Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hecate’s Meditation

Hecate is a powerful Goddess, one who never questions her decisions, soon you will too! Every time we make a decision we question, was it the right one? What if I made the wrong one? Sometimes it can get to the point where we second guess ourselves so much that we actually don't make any decision at all!.  So let Hecate help us conquer that fear!
Remember do the Mind Sweeper first!

On the night of the full moon, you leave your home and head for the street corner, two streets intersect with four stop signs. Suddenly a mist descends in the middle of the road, from it comes a beautiful woman her long red hair has gray streaks at the temples, in her left hand she carries a staff, her dark green cape swirls around her of it’s own accord. There is no breeze.
A soft smile makes her look younger than her years, “You are one of my favorite creations.” She says to you her voice a lilting symphony of vocal chords. “What can I do for you my child?”
“I am a stuck Hecate (problem you are facing), I don't know what to do! Can you please show me my options? Aid me in making this decision” you ask looking to the kindly woman for help.
“I am the Goddess of the Crossroads, I help those who need to choose a path. I am a part of you; you need not fear the choices you make for I lead you to them. Each choice is a lesson, and each lesson is a blessing. Do not fear seeking counsel from me for I am always here.” She touches your mind. “Do not hesitate upon making a choice, for that makes the choosing harder, always rely on my voice inside you, I will always point you in the right direction. If it does not turn out the way you planned it is simply another adventure, another experience, from which to learn, but you are always protected worry not. These are your choices."
Suddenly the road signs melt away the red paint dripping off the sign beneath it on each sign is an option. The street lights flicker and change to different colors. Each street has its own hue, red, green, blue and yellow.
"Each color represents a different path." Hecate tells you. "Which color are you drawn to?"
"(Name the color)." say this color aloud
"Each color has its own representation my child. You have chosen.." Skip to color.
Green: Brings healing, but obstacles will be placed in your path to cause that healing to occur.
Blue: Will bring you financial and spiritual security. But you must work twice as hard to keep it.
Yellow: Will bring you the recognition you desire, but you must be open to the opportunity and the sacrifice that may be needed to attain it.
Red: Gives you passion and creativity but you must learn to harness it and use it wisely else that passion will be like a fire and consume you.
"I am with you always my child, to guide you through the uncertain threads that Fate weaves. You must realize that the web is merely a guide not a certainty. We make our own way.

The old woman opens her arms to you and you embrace her, it feels as though you are hugging your mother or grandmother, such love and affection, tenderness and acceptance of everything you are. A surety and confidence flows over you. Suddenly she is gone, but she is not gone she is a part of you always. You are alone, but not alone. You are your Mother’s child and She is always with you. You begin to walk down the street you have chosen, suddenly it seems as if the Sun has risen it is so bright out and your path becomes clear. You awake feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident in your choices and decisions.