Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 2012 Tarotscopes

Hey All!
This month I am using the AboraMana Channeled Goddess Wisdom Cards by Neithard Horn.

Capricorn - Happy Birthday Capricorn!! The Dancer of Air - Lyrics tells you that the first week is one to give many thanks, count your blessings and focus on the positive. Mid-month Day shines for you  bringing with it a sense of clarity and a need to be an independent think, there will be lots of work to get done during the middle of the month, but rather than just keeping your head down to work allow your mind to fly! At the end of the month you meet The Bitch who empowers you in the sacred discipline of sex, now is the time to take  of your sexual relationships, focus on the raisng of energy, and the freedom that it can bring.

Aries - You have been pulled into Eva's Dream, a place of creativity and creation, where anything can happen! Let your will be materialized this month is perfect for it! Enjoy your month in Eva's Dream and let all of your dreams become reality.

Taurus - Skuld The Cutter comes to inform you that you have achieved the finish of some threads in your destiny, it is time for changes! You are now free to pursue a new fate, gain a new destiny, be open to the possibilities surrounding you.

Gemini - Communication is your key this month but it's not just about talk, it's about problem solving which is a big part of the Game of Life. Do not speak just to be heard, talk to fix issues, communicate to help. It could be a problem between you and someone else or mediation between friends, it may be to aid someone in brainstorming. There are so many different ways that it can apply just keep it in mind this month.
Cancer - Pay attention to Your Spiritual Master, you can only learn what you are willing to learn. Your Spiritual Master may not be a flesh and blood human but a situation as well. Recognize that you can change Your Spiritual Master at any time, that you can learn and live, reincarnate in spirituality and that this month you have the opportunity to obtain a spiritual high point.

Leo - An opportunity to break down the walls between you and your lover presents itself with the gift of True Love. If you are not currently in a relationship now is the time to look at your own walls that may be repelling real love. This month is one for breaking boundaries in relationships and blending soul energy in a beautiful union.

Virgo - The Book of Rules in The Game of Life tells you that this month not to give what you would not want for yourself. This month is all about learning the laws of the Book of Rules run by the Universe and AbroMana.
Libra - This month is all about Cleansing with Fire, this can be literal, meaning to smudge yourself and your home. Fire is the only element that creates permanent change to whatever it touches don't let the fire of your passions or will burn you up. Wounds fester and fire cauterizes those wounds, now is the time to heal by channeling your fire energy into creation and cleansing rather than stewing.

Scorpio - Ur-Goddess Abora comes to bring you the power to create on your own. This month send out the energy of creation and watch it multiply.

Sagittarius - This months energies are all about perseverance. Just keep your head down andving forward, like the bull you push through the obstacles that will be presented to you this month. It is a great opportunity for you to prove how limitless you really are.

Aquarius - AborMana the Split Goddess influences you over the month of January, and holder of the Power of Life. This month is all about exploring that power, if you have been trying to conceive either an idea or a child now may be a good idea to try!

Pisces - The Dancer of Water tells you now is the time to pay attention to the Rhythm of life around you. Find your own beat and walk to it, but recognize that you are not alone in your travel. Break free from others expectation, refuse to dance to their songs and resolve only to dance to the tune Universe guides you in creating!