Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tarotscopes: November 2012

Hi Lovelies! It's November and time for your tarotscopes!! This month I used Inspiration for Survivors created & illustrated by Aunia Kahn with the companion book written by Russell J. Moon.
I am really excited over this deck, although not a traditional tarot (it only has 44 cards) and more of an oracle the premise is extremely interesting. EVERYONE IS A SURVIVOR! Anytime you have a complication, obstacle or situation to overcome you immediately become a survivor of that circumstance.
I will say the art is absolutely GORGEOUS & so inspirational one of my particularly favorite cards is 'Even in Chaos You Can Find Peace.' the grunge theme to it & the barren nature of the card leaves a haunting feeling that is unsettling & peaceful at the same time.
I would recommend this deck to absolutely ANYONE! Reader or not it is a VERY inspiring deck with a lot of practical wisdom & encouragement to help you get through the day. Th e only thing I would change about this deck is I wish it were numbered, for those that are not intuitive readers & would prefer to use the book it makes it a little bit more difficult to find the cards chosen for that day.
This month I will not be pulling multiple cards for each sign, instead we will give you a theme from the deck for all of November! So let's get on to the Tarotscopes!

Scorpio -  Happy Birthday Scorpio! Your theme for this month is 'We are Reflections of Each Other' this card indicates that you must look past the self and recognize that we are all interconnected through Universal Energy. To me this card may also say that you will be meeting someone or a group of people who are either kindred spirits or may help to cast reflection on your current situation. An instance of this happened to me recently where I was doing a reading for a client who, although faced with a situation of different circumstances basically had the same emotional reactions I did to my current problem. Inherently the same obstacle just with a different cast of characters, it allowed me to be more objective because I was looking at a reflection not at my own situation.

Aries - 'Every Soul Has a Story' and you need to embrace yours & the stories of those around you. Each chapter of that story helps to mold you into the person you have become, flaws & all. They are our life lessons, our gifts & whether negative or positive our blessings. Before you judge someone, listen to the story of their life, look beyond the physical & peer into their soul, read their record & then decide where they belong in your life.

Taurus - It is important that you 'Follow the Path to Joy it is Right Before You' Taurus. You are the creator of your own personal joy, everyone is void of something at some point in their life & although we may try to fill it with the material things it is not that which we crave. Rather it is the understanding & acceptance of who we are or creating a plan & making strides towards who we wish to become which aids us in creating a full heart & a blissful life.

Gemini - Remember this...'You Can Go Anywhere & Do Anything' there are no limits, only those you impose upon yourself. Now is the time to recognize your freedoms & bring your dreams to realization! Sometimes it may take a drastic change to help become who we want to be, this could be a move, a change in love or career. Either way know that you can change on a dime & still find bliss, or have no limits!

Cancer - Please keep in mind that 'In Our Darkest Times We Are Never Alone' no matter how dark it is there is always someone around you can reach out to. Whether by phone, visit or even just by faith you constantly have the support. However it will be up to you to reach out, be open & share your problems don't assume that you are a burden to others by sharing your issues. You may just be the reflection that Scorpio is looking for!

Leo - No matter what you do or your situation 'Chains can be Broken' whether emotional attachments to the past or current attachments to a loved one it is possible to free yourself! There are no excuses to being held back as there is always a choice to be made or action to be taken. In this instance it may mean moving someone into your outer circle, breaking up with a significant other, leaving a career or ending a business deal or partnership. Either way this is change that comes with sacrifice, even if we fear cutting the cord it is worth it in the end.

Virgo - Your message for this month is 'May We Gain Peace & Spiritual Grounding' open your heart and mind to the spiritual connections all around you. Whether you look to deities or just the earth's own energy now is the time to embrace that link & ground yourself within it. Faith will take you through this month, much better than planning will at this point.

Libra - Stand up! 'Be a Superhero for Others Shine Light Back to Them' you don't need to find a phone booth where you can change, you don't even need to have a cool cape! Being a superhero to someone in your life could be as simple as giving them a smile, pat on the back, a shoulder to cry on or that ONE person  that your friend/family/spouse can talk to without judgment. It will be as good for them as it is for you.

Sagittarius - Try to 'Hold a Stuffed Animal & Feel It's Soft Heart' something that simple can turn your day from bad to good. A study showed that partners who hugged for five minutes a day had a more successful relationship & sense of cohesion within their environment. Right now things may feel a little out of sorts for you, sit down with your partner, pet or stuffed animal & give a hug.

Capricorn - 'Emotions are the Freedom Given to Express Ourselves' give yourself permission to go through your feelings and be honest with your sense of expression. Not everything is happy go lucky and you can't pretend that it is or just stuff your feelings because it is uncomfortable in that moment. 

Aquarius -
At some point or another 'We Must All Let Go of Hiding Behind a Mask' allow yourself to let go of false perceptions that others have about you! We all have the innate ability to become the chameleon in order to fit in within our group or to aid in smoothing over situations. Now is not the time to call upon that skill, rather shed the mask and let the REAL you shine!

Pisces - It's time to 'Get Lost in the Sound of Music' and I don't mean the movie (although it was really good) a song has the ability to calm our mind & heart. It feels as though this month will be pretty chaotic for you Pisces so be sure to have some good tunes to listen (and sing) to as you go about your business. 

*images used with permission from Schiffer Publishing LTD