Monday, May 31, 2010

June Tarotscopes

Hello Lovelies!
Well it is June, the summer is here and energies are quickly shifting. So let's see what this month brings!

Aries - There is a lot for you to celebrate this month, the Nine of Pentacles indicates financial growth. The three of Cups is indicative of your intention to celebrate a solid and well put together path, the Fool reversed shows me that there will not be any big unplanned changes to your life this month. Things will continue as they have been and I think from what I see here, that is a good thing.

Taurus - Where Aries' month is stable and glowing Taurus yours is showing that there are major changes in this month's forecast. A shift or change in job position will bring you better money. Right now the cards show that work may be taking a bigger toll on you than expected, and you often feel left holding the bag or cleaning up the mess. Relax...change is coming, just remember not to get stubborn and go with the flow.

Gemini - Gemini, it's all about emotions for you this month. You may be feeling a little wonky this month. Your duality is definitely showing one minute happy the next sad or upset. However, think of this month as your mid-year cleansing, just getting the emotional crap out of the way. It seems the rest of life is going to continue on in it's usual way allowing you to lean on consistency and routine which at times will both comfort and bore you.

Cancer - New discoveries and relationships are coming your way Cancer. The Lovers is the first to appear in your spread indicating a new friendship or partnership. The Seven of Pentacles comes to you mid-month bringing with it alternative methods to gain money, whether budgeting or through another job/venture. At the end of the month the Three of Wands makes an appearance in it's reversed position showing that you feel a little stressed and overwhelmed, just be sure to check in with yourself constantly and take deep breaths!

Leo - The Five of Pentacles impacts you at the beginning of the month, telling you that everything will be ok. It tells you not to worry too much about finances, things may seem a little bleak but you are not alone and there are people you can rely on. Do not be to proud to ask for help. The Six of Wands comes to you mid-month delivering a message of strength, now is the time to begin manifesting your wants and needs. Write a wish list and meditate on it. At the end of the month comes the Nine of Swords reversed showing a love of life and release of burdens! Enjoy!

Virgo - Your balance will be off kilter in the beginning of the month but not to worry you correct come mid-June. The Ten of swords reversed comes in the middle of the month to help you trim down some of the extra commitments you have made. At the end of the month the Knight of Swords reversed arrives to help you get back to your essential self and speak your mind more clearly to those around you. Helping to alleviate some of the issues in communication, you may see going on throughout the month.

Libra - The Knight of Pentacles reversed arrives in the beginning of the month showing that you are not feeling all that much control when it comes to your funds. But not to fear come the middle of June you will feel like celebrating your financial rewards. You transition into the Seven of Cups at the end of the month bringing with it a sense of emotional exploration, take advantage and get your emotional house in order.

Scorpio - The beginning of the month brings you to the 8 of Swords reversed, indicating a firm plan and feeling of direction. You know what you want to accomplish, you know allof the steps youneed to take. There isn't much for insecurity around it. Just remember it doesn't hurt to have a backup plan. Come mid-June the Lovers card comes into play, in business this could mean new agreements, clients or negotiations, it is also a big indicator of new relationships! So if you are single from the 13-20th is a good time to look for love. The last week of the month the Tower comes into play, watch your stress levels and be aware of the things around you. Universe is trying to tell you that you may need to cut some things out of your life for now. The changes that are coming around you are not in your control. But the Tower also tells us that a little destruction is good, you can rebuild it better!

Sagittarius - The beginning of June will be good in terms of money for you, things are stable and you may have a little extra cash in your pocket. The Queen of Pentacles reversed comes in around the middle of June guiding you to hold onto your funds for a big purchase that is going to creep up on you. This could be a car fix, or an unexpected bill. Just hold tight to your money. The King of Swords shows up at the end of the month telling you that now is the time to take control in all aspect of your life. He shows you the benefits of becoming more aggressive about your wants and needs.

Capricorn - The High Priestess greets you at the beginning of June telling you to look more into the mystical and tap into your higher consciousness. That the spirits and Universe are trying to give you hints and tell you something important, it is time to pay attention. The Two of Wands presents himself mid-June indicating a need for a balance, you may want to look at your food intake and the properties inherent in those foods, like acid and alkaline, and your system may be feeling a little wonky. The Five of Pentacles gives hope at the end of June, showing that you are not alone even though you may feel like it is you against the world at this moment. However, no despair needed! You have a great group of people around you definitely take heart. It also indicates good dealings in business!

Aquarius - The Star guides you into the month of June, showing not only success but travel as well. Listen to her quiet message of hope and balance; take heart with future endeavors as your ideas do have the smell of success around them! The Knight of Cups drifts in around mid-month bringing with him a zest for life and a go get 'em attitude, his emotions are his biggest power, during this portion of the month so are yours. So now is the time to manifest your wants, dreams and needs. The end of the month the Empress reversed appears telling you it is time to get off your butt stop thinking of ideas and start taking action. Do not be surprised if you hit a creative block during the last week of the month.

Pisces - The Page of Cups reversed app-ears for you in the beginning of June, be on the lookout for a feeling of obstacles everywhere you turn, but these are not just little bumps in the road. What the Page of Cups brings you is a unique opportunity to learn about emotional triggers! Find out the root causes of your emotions allowing you to move forward. The Knight of Pentacles drops by mid-month to offer you some extra cash and a little wisdom regarding financial management. Now is the time to invest and watch your money grow. At the end of the month Temperance reversed comes through letting you know that there will be a lot of questions fired at you that will need quick answers. No time to think or weight options, so be sure that you're on top of your game at the end of the month!

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