Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tarotscopes: November 2013

 Hello Lovelies!!
Its time again for the Tarotscopes! I hope you all had a wonderful October and are well rested for the holiday blitz that will soon be upon us! Sit back, just for this moment and enjoy the energies of autumn. Aside from spirits and spooky tales its one of my favorite seasons, waking up to chilly mornings that make you want to be a bed bug for just a little while longer, leaves falling on the ground for kids both large, small and furry to play in. Allow for expansion and change during this season, typically fall is a restive energy but I believe this season is the opposite, it is one of great momentum and a wonderful time to begin projecting your energy to manifest your desires!

Scorpio -  Happy Birthday Scorpio! You immediately hop into the Five of Swords, indicating that you are open to changes at the beginning of the month and you have released past resentments. Mid-month the Four of Pentacles shows that you are in a place of financial stability, right now is a good time to show how frugal you can be. You end the month with the Fool in reverse which warns that you should take some time to get guidance from the people around you as you may be missing details or forgetting to read fine print in new deals and opportunities heading your way!

Aries - Make use of your skills by embodying the Magician and using your resourcefulness to pull things together last minute. Now is the time to work on your most important projects as your ability to concentrate will be at its best this month. Remember that whole law cause and effect? The middle of November is a great time to keep that in mind as you move into Justice, be sure that all of your decisions are really well thought out both in the details and the big picture. Now is a great time to get out your pro/con list! You end the month in the Three of Pentacles giving you the opportunity to flourish in a team environment where you will learn a ton from the people around you!

Taurus - Let go of your baggage Taurus! Right now you may be feeling a little held back by old problems or redundant issues, now is the time to confront them and let them go as you sit in the Six of Swords reversed. The Knight of Wands greets you mid-month indicating a very impulsive mind set and an energy of action as you shuck off the burdens brought to light by the Six of Swords earlier in the month. You wrap up November with Temperance helping you to find your balance in this month of extremes!

Gemini -
Immediately you meet up with the Six of Pentacles indicating that you are prosperous are now focused in helping those in need around you, charity and generosity are at the top of your mind. You then move into Six of Cups which brings a sense of nostalgia, whether meeting up with an old friend, going over pictures or reuniting with family, expect a lot of joy to come from this. You end with the Ten of Cups (which to me has always been a wish card as it has such a joyful and pure energy) which brings with it a sense of harmony, and can indicate a marriage or rekindling/reconnection between you and your spouse!

Cancer -
Embrace your ability to communicate as you will need it as predicted by the Knight of Swords. It is important to retain your own voice within your discussions but be sure not to get to opinionated and react hastily to things that are said. Take a moment to speak to your higher self before responding to any comments or criticisms. You hit your balance with the Two of Pentacles during the middle of November, but it is important that you pay particular attention to time management as that will be your biggest challenge throughout the month! You end things on the Ace of Wands where everything feels new and inspiration is everywhere. Typically indicative of a new idea or new passion that you will be discovering be sure to remember to keep time management in there so you don't get so embroiled in it that you burn out!

Leo - The Star greets you at the beginning of the month bringing you a message of hope and a renewal of spirit. Soak in the good vibes to help prep you for the packed month ahead! At mid-month you meet the Queen of Cups who bestows on you a sense of calm and asks you to be compassionate towards others around you, particularly in work situations. You end the month with the Ten of Swords reversed telling you that you have recovered from a traumatic situation and the end of the chapter is about to be closed! 

Virgo -You passion can be felt from  mile away Virgo! The Knight of Wands comes in to help you find the proper channels for all of the energy. You may find yourself giving in to impulse at this time as new ideas flood your creative mind! Mid-month we see you moving into the Nine of Cups reverse which indicates that during this time you will find yourself focusing more on the physical world and trapped in materialism comparing your situation to others. Don't feed into this mindset and count your blessings. You end the month in the Eight of Swords reversed which indicates a great release of fears and things holding you back. We then see you moving into a new state of being with a different perspective of the world!

Libra -You begin November within the Ace of Pentacles! This a is a fabulous card to start out the month giving the promise of new financial opportunities and wealth, it can also indicate that you are in a state of manifestation so be careful how you think as it will come about whether positive or negative. You roll on into the Four of Cups reversed next giving you the sense that you need to pull back and maybe be a little more aloof with the people around you. You end the month in the Four of Wands denoting celebration, a sense of community and deepening of romantic relationships which could lead to further commitment!

Sagittarius - We see you bumping right into The Fool at the beginning of the month, who bestows on you the gift of feeling free! A new beginning is yours you merely need to take the leap! Mid-month you enter the Ace of Cups giving great depth to your emotions, they may actually become overwhelming in their intensity, there is also a great sense of compassion surrounding you. You end the month hanging out with the Hierophant who tells you that not is a great time to get some spiritual structure back in your life, developing routines that allow you to connect with your higher self, deity and the universe.

Capricorn - Get ready for an intense month! Beginning with the Queen of Wands you greet every challenge with a sense of will and a steely determination. Now is the best time to take on tough tasks and get them out of the way. Next you see the Knight of Pentacles who helps you break down your goals into their smallest steps giving you a more methodical system to work within. You end by meeting with Death, all of this work you've put in this month leads up to dramatic change, but this is change with a sacrifice (i.e. selling your house and moving for a better job) be prepared to give a little bit to gain big rewards!

Aquarius - You start out November by hooking up with the Queen of Pentacles reversed who warns you to keep balance between work and family, it is a tough situation right now making time for everything but it is imperative that you strike as close to even as possible right now. Next we see you drifting through the Five of Cups reversed, you've recently picked yourself up after a major loss or change and you are finally ready to truly move on. You end the month in the Princess of Swords creating this vibe of restlessness, as though you are not being challenged enough right now. Time to break out the puzzles and get that mind moving!

Pisces -Temperance tells you to take a moment and look for the purpose and meaning of the things going on around you at the moment. She also cautions balance and moderation right now, you may feel like going to extremes within emotions, she tells you to pick and choose your battles. Remember your feelings are not facts. Mid-month you shift into the Lovers reversed giving you a sense of disharmony within your relationships. You end the month in the Three of Pentacles reminding you that this month has been chock full of life lessons, sit back in the quiet moments and reflect on the changes your experiences have created.