Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tarotscopes February 2013

Hello Lovelies!!!
It's that time again! February heralds an 8 for the month's Universal number, which is a number of Karma! It actually makes a lot of sense for February considering we are just coming off the New Year (and looking back on that past year) and looking into the future for this year. Karma always looks in both directions, expect rewards for past actions & continue to put efforts out there so that you can grow exponentially within this year. I like to think of February as a power month in that it is an in between, not necessarily a month of action it is a great one to plan and set your intentions. Speaking of planning this month I am working with the Star Road Map influenced by the Mayan calendar it is 'Divination Beyond Time & Space' created by Patricia Padilla & Marlena Freelove it is a brightly colored card set that includes a 208 page guidebook to help with your journey to self discovery!
When opening the box initially I presumed the deck was more like a traditional tarot with the 78 cards including major arcana, minor arcana & the pips. The cards themselves are a little bulky to handle (they are more like oracle cards with their width) but they are very well done. However, in looking at the deck you will soon come to realize they are very different, they may include some very obvious similarities to a normal deck of tarot (with a mesoamerican flair) however, you soon come to discover huge differences. There are a few recognizable figures in the major arcana such as Death, The Lovers, The Emperor etc, the World has been changed to The Universe and then there are cards such as Self Love & Stillness which are completely new. The pips look and work nothing like the typical tarot there are 20 cards for Days, 13 for Overworlds, 9 for the Underworlds, 9 Intercessions (think Divine intervention) and another 4 for each of the directions. This deck is an insight into how this culture sees the cosmos, time, spirituality & how it connects us all and helps us along our path. This is a wonderful deck for anyone interested in the mesoamerican culture, or in any ancient history. It is a great way to learn about their world view & how to look beyond the future but into the past & present to see it's affect!

Aquarius - Happy Birthday Aquarius! And what a birthday it will be with the Ancestors who implore you to sacrifice and be reborn, it is time to start another life or another chapter of your life. Let the Ancestors help you to accomplish this goal. Initiation comes next which allows you to begin a grand new journey, all of the tools necessary for growth & abundance is already at your fingertips you need only begin to put things into action. You end with Acceptance, the first Day card in the deck this is about an acceptance of self and your place in the world. Its important to be both independent and cooperative within your community at this time!

Aries -  It is time to look to the East Aries! Look into the direction where the sun rises, take that energy and run with it! You are empowered by your own ability to motivate as yellow energy invades your aura giving you the ability to push things into fruition! Authenticity is the name of Day 7 challenging you to be free and secure in your relationships. Don't be the chameleon blending in with your surroundings and your friends ideas, now is the time to embrace your individuality! You finish February with the 11th card of the Overworld which brings you Clarity giving you a wonderful chance to turn a floodlight in the dark and see things for how they truly are!

Taurus - The World Tree comes through as Divine intervention reminding you that you are a small part of a much bigger picture. Now is the time to 'Let go & let God' you've done all you can to push things forward now take a passive role and see how things unfold. The 4th card in the Overworld set comes forward for you indicating Stability put your best foot forward because nothing less will do during the mid-month as long as you do you will get the best out of ANY situation you are in. You end the month in the 5th card of the Underworld set entitled Regional and it reminds you that that you are not your culture or religion your cannot be put into a box and no definition can truly encompass who you are. Look to art and writing to access the greater reality what will serve your soul's evolution!

Gemini - The Vision Serpent comes to you in the beginning of the month letting you know that you already have the answers you have been looking for. You need to get away from all of the opinions, confusion & chaos surrounding you to find them. You then move into the 14th Day (Wisdom) indicating it is time to gain education with counseling skills and healing arts in order to assist you in giving clear, concise communication regarding your thoughts and ideas. You end the month in the First Father considered the highest spiritual card  in the deck freed from illusions & deceptions our mind has only to catch up with your state of grace. As we move from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, you will recognize that you have no limitations and whatever images, ideas or notions that your mind can construct will indeed become reality.

Cancer - Flow is the 6th card in the Overworld series, indicating a time self-awareness is upon you. This card comes up often for people who are involved in physical activities such as athletes, people trying to become fit or stay fit, sometimes it will also come up for those just discovering illness. It is all about truly becoming aware of our physical self & attuning to the energy of focused physical movement in order to accomplish goals, rather than 'trying to keep up' or being 'all over the place'. Day 4 rises for you and it's message is Leadership, it is time to work on a healthy sense of self-esteem, and balance all the endeavors you are undertaking. Right now it is critical that you pay attention to the details within your projects & be sure not to adhere to plans to strictly as you may receive some great suggestions. Its important to keep an open mind. We also see Nawal coming in as an Intercession for you, a Nawal is given to every child upon their birth, think of it as something like an animal spirit guide or familiar. Know that as you help others or try to help yourself your own Nawal is working in tandem with you, protecting you and is your advocate.

