Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Tarot Leaves deck by Beth Seilonen

I get to review decks all the time and I feel so blessed and priveliged to do so. I decided to share the wealth and offer a deck to review to a good friend of mine named Sue. She has been studying and practicing in divination for over twenty years and has a passion for art in all it's forms.So this was the perfect deck to give her to review. Here is Sue's take on the deck...

"The first thing that you notice about this deck is it's gentle nature, from the pastelish coloring to the graphic depictions on each of the cards. Leaves are woven into each card in some manner. This in itself lends this deck to be a bit less foreboding to clients. I was able to use this deck on a person who is new to tarot readings and not have her be intimidated cards that traditionally have harsher images. All in all it was a fun deck to use, however it does require a bit more experience and intuitiveness then other. Because of that, I would recommend this deck for experienced users."

Prepare friends, the next review is way out of the norm for this blog! I will be reviewing a book by M.C. V. Egan entitled The Bridge of Deaths. I can already tell you that it is definitely a book I would read again...but you'll find out all about it in the next post!

Till then!
Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd