmonth you move into the Seven of Pentacles, a man is depicted resting his head on his hands, almost like he is day dreaming or contemplating the seven pentacles in front of him. The results of hard work finally greet you and you are able to take a long due break to bask in the glory of your creation. You end the month in the Seven of Swords, like a thief in the night a boy holds five swords and drops two as he runs away looking back over his shoulder. This card is one that indicates struggles within the mind, there may be a situation you don't want to deal with or find to overwhelming to handle anymore and are tempted to just sneak away. However you decide to handle the situation just do not put it off, either continue your path or let everyone involved know that you just can't take anymore. Plenty of people are there to support you, reach out and use your resources.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) – Lots of Wands for you this month Aries! The 5 of Wands kicks off June for you indicating some disagreements coming you way. Rather than being able to move forward with plans instead you find yourself hitting numerous walls and obstacles. This may not just be people affecting you though, for instance if you are painting your home, it could be the painters or even your spouse giving you trouble over the color. We are our worst obstacles, this is also a good time to assess whether or not you are getting in your own way. No matter what do not to fret it will pass. Be careful for headaches or stomach issues related to stress and tension during June.  Next you move into 10 of Wands, giving you a sense of achievement, but still carrying with it a sense of burdens and hard work finally paying off. You end the month with the Tower in reverse, you are holding things together when you need to let go! Release and let Universe show you what you need right now, it may create more chaos but the lesson is there. You are holding off the inevitable and much like a band aid you just have rip it off to see how things look.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20) – Tap into your creativity and imagination at the beginning of this month Taurus, a unique situation will put you in need of 'outside the box' thinking. Use your charms to better your chances in the romance department and be ready for the unexpected there too! Don't judge books by their cover, don't get stuck looking for your 'type' the person to sweep you off your feet may the exact opposite of what you think you like. You move into the The Star reversed mid-month don't lose faith, things may not be heading in your direction right now but that does not mean you need to despair, it may indicate a need to change direction a little to get inspired again or reengaged with the world. You end the month in the 9 of Cups reversed, you may be getting a little to stuck in the concept of 'things', remember you can be rich in money but poor in everything else, the reverse is also true. Take time to enjoy the things you do have and count your blessings. Try not to focus on the 'I don't haves' and the 'I wants'.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) – You begin in the 5 of Swords reversed indicates that you are ready for the tension to be over, no matter the cost you are over it! This card indicates that you are now more open to change than ever, this can also indicate a change in perspective allowing you to understand what the arguments are truly about or where the issues you are currently facing come from. The Chariot swings by next with a message of control and will power, these are your strengths and you need to use them!! You end the month as the Queen of Swords, your quick thinking mind will help you greatly at the end of the month. The great thing is you will have a lot of new opportunities around the end of June beginning of July!

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) – You are greeted by the Queen of Cups she tells you that now is the time to take emotion out of your judgment, be impartial with your thinking during the beginning of June. There may be a lot of people expressing their opinions around you or telling you (with the best of intentions) how to handle the situations that arise, don't listen to them, right now you need to be completely independent in your thinking. Next we see you move into the Devil in reverse, a place where you break free from bondage and empowered again! Now is the time to focus on you and nothing else! Lastly you work your way into the Wheel of Fortune giving you a sense of good luck, and destiny,  you will be heading up on a turning point close to the end of the month. Continue to invoke your Queen of Cups to help you make decisions all throughout the month.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) – You start the month in the 7 of Wands indicating that after a sense of satisfaction with a project or deal there will be some big competition coming. You will have to stand your ground in order to get through the challenges ahead. Mid-month you enter Justice reversed which puts you in a position where either you feel you have to be dishonest or someone is being dishonest or that there is a lack of accountability. You end the month in the 9 of Wands helping you to embrace your innate resilience. You have essentially made it out of the muck and just have to continue holding strong and being courageous as you deal with the aftermath of the month.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) – You come upon the King of Swords sitting upon his throne, a determined stare upon his face as he holds his sword in his left hand. Quick and decisive thinking is what is necessary right now, weigh your pros and cons but do so with speed in mind! Next you move into the King of Wands reversed, who reminds you that as perfect as we all want to be it is not attainable. You may have set the bar to high for yourself Libra, now is not the time to be frustrated with the lack of progress in your life at the moment. Also be sure to take stock in the friends and people around you to see if you might be getting held back from your success. Wrapping up the month you land in the Knight of Pentacles seated upon his horse he is the epitome of all that is methodical, practical and successful. He has a great sense of responsibility and reminds you to be patient in accomplishing your goals, now is the time to establish daily routines so that you will feel secure and able to take new risks in order to gain your own success.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) – Entering June is guaranteed to be abundant with creative energies that the Page of Cups brings. Now is the time to explore your talents and use them as a way to connect to spirit and the Divine. Inspiration abounds, don't hold yourself back, you may find yourself getting exploring many different creative avenues, go with it! Next you find yourself in the 8 of Pentacles, this is a hardworking card, one which indicates you are working on the finer details of your life, you've got the goals now you have to figure out how you are going to get there! You finish the month in the 10 of Pentacles no matter what the challenges, issues or obstacles in your path this card is a harbinger of good tidings. Financial wealth is always indicated, as is retirement or the ability to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) – New discoveries await you at the beginning of this month Sagittarius. The 2 of Wands indicate that there are going to be a lot of decisions to be made from the new information that you research or find out! Discipline is the name of the game mid-month, you are under the influence of the King of Pentacles who brings a need for focus to your life. Pay attention to all of the details and you will have the abundance you are looking for. Be sure that you are eating and drinking enough of the right things during this time, otherwise you may find yourself getting dizzy and possibly dehydrated. Lastly you move into the 8 of Wands where you are under the challenge of extreme changes, chaos all around and in your life will cause quick changes that need equally swift action. Hopefully if you followed the advice for mid-month you are in a healthy enough state to be up to taking advantage of it! If you choose to bury your head in the sand, expect to deal with this energy for the next couple of months as it will flourish without direction.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 - Jan. 19) – Pay attention to your dreams Capricorn, the Moon promises that your intuition will be insane this whole month! The subconscious mind is working overtime during the beginning of the month, be sure to take some time to decode it. It seems this entire month is geared towards your inner journey at the Hermit guides you towards introspection and connection with your Higher Self. You end the month with the Fool who tells you it is okay to take that leap of faith and after releasing your stuff earlier this month with the Hermit you now are allowed to be the free spirit you need to be.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) – Lots of emotion coming your way the beginning of the month, the Ace of Cups indicates that those emotions may become overwhelming so prepare yourself. Even so you will find your compassion and ability for love will change the lives of those around you so feel free to spread it around! Mid-month we see you moving into the 6 of Cups bringing with it a sense of nostalgia, you may be thinking of childhood memories or meeting with an old friend. At the end of the month we see you move into the Ace of Swords with all of the overwhelming emotions of earlier in the month breakthroughs are guaranteed at the end of it giving you a sense of victory and clarity in life.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) – Starting the month in the 6 of Swords tells us that you will be facing one of your life challenges, almost like a rite of passage you will come out of this as a different person than when you went in. Moving into the middle of the month we see that you have let go of old constraints as you fall under the influence of the Page of Wands a sense of looking at the world with new eyes and a fresh exuberance to explore the world around you. You finish off the month with the Queen of Wands which continues to help you stay enthusiastic and feeling connected to the world around you, but now there is a sense of determination underlying it all. Work will prove fruitful but there will be some definite challenges, they are just that though, feel free to put yourself on the front line in order to garner the attention of new clients or bosses.