Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 2011 Tarotscopes

Hello Lovelies!
 It is time for the December horoscopes!!! This month I used the Audacious Angels Oracle by Helen Michaels and Lorraine Roe. This is a solid deck with 44 cards, each with a message from the Audacious Angels to help guide you during your spiritual journey. With a mix of practical information, a little magic and a lot of humor this deck is both enlightening and entertaining! I wouldn’t necessarily use this for reading others but prefer to use it as a true oracle deck, to give insight into your daily life and solutions to your problems. It’s a wonderful personal deck to keep and utilize. You can get the deck through

Sagittarius - Happy Birthday!! Universe is on your side this month so hone your magic arrows and shoot towards your target, the Divine will make sure it hits! Ask for what you want this month, be specific in the item, opportunity or situation, but not in how it is to be received! That is the fun part of playing with a Magic Wand.

Aries - The Audacious Angels say it’s time to listen up! You’ve got a Date with Destiny! Be open to signs from Universe directing you, it could be something as simple as being in the right place at the right time, or ‘just for the hell of it’ reading the classifieds and finding something you are destined to have. Either way, just keep an ear out and your eyes open!

Taurus - You are pregnant with possibilities right now! So many creative ideas and endeavors. But are you really nurturing them? The Womb Full card indicates that right now is not the time to focus on other commitments to other people, but rather commit to yourself and really work on the ideas that you’ve already got cooking!

Gemini - The angels say this is the month for healing! Talk to a counselor, a friend or even write out your feelings! Be honest with the people around you, gain closure in a situation. Take this month to relax, be introverted and to take a  couple of Mending Days.

Cancer - First Things First, now is the time to plan in baby steps. A lot of little changes can add up to huge change and make you feel more secure at the same time. So start that planning and take those tiny steps toward your future happiness!

Leo - Michael, Prince Charming of Protection has your back Leo! When this card comes up it indicates a need for protection from negative energies, and the Archangel Michael has you covered. Whether it be at work, home, or friends now is the time to clean out your toxicity closet! Let Michael help!

Virgo - Newsflash! There are new ideas coming your way! Universe is conspiring to bring you to most creative mindset! Whether it be new ways to handle a job task, make your money work for you or a new invention. Be open this month to letting your creative mind take over and come up with outside the box solutions.

Libra - Hot Lips tells you that this month is one for rejoicing!  Hace fun laugh out loud and just generally get happy this month! Laughing helps to release negativity, soothe stress and keep you in balance. no matter the troubles, traumas or issues, recognize that it too shall pass you have a lot to be thankful for! Rejoice and count your blessings!

Scorpio - Scorpio get ready to be sloppy! The Audacious Angels have given you the Grape Stomping card for this month indicating that this month is one for big emotional moments.  Whether they be really high or really low everything is going to be felt in extremes.

Capricorn - The Black Swan is ready to make it’s debut in your life! Recognize the drama around you for what it is an rather than trying to stop it let it play out!! Embrace the theatricality of a good drama and take center stage, you will be very enlightened by it’s conclusion!

Aquarius - The Audacious Angels say Charge It! Universe is asking you to go on faith and move full steam ahead! Whatever the ideas are no matter the risk, jump and know that this month Universe will catch you and help you succeed!

Pisces - You are the empty vessel this month being Warmly Receptive to the Divine and letting that energy seep into those around you. Be a grounding point for them, recognize your divinity and help others as Universe helps you!