Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tarotscopes: February 2012

Hello Lovelies!!!
It's that time again! February seems to be a fabulous month for most of you and I am excited to share with you the many changes this month will bring! This month I am using the Medieval Cat Tarot, let me tell you it is a little bit of whimsy and a whole lot of business. Definitely a deck I recommend, it brings with it a straight to the point attitude and an overall positive message (even when it comes to the bad news) that is both inspiring and fun!
Most of the colors are muted because they are attempting to catch that renaissance feeling and let me tell you they do it beautifully. I particularly love the Death and Devil cards, the pips are much like those found in the older tarot but each has a small portrait of a cat and their suit. Overall this deck is a wonderful one to add to any collection and I feel is good to be used by either beginners or experienced readers!

Aquarius - There is a new commitment on the horizon Aquarius, or so says the Four of Wands, typically an indicator of impending marriage, business partnerships or some other important relationship the card indicates that this new coupling will bring you onto a new path and head you towards prosperity! The Knight of Swords greets you in the middle of February telling you to push as hard as you can to move your plans forward. Many times we get excited about the prospect and planning of a project but we lose motivation as we go, be careful that you don't run out of steam! At the end of the month you move into the Ace of Coins, indicating the opportunity for a new job, or a new home. Either way it is a card which brings material wealth and prosperity! A wonderful way to end the month.

Aries - The Queen of Wands greets you at the beginning of the month infusing you with the compulsion to conquer! As soon as you finish one project or task your heading full steam into the next. The Knight of Coins stops in mid-February to tell you not to focus so much on long range success as at the moment it is unclear but to instead pay attention to the little milestones along the way. At the end of the month you move into the Six of Swords indicating that there will be a situation which will bring about a sense of loss, grief or anxiety. But fear not! There is freedom on the other side of it

Taurus - Ideas abound but now is not the time to just plan, you begin the month in the Two of Wands indicating that you see the full picture and it is time to put plans into motion. Mid-month you become The Hermit now is the time to seek a place where you can hear Universe speak to you. Think on what has been distracting you from seeing signs, maybe stress, kids, your own mind working overtime? Try and find a place of peace and quiet, then focus your energy on discovering Universe's signals. The Wheel of Fortune ends the month for you saying that at the moment you may feel like small forgotten cog in a giant machine, but there is an opportunity on the horizon to take back the spotlight!

Gemini - You are riding The Chariot at the start of February things will be extremely chaotic at this time, make sure to double check plans as the Chariot can indicate you may be moving a little to fast. Be sure not to put the chariot before the horse. The Five of Cups pops in mid-month reminding you that there is 'No use crying over spilled milk.' situations around this time may cause you grief, but this card warns that you should not dwell to long! February ends with The Moon telling you to trust your instincts and keep moving forward despite fears, stress and worries!

Cancer - Keep balance with the Two of Coins Cancer, you may be struggling a bit keeping things in order at the beginning of the month, work/play, family/bills etc. Be sure to give everything equal attention so you don't get to overwhelmed in any sector of your life. Grasp success at the middle of the month with the Ten of Coins! You are a great career point and finances will be on the upswing, you will have reached a pinnacle point in your place of work you may wish to seek a change of scenery because as we head towards the end of the month you meet the King of Wands who insists that we take what we have learned to a whole new format or audience.

Leo - Enough is enough Leo, that thought will be drilled into your head by the end of the beginning of February when you move into the Seven of Coins. Even though you may not be the most prosperous, you look around and realize you have everything that you need and that it is a blessing. Mid-month you move into the Ace of Wands indicating that a new idea, career, or path will open up to you! As we begin to head into the end of February you suddenly realize that all of your struggles have not been in vain, doors will begin to open for you!

Virgo - 'Be true to you.' Says the Emporer at the beginning of February, you have a lot of dreams Virgo, but are they truly feasible? Do others have that same goal or will you stand alone as the Emporer does? Whichever the case, don't give up. You move into the Five of Coins at mid-month indicating that you are allowing yourself to be overcome by a lack of material wealth, you are focusing to much on what you want and do not have. This card also indicates that you will soon be in a situation that will break you free from these troubles. You end the month in the Three of Swords bringing forward feelings of betrayal and pain from the past. These emotions come into the light so you can move forward and let go of them.

Libra - You move into the Knight of Cups at the start of the month bringing with him a sense of reassurance concerning the path you are currently traveling. At mid-month you are greeted by the Knight of Wands indicating that your career is moving in the right direction, and growth will happen quickly. At the end of the month you move into the Two of Cups indicating a new partnership or agreement which brings you a sense of security and happiness.

Scorpio - The Nine of Cups says that now is the time to take stock of your accomplishments, but also to be open, honest and above all fair with the people around you. If you need to communicate just be careful that your words are not interpreted as boastful. Mid-month you move into the Seven of Swords there will be a few new personal victories but they are best kept to yourself, you've solved the problem using your out-of-the-box thinking but there isn't any need to share the situation. Strength says that now is the time to thrive rather than just survive as we close out February.

Sagittarius - The Nine of Wands greets you at the beginning of February and gives you the impulse to reevaluate your defenses both emotional and physical. Has your home security system been updated, what about fire alarms? What about your emotional defenses, are you keeping people at arms length unnecessarily or do you need to put up more? Mid-February you enter into the Four of Cups inidcating that you may be looking more towards the negative when the answers you seek and the blessings are right under your nose! You end the month of February by meeting the Hanged Man, he tells you,'Things look very different from this angle.' giving you the hint that this may be a great time to look at things from a different perspective in order to help you out of your current situation.

Capricorn - The Ten of Cups starts out the month indicating a true sense of abundance and emotional fulfillment. Death comes mid-month with changes in mind be ready to redefine ideas of the self and your position in the world, This card is not something to be feared, but rather to be embraced by the end of your journey through Death you will be all the stronger. The Six of Wands ends February indicating the need to follow your heart, some family, friends or colleagues may not agree with your choices but either way it is important that you persevere and continue your forward momentum.

Pisces - You are full of coin cards this month Pisces, both at the beginning and the end, you start out in the phase of the Four of Coins bringing with it a sense of insecurity, even though it may be recent it is actually rooted in the past don't get intimidated or react out of habit. Instead sit with the feelings and recognize that they are that..feelings, not facts. Mid-month brings you into the Three of Wands indicating that you are working towards a really great financial goal, keep going the Universe is pushing you towards success. At the end of the month you meet the King of Coins telling you to beware of stagnation, you've had success now is the time to do an about-face and start a new direction!

*images used with permission from US GAMES SYSTEMS INC