Monday, September 3, 2012

Jackpot Special!

How many dogs do you know prompt an entire sale?? Well the BBPC has one & his name is Jackpot! We feel we hit the jackpot when we got our sweet little guy & now we want to help our clients (and their furry friends) do the same!
We have decided to offer a 1/2 hour animal communication session for the price of a 15 minute! That is a 1/2 hr reading for $35!!
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tarotscopes September 2012

Hello Lovelies!

So this months deck is a very unique one created by Jolie DeMarco an intuitive, medium, & Reiki Master/Teacher hailing from Florida. The deck consists of a variety of channeled Mandalas that each have a sense of power enabling healing whether on the physical, spiritual or mental level. The Healing Mandala Oracle Cards are extremely interesting and well thought out with colors that provoke instinctive reactions to aid you in opening yourself to the healing energy for the pictures. With a channeled message, how to use the card, esssences that would work for someone who picked the card and research done through Jolie's use of the deck in readings this deck gives a nice big picture to the sitter. I suggest this deck for absolutely anyone and everyone! Even though this is not the typical tarot it is a phenomenal deck that can be used in so many ways it's ridiculous! Definitely a shoe-in for one of my top decks of 2012!  Now on to the Tarotscopes!

Virgo - Happy Birthday Virgo!! Your mandala for this month is The Eyes of Light! Bringing with it a sense of peace & serenity on all levels! The channeled message is "Eyes of Light watching you. Safety - peace activates light within you." This card brings the knowledge that you are being looked after by the spirits or angels on the other planes. This mandala brings hope & the feeling of angels watching over you and it is a direct connection to the loving light of those angels & spirit guides.

Aries -Your mandala for this month is the Energetic Life! The channeled message is,"Helps human exercise - move their bodies & cellular structures. The human casing around the soul. Please use rose water, in combination of lavender, jasmine, geranium- any crystals will enhance the human energy."  People who choose this mandala are often already interested in exercise or have been looking for the motivation or momentum in exercise. You can use this mandala as a motivational tool. It works on more than just the physical aspect although that is a major player, it can also help with mental & spiritual progress, motivation & exercises the brain or intuitive ability!

Taurus - Your mandala for this month is Balance! When this card comes to you it indicates the need for balance and it's wonderful mandala will aid you in achieving that goal. The channeled message is,"Chakra alignment - human balances. Flowers balance." Use this card strictly for the purpose of bring balance into your life. Use it to balance the body internally & externally.

Gemini - Your mandala for this month is Chaos can be corrected - external chaos! Well I think that the name of the card is pretty self-explanatory. The channeled message is,"This will encourage humans to prioritize in human life on earth of the truly important."  This card indicates the need to remove unwanted thoughts of problems & troublesome situations cause by outside sources. The energy of the mandala will help you to take a moment and relax enough to gain clarity & prioritize your obligations.

Cancer - Your mandala for this month is Speechless! People who are drawn to this mandala are typically trying to communicate more clearly or learn how to talk differently i.e. telepathy or through energy. The channeled message for this card is,"Telepathic communication." "Entities arise." This card can also help in your quest to communicate with other spirits & other entities. If you are stuck in a psychic rut & are not able to advance now is the time to focus on developing your telepathic abilities in order to help you get over the plateau.

Leo - Your mandala for this month is Save the Earth! Now is the time to get green, reconnect with earth energies, our planet is in a state of constant change & people drawn to this mandala are looking for conscious change in their own life. The channeled message for this card is,"Letting others be activated to be mindful in saving the earth. Taking action immediately big or small it will help. Activates the mind of wanting to help procreate life on earth, growing food, plants, nature." Right now is the time to be open to changing your attitude, be open, non-judgmental, & kind to others in order to get through this month & the rest of your life.

Libra - Your mandala for this month is Maintain Health! Focus on yourself this month Libra, it is important to pay attention to your physical health in terms of nutrition & way of life. This mandala is a wake up call that the lifestyle you are living is not physically healthy for you. It may have already become a focus for you at this point as there could be weight issues or problems with health. The channeled message for this card is,"The healrt of the "body" human form. Light & Love mixed is healthy. No purple in this mandala, not out of human form. Meaning physical form that can be restructured (the human body)."  Jolie explains her belief that the guides told her there was no purple as it had nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with the physical body, it is an indicator that you Libra need to stay grounded.

Scorpio - Your mandala for this month is Reconstruction of Life. Now is the time to move on Scorpio, your facing continuous blocks to your life path. This could manifest in work, love or any aspect of life at the moment but either way your stuck in a rut & looking to find a way out. This mandala gives you the energy & permission to let go & move on. The channeled message is,"The waves within us. Cellular structures. Turquoise, Indian descendants first." The mandala tells you to bring order to your personal life, and to look forward with no regrets.

Sagittarius - Your mandala for this month is the 5th ray! Get ready for an awakening this month, you will find yourself compelled to search beyond the physical plane, to look in the direction of the otherworldly or maybe even the alien! It also indicates that at this time as you awaken you will move and shift your energetic frequency to higher levels. The channeled message is,"5th ray energized the force of life in the 5th ray. Those who know the 5th ray will be awakened upon seeing this geometry." Once your energy has been brought to these higher frequencies you will be able to connect with entities of Light.

Capricorn -  Your mandala for this month is Galactic Web or Web of Light! Bringing with it a need for faith, to believe that you may step in horse poop but you'll come out with a pony thanks to Universe, God, Goddess or whatever deity/philosophy you believe in. The channeled message for this mandala is,"The mystery of the light is within each of you to find. Wellness effects everything of human life. Direct link to light. This mandala surrounds the humans and enlightens them to heal what is needed in their lives on the earthly plane. Faith. The Mystery of the light is within each of you to "find". Direct link to light." Most people who are drawn to this mandala are in the midst of dealing with a ton of issues all at once. When it rains it pours and they may be feeling trapped at the moment, however this mandala gives the questioner the insight to understand that all they need in this situation is to release control and keep faith.

Aquarius - Your mandala for this month is It is the Center of Oneself! This mandala helps you to connect to your soul's purpose indicating that Universe may be bringing opportunities your way or putting you at a crossroads in order to aid you in finding that goal. The channeled message is,"Feeling the inner self of the soul of humans. It  will help humans realize the soul's purpose on earth. Crystal quartz also green tourmaline together." Look at your life's purpose particularly in relation to work at this point it may be time for a change or reaffirmation of your reason for being.

Pisces - Your mandala for this month is Urgency of Light! Move Pisces!!! Get working on it! Now is the time to stop thinking and just start doing!!! The channeled message for this mandala is,"Beauty within. 4 corners of Light. Centered & Light. Human core & soul needed. Danger, danger." This mandala is causing quick movement forward, Universe is not giving you a choice, the energies are propelling you forward at light speed! Roll with it and recognize that change is coming whether you want it or not. However, this is change for the positive so don't stress on it.

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