Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am Venus!

Who wouldn’t want to be the Goddess of Love right? Well now is your chance! Make sure to do your mindsweeper After you have done that and have kept it going for five or ten minutes begin with this meditation.

You walk into a clearing there are men/women laying all around, as you enter they look to you with love and admiration in their eyes, you are naked, safe and comfortable in your own body. You can feel the blood thrumming in your veins; you wiggle your fingers and toes, feeling each bone move in accordance. Before you is a red velvet settee, you walk over and lay upon it, the material teases you’re skin making it more sensitive. One of your followers approaches you, he/she touches your thigh “I love your skin. It is soft and beautiful, it protects you and cares for you, just as I do.” Thne another approaches you, you notice that a line is forming. “I love your eyes the next says, they are expressive, full of knowledge and warmth. They show the love you feel for someone, the caring and understanding you have they show your soul. They are beautiful and are just one of the many perfections that is you.”
“I love your feet, they support you and help you walk your path, they take you where they need to be, they are formed to perfection, sensitive, and fun. Just like you.”
“I love your calves, they are strong and wonderfully shaped, they help carry you.”
“I love your thighs, they are beautifully molded and perfect the way they are. Sensitive for love making and strong.”
“I love your face, your nose, your ears, your mouth, your cheeks, perfect for kissing and caressing, gorgeously molded and shaped.”
Each admirer continues each naming a different body part and how much they loved it, why they loved it. When they finished and have all sat in the clearing, you rise with the help of two of your followers. You leave the clearing feeling loved, admired, and confident in your body.

Although this meditation has sexual undertones (I mean it is Venus how can you not) the whole reason we do this is to help with the tape in your head, constantly focusing on the negative of your body. Anything you feel embarrassed about, or is negative on your body can be fixed because it is just perception. What you hear when you say I’m fat, is not you. It’s what society has told you. Don’t Listen!!!