Monday, May 10, 2010

Tarotscopes May 16 - 31st

Hello Lovelies!

So sorry I missed last month, projects have gotten away with me. I launched an internet radio station with Jeremiah Greer from Shadows Media LLC called Tenacity Radio Network! We are looking to provide some of the best eclectic entertainment on the web. You can check it out at Now on to what you have been waiting for! Since the month is half over I will be giving mini-reads for the rest of this month and we will get back on schedule beginning in June!

Aries: Watch your empathy for the rest of the month Aries your compassionate nature may get the best of you. However, there does appear to be some attention coming your way for a good deed done. The way that the Sun comes across this seems to be more of an emotional support and getting positive feedback for helping a friend through a tough time. Towards the end of the month, it will all be about materialism as the Emperor shows his face near the end of your spread. This shows that you are very much concerned with concrete world and the stability of financial consistency!

Taurus: Trying to hide secrets Taurus? There is some information you are trying to keep private, whether planning a birthday party or surprising a friend. However, the Moon appears to show us that these secrets will not keep. You are bursting at the seams to tell!! The Judgment card appears alongside the Moon...those secrets...they will not be secrets for long. Judgment also signifies a time to really look in the mirror and come to terms with who you are, the good, bad and beautiful.

Gemini: The Five of Wands appears upright for you for the second half of May showing that you are putting a lot of energy out there and may not be getting enough back! Be careful how you are focusing your energy and be sure the projects and tasks are worthwhile. It also speaks of a time of financial balance the end of May will give you a little bit of extra cash that you may want to put away for a rainy day. Watch the impulsive spending!

Cancer: Now is the time to share money, even if you do not have it. You are hitting a Karmic good point from now until the second week in June, what you put out there will definitely be returned three fold if not more. Invest! Spiritual and mental growth will abound for you this last half of May there may be some growing pains but roll with the punches and you will come out on top!

Leo: Money is not your top priority right now, as much as you may be feeling the pinch there are other things on your list of to-do's. Emotionally you are a little off kilter this last half of the month but no worries! June will correct it! You may feel a little sluggish and just very heavy this last half of the month, a lot of that comes from the stress of multiple projects. Just be sure to take deep breaths and relax once in a while!!!

Virgo: Now is the time to expand business opportunities. If you have been looking to gather new clients or to remodel part of the home this is definitely a good time to start! Anything having to do with investments and money will go pretty well for you for the rest of the month. However, a lot of this work you will have to do on your own, mainly because you really need to get a gist of the situation and you are best to do so internally without too many people's opinions.

Libra: Strength and The World show up in your spread for the end of May, lots of challenges but even more opportunities. Keep your eyes out for both and do not get disheartened by the obstacles. They are there merely so that you can prove to yourself that you are capable of anything. Also watch your attitude last week in're going to be a little snippy!

Scorpio: It's about partnerships and relationships for you the last half of May Scorpio. Watch it though, there is a little bit of drama going on and although you may not be involved, I am seeing here that your protective nature has been activated. Usually I would say "this isn't your fight don't move forward with it" but what I am seeing with this shows that it just may be that the person you are trying to protect really cannot protect themselves. So go for it!

Sagittarius: You really need to bring balance back in a financial way. Save your money and try budgeting more strictly. There are big payouts coming in June that you may not be prepared for otherwise. It is also speaking of this time being a good one for love. So if you are not in a relationship now would be the time to keep an eye out for one, if you are now is the time to rekindle the passion!

Capricorn: It's all very future focused right now Capricorn and the cards say you are struggling to keep up with the present. You need to keep your mind in the here and now instead of worrying about days and weeks later. Stop just putting out the fires and try to get ahead with work and home life. You may feel drained first week in June but energy will pick back up by the second or third week.

Aquarius: Now is the time for you to focus on health issues, spiritual medicine is coming to you in a strong way pointing you in the direction concerning health (physical, spiritual and mental) so watch out for repetitive signs for the rest of the month! Seeing the same areas mentioned repeatedly, numbers etc. Spirit is trying to tell you where you need to be, unfortunately there are a lot of distractions around you, which takes your head out of the game so to speak. Try to keep focus.

Pisces: Time to let your child-self out to play Pisces you've been way to serious lately. Go to a Dave and Busters or Funworld and let loose!!! Don't worry about financial repercussions, the cards indicate an upswing coming for you over the next month. Right now it is just very important to nurture your child self and to work with your imagination!

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The Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding