Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's All In The Fingers

Who wouldn’t love to be able to recognize a toxic personality by just glancing at them? When you're hiring someone, wouldn’t you love to have that edge, to be able to tell right away if someone is orderly or slovenly, if they're looking to work their way up or are willing to settle? I take a lot of stock in the way a person’s fingers look. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Now, when you read a hand you always want to go to a subject's dominant one because it's representative of present/future. The dominant hand is the hand a person uses to write.

Take the pinky finger for instance, it’s the smallest of the five digits but it is all about getting noticed. Go through the celebrity rag mags, or sites like PopEater.com and look at pictures of your favorite public figures. How far does their pinky finger reach away from their other fingers? The farther it reaches, the more they love the spotlight! For example, look at this picture of Angelina Jolie. No matter how much she denies it, our girl lovvvess the attention she gets.

The ring finger is the finger that's dedicated to emotions. You always want to make a quick comparison of someone’s ring and pointer finger. Are they the same length? Is the ring finger longer or is the pointer longer? If the ring finger is the longest than this person is usually more emotionally oriented. In other words, they make decisions using their ‘gut’ and how they are feeling in the moment. If the pointer is longer, they're extremely logical and analytical. If their fingers are the same length they are both emotionally and logically balanced.

If their middle finger is longer than the width of their palm, your subject is very critical of the people around them. This means that they may have tendencies towards complaining or being overly negative toward situations. If their middle finger is shorter than they are critical of themselves. If their palm and middle finger are the same length, then they take an even approach.

The thumb is the seat of aggression; so if you're looking for leaders you really want to pay attention to this finger. The wider the tip the more aggressive a person will be. They will go after what they want and god forbid someone get in their way! If the pad of their thumb is flat this means that they are no push over and may have more of a tendency to be seen as a bully. If you look at the photo to the right from JustJared.com you will see on Kate’s right hand (the one not holding the bag) three things. Her pinky sticks way out (showing that she likes recognition and fame), her ring finger is longer than her pointer finger (showing that she goes mostly by emotion and is easily frazzled) and her thumb pad is flat as a pancake (which tells us she really does enjoy getting her way and may apply ample pressure to the people around her in order to do so) these are just a few of the things that you can see in Kate Gosselin’s hands.

In comparison, if we look at the hand of the late Michael Jackson, you will see that he too was more emotionally oriented. His ring finger is much longer than his pointer, because of this vast difference I would say he was an emotional extremist, either really happy or really sad with no in between. Also you will see that his fingers are shorter, meaning he was quite self-critical. The V between his thumb and palm is rather wide, indicating a very giving personality. The middle finger stands straight but his pointer is crooked indicating that he looks at things with a very different logic than most people. It also leans away from his middle finger, which tells me that he does not learn lessons through logic. In other words, he would need strong emotional consequences before he would learn not to do something again.

These are just a few of the things you can tell by looking at someone’s fingers.

More to come soon…..