Friday, November 30, 2012

Tarotscopes: December 2012

Hello Lovelies!
 It is time for the December horoscopes!!! This month I am working with Major Tom's Tarot of Marseilles by Tom Schick. Named after the author's father it is a really beautiful attempt at bringing one of my favorite tarot styles back into popularity. The Tarot of Marseilles is what was THE tarot deck all the way up until the time of the Rider-Waite deck, it was the standard. Arthur & his partner changed that in creating more elaborate environments for the pips. But personally I love the simplicity of the pips cards from the Marseilles style decks as I feel it truly shows the beauty & importance of the Major Arcana. Major Tom's deck continues that tradition with bright, bold color choices, updated clothing styles (no it's not your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma's deck) that still retain the classic feel of the Marseilles tarot style. Aside from the deck itself the book is comprehensive & one of the only decks I've seen where they show the importance of the colors & numerology of the tarot.
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Sagittarius - Happy Birthday!! You start out the month in the King of Swords giving you the gusto that you need in order to do what has to be done in your current situation. You may feel stuck between a rock & a hard place or in a situation where you know SOMEONE will end up feeling hurt, draw strength from the King of Swords & recognize the importance of this crossroads. This situation will be a game changer for you. The 1 Cups card follows you into midmonth leaving you feeling unconditional love & satisfaction in your current environment. It also may bring a sense of completion to your current journey with the 8 of Swords ending the month reminding you that you are not quite done yet. Don't be surprised if you feel stuck at the end of the month just ride it out until January. Think of it a little like Mercury in retrograde, don't do anything use the time to introvert & review.

Aries - The 2 of Swords greets you at the beginning of the month indicating a state of indecision or a stalemate between to people. Now is not the time to try to come to conclusions or compromises let things stand as they are until you move into the Conjurer mid-month. He represents the will to create now is the time to move plans into action, you can literally move heaven & earth to make things happen! You end the month in the 4 of Batons which indicates you are enjoying your routines, it can also bring a sense of joy with an anniversary, wedding, birth or birthday!

Taurus - You start the month in the 6 of Coins giving you a sense of balance & an eye towards charity or generosity towards others. Mid-month you move into the 7 of Swords telling you to take a chance or a risk on a new project or person! You end the month with Justice giving you the energy to receive what you deserve.

Gemini -  You begin as the Empress giving you growth & nurturing, now is the time to allow yourself to bloom! The 8 of Cups starts you on a new spiritual journey, embrace it & gain a new sense of self. You end the month in The Devil indicating that you may be boxing yourself in be careful of restrictions you may put on yourself. 

Cancer - Now is the time to see the effect of your actions as seen in the Queen of Swords. For good or for negative you reap what you sow. You move into the Cavalier of Cups next giving you the energy to go to the ends of the earth to do what you love or to help those you love. Know that your persistence & nurturing nature will pay off for you. Ending the month in the Cavalier of Swords we see the need for discipline & a more established routine to help get you back in balance. 

Leo - The Valet of Swords is ready to march at your order in the beginning of December the orders are simple explore the relationship between your friends and relationships! You sweep into the 5 of Batons giving you permission to blow off steam, but be sure that when your done you go back to your project with a fresh perspective and an eye towards teamwork.The 4 of Cups is where you end your month showing that even though it may be the holiday season boredom sets in and you may feel like your spinning your wheels when in fact there are opportunities all around you. Open your eyes and be ready to receive your miracles.

Virgo - You find yourself in the Queen of Cups you may be more apt to empathizing with the people, animals and situations around you. There is a reason for this, Universe gives us mirrors in other people, it's time to learn your lessons by empathizing with others. Mid-month we see you moving into the 3 of Coins, indicating that you will be getting recognition or rewards in your work, bask in the glory! You end the month in the Hermit, recognize the wonderful education you've received this past year & appreciate how much you've grown.

Libra - 10 of Coins stops in at the beginning of the month telling you to relax & allow prosperity to come to you, don't block it with doubt & fear. The money is right there for the taking. The Valet of Batons comes in to offer you a chance to learn something new embrace it! You end the month with The World giving you the sense of something missing having been found and a feeling of completeness.

Scorpio - Now is the time to get committed & allow yourself to love something around you more than you do yourself, this is the message that the Valet of Cups brings with him. With this new found or rekindled love you will hop in The Chariot & race off to victory mid-month. The 9 of Batons ends the month for you, indicating telling you to watch your health & continue to fight for your causes!

Capricorn - The Papess greets you at the beginning of your journey this month, she tells you to use your intuition and really let your gut be your guide. The King of Coins stops you mid-month telling you to stop for a second and really consider the path you have set yourself on for this life. Is it truly what you want or would you like to make changes? Now is the time to plan. You end in the 2 of Batons indicating a temporary hold on things, don't get frustrated or upset if things come to an abrupt halt but know that they will clear up in a little bit.

Aquarius -  You begin December in the 1 of Swords telling you to keep an eye open for a big surprise (in a good way) a new opportunity or idea is headed your way. On the flipside of it though you may also find someone suddenly upset or angered with you & it comes out of left field. Either way in the end it is a good experience. Judgement shows up mid-month giving you a huge wake up call! Time to open your eyes beautiful & see the situation or your life for what it truly is. You end the month with the Cavalier of Coins urging you on at work keep pushing to get what you want!

Pisces - King of Batons meets you at the beginning of the month he brings with him a sense of clarity when it comes to a very muddy situation. Temperance enters your sphere mid-December telling you that now is the time to mix opposing forces to bring a vision into creation.You end in the 1 of Coins indicating a new business venture, opportunity to make money and financial success!

*images used with permission from Schiffer Publishing LTD