Monday, January 4, 2010

TarotScopes for 2010

Hello Lovelies!
Below are your TarotScopes for 2010.

Remember, these scopes are general, and because we're all individuals, certain predictions might be stronger for some than they are for others.

Also, always keep in mind that your future is up to you!
If you don't like something, you always have the power to change if for the better.

Your Scopes are divided into 3 sections:
Your Theme for the year
Different Obstacles you may face along the way
and certain Helpful Aspects that will help you reach your goals.


Theme – The Magician. This is a year of change for you, and that change could be spiritual. Allow yourself to transform.

Different Obstacles – Work and finances may not be at their peak this year. Try not to take too many shortcuts. Perhaps starting to save and take on greater responsibility now will help you in these endeavors.

Helpers – You're very good under pressure, and very direct in conversation, and these two things will help you this year. There will be opportunities to make more money, just don't let those shortcuts trip you up. You're going to be meeting obstacles head on and finding yourself transforming.


Theme – Temperance. Your patience will be tested this year, and you'll be making a lot of decisions. You'll also be releasing control a little bit and allowing yourself to be guided.

Different Obstacles – It'll feel like you need to make a lot of decisions all at once, and that could test you in a lot of different ways.

Helpers: One of your biggest virtues is going to be your patience, and your stubbornness may actually be an asset. A lot of people may rely on you, and your nurturing side will come out. You'll also be learning to appreciate the small stuff this year.


Theme – The Hermit. This year is all about looking deep into yourself and finding the great mysteries. It's about making yourself whole, incorporating more logic, and getting in touch with your spiritual center.

Different Obstacles – Hopping from project to project may be a hindrance to you. You may feel a little stagnant this year, particularly around the month of August. Your finances may be a bit of a struggle, and you'll have to work on keeping your emotions in check. Feelings are not facts – remember that.

Helpers – Your creativity is going to be a big help to you, and the plethora of ideas you come up with is going to be amazing! Around February and March, you may be talking some sense into people, so any big arguments could be settled around then. Your objective nature is going to grow stronger.


Theme – The Wheel. This year may be unpredictable, and you're going to really learn how to go with the flow. You may have come across this feeling around 5 years ago, but the Universe wants you to continue the lesson! Be open and willing.

Different Obstacles – You may be more presently oriented when you should be looking to the future. Your nurturing nature may cause you to take care of others when you really should be taking care of yourself. Also, be aware of your communication skills. Make sure people are really hearing the exact words you're saying.

Helpers – You're going to be very financially stable this year, and there will be opportunities for career expansion and movement! People will also be looking to you for advice a good deal. You're going to be learning a lot this year, soaking up information as you go.


Theme – The Tower, reversed. There's going to be a major rebuilding this year; figuring out how to move forward, planning and developing. It's going to be an interesting journey as you discover how to really lay down a new foundation.

Different Obstacles – Dynamics at work may be a hindrance; you may have some issues with coworkers. In terms of love relationships, your biggest issue may be around a spiritual connection. Emotionally and mentally there is connection, but you need to work on nurturing a higher 'soul' connection. Pay attention to where your money is going and why, Leo. You may not be keeping track the way you should.

Helpers – Your creativity is going to be a huge help to you this year! You're also going to find empowerment; moving things forward and pushing. It's all about motivating yourself and others, and you have the power to do that. A lot of social and business connections may be made this year, particularly around July.


Theme – The Emperor. This year it's all about taking positions of authority and taking control.

Different Obstacles – You're going to be in a lot of 'grey' situations where the answer isn't so black and white, and that is going to challenge you. Your dreams may be a little scattered this year; things may be coming at you very fast, so make sure to make goals that are attainable.

Helpers – Your sense of justice is going to be a blessing for you this year, you're going to have a fine sense of that – just be sure not to pre-judge. This may also be a year of confrontation, but you're going to be able to put certain issues away for good. Things may feel like they're moving a little slower in 2010, but that's good for you! Take time to sit back and survey your situation.


Theme – The Star. There may be some travel coming for you this year, Libra! Also, you'll be working on keeping the faith.

Different Obstacles – Your biggest issue in 2010 may be finding your center. This year is going to test your ability to keep your energy flowing and to keep yourself grounded. It's going to be a time of reality, of seeing things as they are. This year, you need to focus on you because you may be feeling a lot of emotional waves. Also, do your best to watch out for that temper.

Helpers – You're not afraid to be alone and do things on your own, so doing some work on yourself isn't going to feel isolating. As far as work goes, you'll have the energy to accomplish a lot, much more than you have in the past. With the self-work you're going to be doing this year, you'll be able to see your obstacles objectively – they'll bother you less than they may have in the past.


Theme – Judgment. You're going to be rethinking how to use those everyday judgments we all have. Your intuitive ability will be growing, and you're going to learn how to work in different systems (in both career and higher thinking).

Different Obstacles – You're going to struggle with letting go of certain issues from 2009. Your intense energy may also affect certain people around you, so be careful of how you project yourself. You could be a little too future focused right now, Scorpio. Do your best to be "now" oriented.

Helpers – Your friends and family are going to be a great support system this year. Allow them to help and guide you. Your work ethic is going to bring you a lot of opportunities and money in 2010. Self-confidence is going to be a great help to you now!


Theme – The Chariot. This is a year of great victory for you! Just make sure that you make time to address certain feelings of "being less than"… let go of those insecurities. You're on the way to success.

Different Obstacles – Watch out for your desire to self sacrifice; take a step back when it comes to certain situations and take a breath before acting. Don't cut your nose off to spite your face. As stated above, you may be feeling like you need to overcompensate, like you're not up to par, but with the theme of the Chariot, just know that you are succeeding and you are going forward. Watch out for over-complicating certain situations, specifically around May - August.

Helpers: You've got a great ability to re-manifest, and allow yourself to relinquish control. Your ability to "rise up from the ashes" and start anew, as well as taking time for yourself, will benefit you greatly this year.


Theme – Hanged Man. It's a year of lessons for you; of learning about yourself and who you are in the world.

Different Obstacles – you may be procrastinating more than usual, and could be dealing with some financial issues between May and June. You've got a lot of good people around you right now, but there are also some bad eggs. Don't let those bad eggs take advantage of you.

Helpers – The second half of 2010 is going to be financially stable for you, helping you feel secure and on top. As far as health goes, you're going to learn how to stay healthy and how to maintain that health. An emotional dream, "a missing piece" may become whole this year as well.


Theme – The Sun. You're going to be hitting your goals and finding yourself "the bright spot in the room". You're going to be growing by leaps and bounds.

Different Obstacles – Money is going to be difficult this year; you have a lot more going out than coming in. It's not about losing a bunch of money, you're not going to be destitute, don't worry, just be careful when it comes to spending too much on friends and yourself. Travel may also be an issue for you, so watch for that. Be on the lookout for a self-sacrificing attitude.

Helpers – Your work ethic is going to be off the charts! You're going to have a lot of opportunities to move up in your career, and money is going to be coming though. October – November is going to be a great financial time; invest wisely. Your judgment is maturing and helping you out this year as well.


Theme – The Devil, reversed. You're going to be fighting internal negativity and overcoming those obstacles all year, Pisces!

Different Obstacles – Confrontation is necessary in 2010, even though you may not want to do it. You may be slightly removed from your emotions while also allowing certain things to prick you more than usual.

Helpers – This year, you're going to finally find peace in terms of co-workers and work. You're going to be social and networking a lot more. A lot of good movement forward is coming your way as well, so make sure you notice the little things which make that movement possible.