Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 2012 Tarotscopes

Hello Lovelies!!

April is a great month for creating change. The scent of spring in the air, the idea of cleaning out clutter, it is a month of transformation and potential growth!! This month I decided to choose one of my personal favorite artists, Bosch!! Yes the imagery is sometimes shocking, but I absolutely love it nonetheless! The deck was compiled and edited by Pietro Alligo with instruction guide written by the publisher Lo Scarabeo. The Bosch Tarot gives a dreamlike view of fantasy and fears from the Flemish artist. Whether little humanoid beings holding coins between their butt cheeks as depicted in the 10 of Coins or the rotund demonish creatures playing maces like trumpets as in the 2 of Wands it is an exciting and enigmatic deck that will keep interpretations brewing for hours!

Aries (March 21 - April 20) – Happy Birthday Aries!!!! Just a shout out Happy Birthday Alysia Love you cousin!!! The start of this month may be a little rough, your in the Ace of Swords finances are okay but insecurities will hold you back from pursuing important goals, it's time to face your fears!! Mid-month you move into the Knight of Pentacles narrow scopes and closed minds will not stop your creative energy! You need to be self-sufficient, employee, manager and boss all in one during this time. You glide into the Knave of Wands at the end of the month indicating that now is the time to dig deep and find answers, the card of the philosopher and the investigator, everything has an answer and you my dear will have some burning questions. Go dig, get your answers, you may not be happy but at least you will have the truth.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20) – Death greets you at the beginning of the month asking you to lay to rest an argument or issue, give the forgiveness or find the solution best suited to you but either way let it go and allow yourself to grow, change and move on. The middle of April you slide into the Three of Wands giving you the energy to create what you need, this could be framing a house, repainting a room, this card is one of a craftsman, builder, or handyman. Get your toolbelt out! You end the month in the Moon giving you the ability to dream, but be sure not to get lost in your dreams and forget where reality lay. 

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) – Two out of three cards are wands this month Gemini indicating a need to look inward for answers. At the start of April you are in the Nine of Wands, pay attention on all fronts, this card indicates that you have been protective and nurturing one aspect (home, health, wealth, family etc) rather than the whole thing. Now is not the time to hyperfocus, but to spread out your energies. The Wheel comes in mid-month telling you that now is not the time to get wrapped up in other peoples issues, worries, stress and dramas. You are NOT going to find enlightenment by aiding others at this time, but rather by taking a step back and asking how does their suffering mirror your own situation and finding new ideas through contemplation. At the end of the month you meet the King of Wands indicating a time where you must lead and teach by example rather than explanation. Step into the shoes of the role model, embrace it, now is your time to educate and expand the mind, moral and to inspire those around you.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) – Do not let fear hold you back warns the Ace of Chalices, fear of love, failure, success, or fear to trust. These fears will raise your hackles at the beginning of April, causing you to become a wee bit defensive. Be open to new ideas, critiques and suggestions, don't let those fears reinterpret the words of the speaker or skew your perspective of the situation. Take a step back, be contemplative and objective. Mid-month you meet the High Priestess, she urges you towards wishful thinking and plenty of prayer. By praying on your goal, situation or problem, it allows for better concentration and focus. Don't go beating your head against a wall though, in the moment that you are praying to Universe, God, whomever or whatever entities or energies release it to them. You end the month as the Hierophant, this month has been about fears and moving into this particular card says if you are right and you are just you cannot fear. Remember that!