Leo -  Much like the end month for Cancer you Leo begin your month with an Intercession, that of the White Flower. Considered to be the eternal flower of the World Tree the white flower is the portal where human souls are brought into creation. The message of this all important bud is that you are not alone in this world, we are escorted through this life by guardians and guides, it is ever important that we maintain a clear connection to these beings to help us as we grow into full adulthood, as they will also be the people to help escort us back to the First Mother & First Father. Mid-month we see the entrance of the Emperor indicating a job well done by you or for you, it may also indicate that home and work life is in complete balance at this time. You end the month with The Universe depicted by the Spider Woman who wove the Universe into existence. It is is a reminder to you that you are part of something much greater and a message that right now stillness is your friend. Be still and it will restore you, giving you the opportunity to get back in touch with your spirit, mind & body which will be ever important at the end of the month. No matter what is going on, carry with you that sense of stillness.

Virgo - You begin the month in Day 3 indicating that right now your biggest challenge will be your rigidity in your thinking, and need for control. This card is all about Security, but it implores you to be flexible in all things and let go! Next you move into the 9th card of the Overworld, telling you now is not the time to wait around and be Patient, but rather you've been given the go ahead to intensify your focus on a project. If by this time of the month you are questioning decisions you have made, this card indicates that you did indeed take the correct path for all involved. You round out the month in the darker aspect of the Empowerment card which is the 5th in the Overworld section. When we see this card come up typically it means that you need to watch yourself. Although mid-month you were making plenty of correct decisions, maybe things went to well and you got a little to high on the horse. You are considered a leader, be sure that your decisions are being made for the good of all and not for just you.

Libra - You start out February with a reminder from the 3rd card in the Underworld series entitled Familial. However, this is not as it seems, the card does not suggest you connect more with family but rather you look beyond your role there and see how you can make the world your family. For instance, a wife becomes a mother, as the children grow Mom is no longer a person, but a role, a thing that you are. This cards asks you to go beyond the Mom role, take what you have learned there and from all of your other past influences, genetics etc and apply it to a more world wide vision. Next you move into the Magus represented by the Butterfly God it is a card of deep transformation indicating that your already heading into your next evolution. You end the month with an Intercession from Alchemy! This card reminds you that the only limits you have are those you put on yourself. Remember the journey back to Creator is all about breaking down barriers & illusions we have built up around us.

Scorpio - The month starts with you looking to the South giving you a strong sense of connection to others and strengthening of your emotions and the ability to really reach bottom of the barrel issues that you have stuffed away. The 8th card in the Underworld series lets you know that you have moved beyond physicality and are truly ready for spiritual reality. To the Mesoamerican people this was a Galactic reality, their First Mother and First Father lived near Orion's belt and so this card is aptly named. You end with the 10th card in the Overworld Series called Manifest however, it comes in at it's darker aspect tell you that the end of the month is not a time to sit on your butt and get complacent but rather one to rise to the challenge and bring down the obstacle blocking your pathway.

Sagittarius - Your month is full of Days Sag! It starts with Day 6 (Instinct) which tells you now is the time to really make a concerted effort within your relationships and community. It's really important that you also keep a world view of everything that you do! Next you move into Day 9 (Persistence) which challenges you to learn self-control and find the triggers for your not so wonderful behaviors. You end the month on the 13th Day (Knowledgeable) bringing with it a need to compromise and be flexible in your current situation.

Capricorn - You start the month with an Intercession by La Reina (and no I'm not talking about Mambo LaReina from Mystic Seekers Radio, Tuesday nights @ 11pm on I'm speaking of The Lady of Guadalupe (which btw if you use her green candle to help bring what you want it REALLY works well!) this card comes in to remind you that Love is the glue that holds all of our worlds together and La Reina will aid you to tap into that. With it will come a sense of compassion, firm faith & a need to help others which will in turn help you. Next you move into the 10th Day (Authority) which tells you to learn patience, practice patience and to take direction from the people around you! You end the month with the 1st card of the Underworld indicating that you are able to make changes even down to the Cellular level, however you may be preoccupied with the physical world around you. The challenge in this card is to change perspective and not let yourself get bogged down by 'stuff'.

Pisces - Point your focus West dear Pisces the energies there are trans-formative however it takes on a little bit of a different meaning, it is not just transformation in your personal life but actually much larger than that. Aspects of the West also include communication, cooperation, and adjustment so at this time it is really important that you work with others and communicate clearly with those around you in order to adjust to new situations you find yourself in. You hit Day 12 (Emotions) mid-month which encourages you to be open and honest with the people around you, don't suppress negative feelings but learn to deal with them in new and creative ways. You end the month in the 20th Day (Simplicity) which challenges you to learn to handle disappointments from yourself or others, mostly due to setting possibly unrealistic goals. It also says that in a perfect world everyone would be fair, but at this moment you have to find a way to get used to the unfairness of others decisions and judgments.

*images used with permission from Schiffer Publishing LTD