Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tarotscopes for the Year 2013

Am I the only one who felt the growing pains of 2012? A great year but with such a trans-formative number as 5 an equal part male & female number it was all about constant change. I am happy to see us settling into a nice solid 6 for the year of 2013 this digit is considered one of the most harmonious in the 1-9 series as it gets along with most all other numbers! It is considered the number of motherhood, caring, nurturing & sacrifice. The number 6 typically favors the underdog in all situations too!! What I love about the number 6 is it gets over the hump of the 9 year cycle. Expect a lot of rather strange events, particularly in the areas of nature & politics! This year will also emphasize the idea that the world is getting smaller. You will want to watch things on a more global scale as we begin to see how things around the global truly do have an immediate effect on us. A lot of people slated 2013 as a year of spiritual awakening, I consider it to definitely be one small part of the giant puzzle for this year. I believe a lot of situations will be coming to a head as the nurturing nature of 6 pulls out issues like a dentist does teeth.
This month we are doing our '2013's Theme' readings! Find out what your personal goals, lessons or achievements will be and how to get there in 2013! This month I am using the Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya! A gorgeous deck, with fabulous artistry published by U.S. Games! I remember working at my first metaphysical shop, this deck was there and I admired it, with rich detail & beautiful double rose on the back of each card. I wanted the deck pretty badly  so I'm excited to be adding this deck to my collection & to bring it to each of you! Each of the cards are illustrated in soothing tones, I particularly love the almost stained glass look that is given to them! They are more traditional than some of the decks I've reviewed in the past such as the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding (who by the way has a deck geared toward the dog lover that just came out) or this past November's Inspiration for Survivors deck by Aunia Kahn & Russell J. Moon.
The beauty of this deck is in it's versatility & simplicity. It sticks to the same set up as the Rider-Waite but can have mass appeal in its eclectic characters! From Egyptian influences to Japanese anime like figures there will be a card in this deck that fits your taste. Even though the portraits themselves range from all over the globe the running theme of colors ties it all together nicely. This is a great deck for anyone, beginners, intermediates or advanced!

Capricorn - Happy Birthday Capricorn!! 
Theme: Your personal theme this year is the Empress and woman full of life & pregnant with ideas. She is the go to girl to get the ball rolling but not necessarily the one to carry out the tasks. Follow your creativity this year Capricorn where ever it may lead!
Challenges: One of your biggest challenges this year will be in relationships as depicted by the 2 of Cups in reverse, misunderstandings, insecurity & stubborn attitudes will lead to drama & trauma. 
Achievements: Your biggest achievements will come from the sector of work/money this year is one of extras! Don't be expect this year to be easy though you will have to work hard but it will be completely worth it!

Theme: This year the theme for you is the Fool, this does not mean that it is time for you to act like a fool, although I feel you should always keep open to having fun! You should however, be prepared to get a little spontaneous, you will begin to feel restless and may be even ache for some changes to come around mid-year. This is also the year for you to take initiative, no time to sit on your laurels, you've already been planning now you need to take action!
Challenges: The 5 of Swords reversed indicates that this year will be a big challenge in the way of decision making & submitting. Do not allow yourself to be intimated this year you are meant to learn to stand on your own to feet & voice your opinion. There will also be a lot of harder decisions that need to be made, rather than waiting to see what Fate has to say take control!
Achievements: 2 of Pentacles say that harmony will come in around you this year Aries! Balance is yours, also you will have the added ability to see things for what they truly are, rather than getting caught up in the illusions that we create. 

Theme: The Moon marks 2013 for you as the year of spiritual awakenings & transformations! Not every change will be on your terms, but embrace them nonetheless!
Challenges:  The 7 of Swords reversed presents your obstacles for this year, mainly, allowing yourself to say,"I can't do it on my own' and seeking out advice from other sources. The other big challenge is to look at all possible long term outcomes rather than having a 'here and now' attitude or worrying about what will happen a year from now. This year challenges you to look at ten or twenty years down the road.
Achievements: Commitment & devotion are your achievements for 2013 whether you are gathering devotion from co-workers & loved ones or finally getting the commitment from your other half or a raise from your boss!

Theme: The Magician is your guide of 2013! He tells you to use your skills with determination & not to wait for opportunities but take initiative to create them!
Challenges:  The 8 of Wands tells me you will stand at a crossroads during this year Gemini, and it will be a big one! There is an opportunity to make a new way, to take a different road to reach your goals or to continue along the same path that you've already plotted.
Achievements: You have the lovely Page of Coins in your achievements sector! A messenger of hope & material gain! Expect a possible windfall or great news that will definitely make your year!

