Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tarotscopes for the Month of February 2010

Tarotscopes For February!

Hello Lovelies!

Unfortunately, because of my schedule, I will have to start posting the Tarotscopes as a monthly thing, but along with the Tarotscopes I will be highlighting some of my adventures as well! I hope this doesn't deter any of you from checking back often, as there will be new posts all of the time!


You're "get up and go, got up and went" this month, Aries. You will be suffering from a little bit of lethargy. This is indicated by the Eight of Cups, but surrounding this card you also have the Two of Discs and the Devil. Everyone always looks oddly at me when the Devil comes up in their spread. But it's not as evil a card as everyone may think. The Two of Discs indicates changes happening around you and I feel that this may pertain to work. However, you will also be in a place where it will be easy for you to adapt to these changes. The Devil gives me a little bit of a clearer insight, showing that you will be using your stubborn nature and your optimistic outlook to change a possibly negative situation into a rewarding positive one.


The Four of Cups indicates that during the month of February you will be surrounded by material things, symbols of accomplishment and luxury, Taurus. However, it shows that you will also be restless. The Emperor also makes an appearance in your spread, which tells me that the potential for new love or even a rekindling of a current romance will take place during this month. The Princess of Disks also makes an appearance, connecting with the Emperor. If you have been looking to get pregnant now is the month to try for it. This month is great as far as fertility is concerned on all aspects. Mentally, spiritually and physically.


The Knight of Wands appears in your cards this month, Gemini. You will be on a crusade during the month of February; not fighting anyone in particular but pushing for your creative ideas to come to fruition and be recognized for the genius that they are. This can also apply to a situation where you feel something is unfair and you fight to be heard. This month is one for self-assertion and really learning to put your foot down. This month is all about creation and manifestation for you. The Strength card also comes up, representing the power of love and innovation. No more time to tinker, Gemini. This is a month of action!


You are down but definitely not out this month, Cancer. The 5 of Swords tells me that you are feeling as if options or ideas have run dry. But don't worry, this is a month to lay low and gather your resources. The Eight of Wands makes an appearance telling me that good news is coming to you this month and that truth will prevail. Finding answers is at the heart of this month for you. Nevertheless, it is a wait and see kind of month. There is nothing you can actively be doing at this moment to help push things forward. The Hierophant tells me someone is coming into the picture who will act as a guide for you. A giver of good advice, this person is definitely one to be listened to.


The Devil is the theme for you this month Leo, along with the World and 9 of Wands. The Devil speaks to us of turning negative energy into positive, it also touches on sexuality and physical confrontations. This tells me that this month will be one of ironing out details between two people, it will also be a sexually charged month for you -- but there may be a communication disconnect even with the great fun you have in bed. The World shows us that your worldview will change this month. Instead of relying on illusions and false beliefs, your eyes will be wide open and you will be hit by stark reality. The 9 of Wands shows me that this time for you is one of gathering energy and resources. It also tells me that you may be a little resistant to some new experiences coming your way. Be aware, we make our own obstacles.


Your negative thoughts are really going to get you this month, Virgo. The 10 of Swords speaks of a fear of plans ruined as well as letting negative thinking get you distracted and distressed. The 5 of Disks tells me that there are some financial worries surrounding you, and the Knight of Disks shows that throughout all of this your will and persistence will overcome all of these things. But you really need to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move forward. Don't allow the negative thought patterns to get you. If you do, you will miss too many opportunities for success. Don't hyper-focus or dwell on the possible negative outcome of a situation and don't borrow trouble this month, Virgo. You really can't afford it.


Expect your schedule to get full this month, Libra. You are being pulled in a million different directions and usually you are good at giving attention to all of them. However, this month things may seem a little overwhelming. The Ace of Swords shows up in your spread indicating that through all of this you will maintain clear thinking and that you mind will not fail you. There is also a new opportunity coming your way so keep your eyes open as this is something that will help to bring you spiritual and financial fulfillment. The Knight of Discs also makes an appearance to tell us that you will heading down your own path without compromising any of your ethical or spiritual beliefs. You will make no bones about who and what you are or your goals. People either better join you or get out of the way!


This month is all about releasing fears. The Moon card comes through loud and clear with this message, saying that you should not dread danger or look for the next shoe to drop but instead continue on your path with courage. It also speaks of delving into your subconscious to try and understand who you really are. We lash out for reasons unknown, we react to things in very specific ways, but why? The Moon is here for you this month to help you discover just that. The Five of Cups also makes an appearance, showing that there will be some big disappointments coming for you this month. I feel that they are from people, not situations. There is a feeling of injustice looming around you this month and it all comes back to opinions. However, on the other side of scale we have the Ace of Swords, which gives a chance of a new path, and freedom of thought. Take advantage.


Your mind is your best weapon this month, Sagittarius. The Six of Wands tells me that you will gain success through your own clever machinations. On the opposing side, we have the Ten of Wands, which tells me that you may not be up to the effort of putting your full strength behind your plans or ideas. A feeling of fatigue will hit you this month, almost like there is barely any energy at all. But do not allow yourself to be oppressed. Temperance is there to guide you and help you gain balance. It's all about getting out of the chaos and finding equal footing this month Sagi!


An injustice will finally be righted, Capricorn. The Justice card tells of this, and next to it lays the Sun card, which speaks of material gain and success. It also shows us that you will be content during this month, both with your work and in relationships! However, on the other side of this lays the Seven of Cups, which tells me that there will also be much frustration. Things do not feel as though they are moving along fast enough for you. But there is so much going on behind the scenes that you don't see. Relax. Success is your's this month.


Be careful of courting danger this month, Aquarius. That warning comes from the Five of Swords. The Two of Wands tells me that you have control over a situation that you feel less than in control of. It also speaks of an overflow of creative energy just waiting to be channeled through you. The Five of Wands shows that you are longing for success, harmony and stability but that it often eludes you. This month you will be prepared to grab it, just be sure you can hold on and heed the Five of Swords this February.


It's all about emotions this month, Pisces, with the Eight, Ace and Nine of Cups in your spread. The Eight tells us of a reversal of fortune -- it may feel like February is one giant obstacle, at least in the beginning of the month. Next there is the Ace of Cups which talks about a major opportunity for self-realization and fulfillment coming for you. It also speaks of reveling in love on all levels. The Nine of Cups tells me that you are going to approach every situation this month with a joie de vivre and that networking, team games and socializing in general will be your strengths throughout the month.

The Deck Used During This Reading Was: The Röhrig Tarot