Monday, July 4, 2011

Tarotscopes July 2011

Hey Friends!

Happy July! This month we are going to be using Tarot in the Land of Mysterium by Jordan Hoggard. This is a 78 card tarot deck although the cards are much bigger than your usual tarot, the point of this deck is to help you learn about yourself, you character, traits, and to use your imagination and intuition! From my understand of the deck each card is not a card but a character and you begin to understand yourself based on how you feel or what you see around this character! Sounds pretty interesting! The art itself is pretty cool, using bold color choices with an almost psychedelic feel to them, its a standard format with Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and pips. But the art is very different than other standard decks, which I love, you can really tell that the illustrator took artistic license and allowed their creativity to manifest. This in turn inspires the reader to let their own creative juices flow!
 Now that I've done that little bit let me also tell you it comes with a 192 page book! I love how the writer literally writes as the character. When describing the Hanged Man it starts with:

"Hey there! Up here in the tree! Welcome! Do you like playing on the jungle gym? Do you like climbing and hangin' out? I sure do! I hear you have a message for me from my Mom The Empress. Cool, Kewel! What is it?!
Climb on up in your mind and hang out with me. Your imagination is the best and safest first place things like this. You do not need to be concerned about these ropes. They are loose! I imagined them there so I could really see and feel the connection between my hands and between my foot and my favorite tree!"
Comical and entertaining Tarot in the Land of Mystereum challenges you to open your mind and let your imagination take you over, to release control and enter a dreamland where anything is possible and you can feel safe in discovering who YOU really are.

Now on to the Tarotscopes people!

CANCER - Happy Birthday to all of the Cancers out there! This month will start out on a fairly positive footing with the 6 of Wands entering your atmosphere indicating success! A feeling of great accomplishment just soak in those wonderful energies and enjoy the moment. Mid month brings along the 6 of Pentacles urging you to communicate honestly and to give to others in order to receive what you need! Now is the time to put some solid positive energy out there, don't be afraid to help friends through their issues, you can spare the time right now. At the end of the month comes the High Priestess she puts plans into action, as you enter this phase you may begin to think on goals or things you've always wanted to do, or have to is the time to do them. This period is all about action!

Aries -Your passionate nature will really shine this month Aries! The Ace of Swords comes to you at the beginning of the month letting you know that now is the time to just cut to the quick of a situation and in your communications. As Shakespeare said in Hamlet, "More matter, less art." Mid-month you move into the Ten of Wands having gone through the beginning of the month this card comes in to remind you to balance your energies to grab hold of your passionate nature and channel it properly as you may be putting to many eggs in one basket or feeling all over the place. At the end of the month The World presents itself indicating the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new journey!

Taurus - Page of Cups greets you at the beginning of the month ushering in new ideas, dreams and creations. Artistic talents will be at a high and inspiration will be everywhere, your enthusiasm towards new possibilities is contagious so don't be afraid to speak up about it! Mid month you enter into The Fool, a card indicating bright new possibilities and the beginning of a new road, take that blind leap of faith and know that spirit will catch and guide you! At the end of the month you bump into the King of Swords, now is the time to put away your emotional self and let your more logical aspects take over and innovate.

Gemini -You begin the month in the 3 of Pentacles, a reminder that no one else works the way you do! Also indicating that now is the time to put your heart, mind, body and soul into your work and gather your just reward, it will pay off! Actually what you end up doing and succeeding in may end up being even bigger than you realized so don't stress, just keep your head down and get creative! Mid-month comes in the Five of Swords telling you to just take a minute and take a breath, you may be feeling overwhelmed, or a sense of defeat, as Jordan put it in his book, you may have an 'ego-tantrum' (I love that word....and am soooo borrowing it) just sit back and reassess. Don't have a pity party now is not the time. At the end of the month you meet the Queen of Swords now is the time to evaluate the truth of your situation, don't be afraid to be shrewd and think things through before you speak. Present your ideas clearly and concisely and stick to the simple truths of the matter.

Leo - You begin the month in the phase of the Hermit movement is constant whether in body or mind. Now is the time to really take a look and discover how you feel, what is your point of view on the world? The Two of Pentacles join you at the middle of the month warning you that you may feel you need instant gratification in order to boost your ego and sense of accomplishments, but now is the time to fight that part of yourself. This cards says that now is time to think long term and rather than rushing work, manage your time wisely and maintain balance. The Tower greets you at the end of the month indicating big changes! Your resistance to change has crumbled and false ideas and structures are torn asunder leaving you feeling new and free.

Virgo - As July kicks off you move into the phase of the Queen of Pentacles now is the time to embrace the differences in the personalities around you, your practical nature will be at the forefront both in homelife and at work. This is will be a giant benefit to you as you try to deal with the constant issues being thrown your way! The Ten of Cups comes in mid-month indicating that the dramas and hazards from earlier in the month are now gone and you are feeling fabulous! You are in the perfect place to reflect on the joy of your family and home life. At the end of the month The Star comes into play reminding you that your hope and knowledge is strong, it feels like the cosmos are coming together and FINALLY working in your favor rather than you having to push extra just to make things happen.

Libra -The Three of Cups greets you at the beginning of the month letting you know there is a great partnership or group experience, feel free to celebrate the sense of accomplishment gathered from successfully working with others! As the Knight of Pentacles comes to you in the middle of July remember what purposes your working towards! Be present, as you work your reasons for working may fade into the background and you could get lost in the details! Remember to take a step back and remember your reasoning so that you can keep things in perspective. At the end of the month the Moon swoops in to let you know that you may not be seeing things clearly, the Moon sheds light but it can be a weak light. Let your emotional self fall away so you can be objective. Whatever you do now is the time to trust your intuition 100%

Scorpio -The 2 of Swords meets you at the start of July, indicating a decision to be made and the need to really strategize, you may be the one judging the situation rather than actually being involved in the argument. Both sides will have equally strong evidence but it is important that you cut through the bullpoop and get to the point, whether you are in the argument or judging it. Mid-month brings with it the Knight of Cups now is the time to trust the strength and validity of your emotions and intuition above logic or reason. Things around you will be moving extremely quickly so those split second decisions will be important, go with your gut! At the end of the month you reach the Five of Pentacles there may be some issues around finances or material objects that are causing issues emotionally. What you need to discover is whether the problem is due to perspective, or expectation then do what you must to change it.

Sagittarius -The Hanged Man comes in at the beginning of the month to let you know that right now indicating that you are in a suspended state, this is not something to be looked at negatively but to be made use of as a moment of peace. Let yourself be.....As you move into the middle of the month you will find that your preparations for projects are complete, now is a fabulous time to have a get together or to attend some social activities. At the end of the month you meet the King of Pentacles, icon of the Master Builder, now is the time, you've set the groundwork now build and make things happen!

Capricorn - You start off July in the Two of Wands warning you of an overload or imbalance, now is the time to stop what your doing and find your center, before everything comes crashing down. At the middle of the month giving you harmony in your emotions and intuition. Be confident in expressing your emotions to others allow open communication on sensitive subjects, now is the time to clear the air! At the end of the month Death charges in bringing with it changes both big and small. Be sure not to stomp on new opportunities because of old fears and habits!

Aquarius - The beginning of July brings with it the Ace of Wands indicating a time to repurpose, reclaim or reorganize a room or area in your home or workplace. This is helpful not just for practical purpose but also will give the home or office a different energy and will aid in revitalizing the area. Next comes the Knight of Swords indicating a time of ideas and also a need to defend your position and beliefs. Do not back down whatever you do! At the end of the month you meet with the Chariot, indicating a sense of harmony among all your parts mental, spiritual and physical, this harmony results in success in the endeavors that you lead or take part in.

Pisces - The Heirophant greets you at the beginning of July telling you to take care of your body as if it were a temple and to allow control of your life to the Universe for a little bit. Don't worry, just let go! Mid-month brings the Lovers indicating the rekindling or beginning of a new partnership (either in business or romance) and a mutual respect. Embrace the newness and glory in the successes to come. At the end of the month you meet the Devil now the Devil of this deck is not Satan but rather the pagan God Pan! He tells you that now is the time to let go and be the free spirit allow yourself to play and express joy, be free and limitless!

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