Theme: The Wheel of Fortune asks you to let go of control this year & let Destiny guide you to your path & successes. 
Challenges: Change is your challenge of 2013 Cancer, as depicted by the Knight of Wands, learn to adapt quickly if you want to excel!
Achievements: The 10 of Cups indicates contentment, happiness & a sense of dreams realized in relationships & family!


Theme: Keep your spirits up this year Leo it is not the time to have a negative attitude opportunities are on the rise for you this year says The Star! 
Challenges: 10 of Wands indicates that this year you need to be careful of co-dependent relationships, your priorities & burdens. This year is one to clean house and let go of negative influences on your life.
Achievements:  The Page of Cups brings word of cooperation, and passion. You will find your success by following you bliss & your love for what you do!


Theme: Aim for leadership positions Virgo, so says the Emperor. This year is also one to stand by your convictions rather than playing it safe and submitting to ideas that you may not agree with.
Challenges:  This year is really going to challenge our determination, as the 7 of Cups reversed indicates. Look for a lot of situations where you are being questioned or the people around you doubt your success. Don't let that hold you back though, it's a life lesson!
Achievements: Expect to reap the rewards of all your hard work for the past couple of years! The 7 of Pentacles indicates that you will be making a nice profit off your labor!


Theme: The Chariot rules 2013 for you! There is no better card in the deck to have when you want a victorious year!! Tap into your determination and will to make the best of the situations coming up this year and know that all conflicts or issues will settle down very quickly & most likely in your favor!
Challenges: The biggest challenge for you of 2013 comes from the Knight of Pentacles reversed as we see you becoming a wee bit of a workaholic. Be sure to temper your work with enough play!
Achievements: Expect a lot of recognition and success this year. You will achieve the fame, notoriety and financial profits that you aim for!


Theme: Death visits you in 2013, no not the physical kind! Expect transformation and rebirth this year, the end of one path to begin another! 
Challenges: This is the year to battle fears and anxieties. A lot of situations will creep up that challenge you to face the things that you worry about the most, whether it is a cheating spouse or the feeling of failure. Face them head on and realize feelings are not facts, merely our mind trying to protect us.
Achievements:The Three of Pentacles gives you recognition for your creativity & craftsmanship. Look into ways to get yourself & your skill set into the spotlight! Once you've opened up the opportunity it is all gravy!!


Theme: Justice grants you balance for 2013. Embrace it, the year will not be dull but it will be in order. Expect routines that have been established to continue and finances to be in accord.
Challenges: The Queen of Swords reversed tells you to face gossip mongers head on and to remove toxic people from your life no matter how close they may be.
Achievements: The 2 of Wands tells you to go after your dreams! This is a great year to start or grow your own business! Expect a lot of achievements around work & finances this year.


Theme: 2012 was a hell of a year for you. The Hermit tells you to take some time out this year and reflect both on the past year and in upcoming situations. It is imperative that you take a moment and retreat into yourself prior to making any decisions this year Aquarius, no impulsive choices!
Challenges: There are some opportunities to create the change that you are looking for this year, however the challenge lies in the amount of determination and focus it will cost you to create it. For the typically lackadaisical Aquarius it may be a little bit more than you are willing to give, however, that is the idea of challenge....can you do it? That is what the Ace of Swords intends to find out!
Achievements: The 9 of Cups gives you the extra oomph you were looking for in order to help you out with your challenge this year. It is a wishes fulfilled card, so put your energy out there, this is a year of manifestation for you Aquarius! Take advantage!


Theme: Temperance tells you to take a moment in 2013 remember everything in moderation, that is your mantra for the year. Especially as you dive headlong into new projects!
Challenges: You biggest challenge is to learn to RELAX!!! Enjoy your respite rather than trying to buck against it, take hold of your solitude and allow yourself sometime for looking inward. Patience is also a necessity this year as things move pretty slowly particularly in the first half of the year.
Achievements:  I would say you are getting to good at your work, efficiency is your strong suit this year don't expect just to catch up but to ACTUALLY get ahead!! This in turn may be part of the reason why things seem so slow and easy around you rather than the chaos you may be used to. Embrace it!!

*Images used with permission from US Games Systems Inc.