Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Focus on Meditation

Hello Lovelies!

Meditation is so important for any budding reader or anyone at all, it helps to reduce stress, keep you objective and overcome some of life's larger issues. I have been meditating since I was a little girl and even spending just five minutes a day closing my eyes and letting my mind go helps to put me more at ease.
On the Psychic Switch (Wed. nights @ 8pm ET) I say all the time one of the best ways to hear spirit is to turn your mind off. It's true, how do you expect to hear the words of spirit if your mind is abuzz? It's like trying to scream across the room at someone at a crowded concert.
So for the next couple weeks I will be posting some different meditations, ones that I have found useful. They are all original created by me. I have had clients, colleagues and friends use them with success and I hope you do to!
Some of these will just be stress relievers, others will focus on specific issues, whether it be connecting with spirit, dealing with self-image or making a decision.
One of the tools I find most useful for this is a voice recorder or computer. You can simply speak in a monotone voice the words of the visualization/meditation, then play it back and vegetate. Personally, I couldn't just read some of the meditations and memorize them so I found this way to be easiest.

The first meditation will be posted tomorrow morning! We will start with my favorite...The Mindsweeper!