Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Battle the Holiday Exhaustion

Turkey Day and Christmas is right around the corner my friends!!! You know what that means, making the rounds at holiday parties, purchasing, giving and recieving gifts, cooking, parades and of course being overwhelmed and exhausted. Maybe that's why people drink so much at New Years!
How do you keep your energy  the holiday season? Well I will give you a few of my favorite tips!

1. Get plenty of sleep - I know it is a little obvious but it takes over and hour for our brain to completely shut down and prepare for sleep, so when you think your actually getting six hours your really only getting five!

2. Invest in Green, Black or Oolong Tea - All have great benefits including boosting your immune system and your energy levels! But be sure not to overdo it, two cups of tea a day is a good idea. If you aren't a fan of hot tea stick with Green, it tastes really good cold. Or you can add a bit of honey to it which has astringent and cleansing qualities!

3. Manage your time - Again another obvious one, but it is very necessary to get organized! Get a scheduler or just a piece of paper and make a day plan with what activities on what days. Allot time for each activity and give yourself breathing time in between each. Putting it in black and white like that will help you to compartmentalize and process all of your tasks so you won't get overwhelmed.

4. Surround yourself with cheer - Wearing colors such as yellow, orange, golds, and blues help us to feel energized, red does this as well. Greens, browns and khaki's help us to feel more grounded. If I have a day where there is a LOT going on I will wear an energizing color. When it is a time to relax and recoup I will wear a grounding color.

5. Allow yourself to celebrate - This is my final rule for holidays. When I go to parties I meet so many people who, even though they are there to celebrate continue to think about issues at home or what is left on their task list. Leave it at the door! If you got all of your kids presents before the December rush celebrate that you achieved that goal! Celebrate yourself and the fact that you CAN do all of the tasks on your list!

6. Count your blessings - Okay I lied, this is the absolute LAST rule I swear! I think it is pretty self-explanatory but I will detail it anyway. I can remember my Uncle Bill used to count his blessings by helping others. Every Christmas he would drive around town with six bills ranging from twenty five dollars to one hundred each put into a card and sealed. He would also put blankets in the car (usually about fifteen or twenty) he would then go out Christmas Eve night and give these out to the homeless around town. Buying them a place to stay for the night, giving a warm blanket, or another act of kindness. This was his way of counting his blessings and giving back. Find your own way to count YOUR blessings this holiday season!

Brightest Blessings,
Beckah Boyd