Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads.....Queen of Decision Making

Hecate is a Crone Goddess, she guards Crossroads and is a wise woman, she helps people make choices. Which is why in this section we are going to connect with out inner Hecate. She understands that no choice is the last choice you will ever make, and that with every decision there is a consequence, a rebirth.
 Have you ever felt like the next decision you make will change your life forever in either a positive or negative way? We’ve all had to make decisions we didn’t want to make. Whether you’re a boss who had to fire an employee or a mom who couldn’t make the sons soccer game because of work. We’ve made decisions that were “wrong” for us, and have bit us square in the butt. We then continue to degrade ourselves for not making the opposite decision. When you make a decision what are you’re first thoughts?  Circle your choice.

1)      Ok, I need to figure out the pros and cons…I probably won’t sleep tonight
2)      Eeenie Meenie Miney Moe
3)      Whatever
4)      I know this won’t work out

What happens when the choice you made does come back on you in a negative way. What are your first instincts? What is the first thing you say to yourself?

1)   Okay why did it go wrong? I need to go back to my list!
2)      Can I have a redo?
3)      Not my fault!
4)      I knew this was going to happen!

By circling the answers above determined which type of decision maker you are Whichever color you picked the most of is your thought process, don’t be surprised if you are a combination every is different! Being aware of your decision making process is really important because it makes you aware of the tape playing in your mind.
There are four types of decision makers:

1)      The Analyzer – you don’t let anything go, you are constantly mucking a problem around in your head even after you have already made the decision.
2)      The Wishy Washer – you bounce between the choices completely unsure of which way to go. You will pick on then immediately change your mind and often feel that with even the smallest choices you could screw up your entire life!
3)      The I Don’t Care But I Really Do – your first words when someone asks you to make a choice would be whatever! Or doesn’t matter to me. You often feel that as long as you don’t make the decision it won’t affect you. Usually people like this have issues with taking responsibility not only for themselves but others. Or you agree to please others.
4)      The Negative Perceiver – It’s going to go to pot before you have even made a decision! You think the worst so you will be prepared! But what you are actually doing is manifesting the worst thing you can imagine! 

When you make a decision and it backfires do you see scenarios in your mind of how you could have changed it? What you would have done differently? What you should have thought about? Why get mad at yourself? When something negative happens in your life. Do you yell at your God? No you yell at yourself, why didn’t you do this or you could’ve done that. But why get mad at yourself? Deity leads you; if you make a “wrong” (I use this term loosely for no decision is the wrong decision) choice then there is probably a lesson to learn from it.

As of today there are three words will be erased from your vocabulary:
  • Could’ve
  • Would’ve
  • Should’ve

Whatever your actions may be, no matter what you choose, you have made a decision. Whether it was impulsive or well thought out. Right for you or “wrong” for you, you made a decision. You LEARN from that decision.
I’ve seen many people who have made one big decision or a bunch of little choices in their life that threw them completely off track. Your choices COULD affect the rest of your life IF you LET them. The wonderful thing about reality is that it can be bent to your will for you are the son/daughter of the Divine and therefore you are the Divine. If you decide to quit your job tomorrow because you can’t get along with your boss, you co-workers or you are just generally unhappy with it, is it the end of the world? No it’s not! Not for you, you are a God/dess. You can bend this reality to your will you just have to put a little effort behind it. So you think about your ideal job. You take the steps needed and you get it. Did you catch that? The word Will came up again. About that word what is Will? Will to me is the strength of an idea. If you believe in that idea and yourself enough, nothing will stop you because you’re WILL is too strong.

Tomorrow I will post the Hecate Meditation, in the meantime work on reprogramming your brain to erase the words would've could've and should've.