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) – There is no doubt that you know what you are talking about Leo, but you may need to dress the part in order to convince others that you are knowledgeable. It is not the clothes that make you an expert but presentation is important. Do not undervalue yourself, and make the investment in you in order to move ahead! Mid-April brings with it the Three of Swords indicating that someone around you is not quite as pure of heart as you believed. Take a moment to carefully assess friends and family that you trust, someone is not showing their true colors and it's better to find out now rather than later. At the end of the month you move into the Two of Swords indicating a battle coming forth but be careful, one misstep and you will become that which you have been trying to fight.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) –  You begin this month in the Four of Wands urging you to take the offense rather than defending yourself. Mid-month you move into Temperance who asks you to be patient, and remember that small changes lead to big things!! You finish the month in the Six of Chalices, reminding you that moments whether good or bad are fleeting and to savor life's experiences.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) – Don't lust after what you don't have Libra go out and CREATE IT! So says the Knave of Pentacles. You may have been dreaming of riches or stature, of a certain piece of jewelry or a certain position at a company. Either way make it happen, now is the time and your energy is perfect to put out a mix of manifestation and elbow grease! Mid-April you run into the Seven of Chalices indicating that what seemed to be impossible has actually become possible. Don't second guess it, just go with it. You end the month with the Four of Pentacles, confirming what Universe has been trying to teach you this month, NO GOAL IS OUTSIDE OF YOUR REACH!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) – Don't make any hasty Judgments of decisions at the beginning of the month Scorpio your in the house of Judgment Reversed, indicating a possible skewed perspective that will not allow for clear thinking and may cause you to trip up. You slide into The World during the middle of April bringing you to a point where you can truly learn to accept yourself, both the good and the bad. Along with it comes a simple sense of completion as though you have come full circle. At the end of the month you move into the Seven of Pentacles telling you that now is the time to clean house!! There are things around you which hold no real meaning, but are just there collecting dust. Get rid of the artificial and but object with a higher meaning in positions where they will get the most attention.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) –  The Knight of Chalices tells you to be conscious of how you are relaying messages over this period of time. Be sure to give good details and get to the point, also double check that the recipient is hearing (or reading) what your actually saying and not what they perceive you to be saying. Next you come upon the Hanged Man telling you to take off the blinders and look all around you and from all different perspectives. The situation can be remedied but you may have to take an unusual route. You end April in the Ten of Swords giving you the motivation to add to your armory, collecting new skills and discovering new tactics to aid you in future endeavors.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 - Jan. 19) – Watch out for all of those commitments Capricorn you may get crushed under the weight of your responsibilities. In order to take of others you need to take care of yourself and the Eight of Pentacles warns you that taking on anything more will break you. In fact, you may need to trim some of the workload down now and release yourself from some of the responsibilities you've already taken on.  The King of Chalices makes a grand entrance during the middle of April, people will be coming to you Capricorn, there will be many opportunities for you to tell your story, give advice and share your experiences. You've had plenty of ups, plenty of downs and now is the time to help others by sharing what you've been through. At the end of the month you breeze into the Two of Chalices encouraging you to remember the fight and the fatigue, to remember what made you who and what you are. Now is the time to look back and appreciate, reevaluate and reorganize!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) – Remember to LAUGH!! The Six of Wands reminds you to embrace the child within you and find the humor in the depressing and absurd situations you find yourself in during the beginning of April. Afterwards you move into the Ten of Chalices, indicating that it is time to put a focus on the home, not literally the house but the family. Share some bonding time, reconnect with your loved ones its important to keep the family together and strong. At the end of the month you greet the Knave of Chalices, who tells you that now is the time to decide who is helping you and who is hurting you. Every once in a blue moon you need to clean out your toxic people closet. Now is that time.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) – Everyone experiences emotion differently Pisces and it's important that you remember this, so says the Eight of Chalices. It may not make sense to you but the cards are asking you to be fair to those around you and give validation to the others feelings. Emotions are not statements of fact, and by validating their feeling you are only giving the respect that the other person deserves. However, if there is still a point to argue, be sure to stand your ground. The Chariot rides in during the middle of April bringing with it the feeling of everything crashing down on you, there is no escape, these situations need to be handled and the Chariot is there to remind you, you can run, but you cannot hide. At the end of the month you greet the Star indicating that you need to take a closer at the details in order to see the big picture.