Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mercury's Meditation

This meditation is all about socializing and recognizing the God or Goddess in you. Let the light of deity shine through you, remember you are piece of art who can bend matter to your will and has the power to change perceptions of yourself and others. Remember to start all your meditations with the Mind Sweeper exercise. Read this over before doing because there is some blanks you will need to fill in.

You enter a crowded hall, dressed in jeans and t-shirt while all others are in formal wear. Uncomfortable and alone you finally spot an acquaintance, you don’t know this person very well and have only seen them from time to time at a local convenience store, saying hi and bye. You walk up to this person, feeling kind of ignored as the person carries on a conversation with their friend. You tap the person’s arm and they smile at you. “Hello, I didn’t expect to see you here!”
“Not to sound completely ignorant, but where is here?” The Meeting of (think of some subject you know nothing about) Society.
“Oh” you reply with a lost and forlorn look on your face.
“Well” says your acquaintance,” It’s your first time here so I will be your guide.”
Feeling much safer the person leads you around the room. “That over there is Mrs. Reynolds, she is really informed about the Society. Why don’t you go talk to her to learn more?”
You head over to a tall elegantly dressed woman, her long gray hair held high in a bun and a string of pearls around her neck. She looks at you as though you are a fly on the wall. A man appears before you dressed like you in jeans and a t-shirt, Mrs. Reynolds look at him the same way. “Hey, how are you doing?” he says to the old woman holding out his hand. The woman looks flabbergasted. How does this guy have this much confidence? You think. He smiles broadly at both you and the other woman like a boy who got caught doing something naughty. The other woman smiles in return the wrinkles around her eyes crinkling, she looks like a giggly schoolgirl. You begin to feel a little more comfortable.
“So what is this all about?” The man asks looking at you.
“I..I don’t know.” You reply.
“You mean you haven’t asked yet? You have been here how long?” you feel a little upset at the way he talks to you but make no move to correct his behavior.
“Okay, here is the thing. I’m Mercury, all about communication! I’m your father, I’m a part of you. Yeah that’s right I’m in there beneath all the doubt and self-loathing. You just have to find me. What I’m here to do is to help you! It’s easy enough to speak, I mean you do it every day right? So what makes this so different? If your best friend were sitting across from you would you hesitate to ask what the heck they were talking about? Of course not! But that takes trust! You have to trust the other person not to make you feel like a complete bozo and reject you! Well here you don’t have that you don’t know that that won’t happen. Right?” He smiles at you as he takes a breath No wonder he is the God of Communication he doesn’t shut up you think to yourself.
“First off I heard that, and yeah I do talk a lot. But always with reason I want you to imagine that the bald guy over there is your best friend. Imagine you’ve known him forever, been to his house a million times, and met his wife, his dog Fido and his kids. Just try it for me will ya?”
You hesitantly agree to try it. He then pushes you in the direction of the bald man, his suit is pressed just so and he has diamond cufflinks, definitely muck a muck. You would rather crawl under a rock right now but then your mind magically forms the man into the image of your best friend.  You shake your head trying to get rid of the vision but it doesn’t fade or disappear, this must be your best friend! You look behind you for Mercury but he is no longer there.
You smile and walk up to your friend. “Hi! How are you?” the person looks back at you “Well I am doing wonderful! How about you?” A similar smile answers yours.
“I’m doing great, so what do you think of this gathering? I’ve never been to one before.”
“Oh you haven’t? Let me introduce myself my name is Mr. Spaulding, I’ll fill you in on the purpose of this meeting of the (Society Name).” Suddenly the image of your friend disappears and the bald man, but you are comfortable with him and the feeling of companionship doesn’t lessen. 
As he leads you around the room you greet a myriad of people, but you are comfortable, each person smiles at you, although dressed as you are you are not sure why, you are nothing special. Then you look down at yourself, you are in a beautiful formal outfit, and the man with you is none other than Mercury dressed to the nine’s.
“You did it! You introduced yourself to someone without being afraid. The key to this is recognizing that everyone is a potential best friend, everyone is family, you are my children. Sometimes a child can be mean and stubborn, expect it, it will happen, but remember they have not yet reached their maturity and are in the stage of the Maiden or Son, they will grow, they have their own lessons to learn and learn them they will. But as I was saying, for every stubborn mean child there are a thousand mature, kind, and wonderful children.”
“As one of my children I am a part of you!” Mercury touches your throat and the corner of your mouth. “You have the gift of communication, use it to your advantage. If ever you are scared let me speak through you. Let my voice be your voice, know you are a piece of me and that you are beautiful.” Suddenly he changes to a bright blue light and dissolves into you. You can feel his presence surrounding you, your confidence building as you peruse the hall. You approach a woman, her long blonde hair was tied back in a clip, she is thin in a dark red dress, just beautiful. Typically you would find this situation intimidating, but you feel Mercury with you. You smile as you walk the last couple of steps toward her.
“Hi! My name is (your name), this is my first time here and I just wanted to introduce myself.”
The woman looks at you as though you are beneath her and doesn’t reply but begins to talk to her other friends. You tap her on the shoulder. “I think I’ve met you somewhere before, but I’m not sure. Where are you from?” The woman names some far off place you’ve never heard of. “No that’s not it, but I swear I’ve seen your face before! Hmm… okay then, I don’t know where I recognize you from. But I can see you are busy, sometime though I would love to sit down with you and compare notes. I know I know you!” The woman gives you a contemptuous smile.
“I don’t think you move in my circles.”
You begin to grow downtrodden; your confidence is beginning to fail. Just as you were about to make another awkward remark Mercury speaks to you. “Ask about her dress.”
Oh, Thanks you say in your mind.
“Beautiful dress where did you get it?”
“It’s Dolce.” She replies.
You then talk for another couple of minutes about fashion; eventually the talk turns to work then family and home.  I knew you could do it! Good going’! Your on your own now, keep it going I’m always with you and you are always safe no matter the circumstance I will protect you!  You smile Thanks Mercury.

Now is the time to take the meditation into your own hands, let your imagination flow! Remember you are trying to make yourself as uncomfortable as possible, use your I statements, and make the person you are speaking to realize how interested you really are in their conversation. Make each person harder to talk to.

You walk out of the meeting feeling safe, secure and loves. You wake feeling rejuvenated, renewed, and confident.