Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2012 Tarotscopes

Hello Lovelies!
Can you feel it? Spring is coming!! But you know what they say about March right? In like a lion out like a lamb! There are so many colorful weather related sayings during this month, because it is such a mercurial time. March is where I feel we truly transition from winter to spring, when our minds and spirits begin to get a little antsy for the coming spring and the growth it brings. I love this month, it's one of those where ANYTHING can happen, the change in energies is profound and allows for great surprises!

Speaking of profound this month I'm working with the Simply Deep Tarot authored by Chanel Bayless with artwork from James Battersby. Chanel stresses the idea of detachment when reading cards to better get a grip on the layers of the cards and become more honest with yourself and  those around you. I can totally agree with her on that! Having run tarot classes and been a reader for years I know that we can often see what we want to see in the cards. Even the 'worst' cards can be spun to sound like a blessing when we refuse to be completely honest. The art is okay, I have a couple of favorite cards such as Strength, and the Kings/Queens of the suits as well as the Ace of Wands. It is a colorful deck  with each suit color coded by framed images, the images are extremely detailed and I can see where they would call it deep as you can look at the cards four or five times and notice something new every time. One thing I absolutely love is there are no descriptive words on the cards so it leave it completely open to interpretation!

Alright friends let's get on with the Tarotscopes!!

Aquarius - Happy Birthday Aquarius!! Your month is going to be great starting out very quick paced as you begin in the Knight of Swords, don't go to fast though your need for speed may cause you to overlook some important things particularly around work! The Princess of Wands comes in mid month gifting you with the need to explore your surroundings and your own feelings. Universe will most likely send a couple of challenges your way during mid-month to help you understand your internal process better. Go to them with an open mind and no expectation. You end the month in the Queen of Coins indicating abundance and hospitality or generosity, whether you are having friends stay over or helping the poor now is the time to give your resources to those who you feel deserve.

Aries - You start the month in the Two of Cups bringing with it a sense of romance and the feeling of a great union. This does not always apply to love relationships but business as well, it can indicate the perfect energy between you and your work, or between you and friends/partners. Either way, enjoy it! Mid-March is a time for you to become the introvert alongside the Hermit, spiritual answers are necessary to understand current situations around you. Once you receive the answers you seek, spread this new awareness to those around you, the messages are not for you alone. You end the month in the Princess of Swords who brings with her the impulse to talk, continue to spread the word about your new found knowledge and experience more of the world.

Taurus - Entering the month in the Ace of Wands you pass through this phase within the first week, it brings you to a point where decisions that you may have been putting off NEED to finally be made. The King of Coins greets you at the middle of the month bringing with him a sense of friendship and connection to those around you. He also tells you to remain aware of the balances around you and to keep impulses in check. At the end of the month you move into the Three of Coins bringing creativity and a need for stockpiling. Gather money, resources and energy, be sure to hold onto them because you will need them down the road!!

Gemini - The Devil is at your door at the beginning of March Gemini! Be careful of unhealthy addictions and desires, now is the time to really face your issues and release some of your burdens. Don't let negative tapes or voices from the past dictate how you will deal with your future! Nine of Swords comes through mid-month keeping you awake with worry, those negative tapes that tell you that you can't and your fears are working overtime. Don't let them run or ruin your life, Universe is continuing to give you the opportunity to face things head on and prove to yourself that you CAN. You end the month in the Four of Wands indicating that having faced your issues it is now time to move on to the next level!'ve passed the trial by fire!

Cancer - You begin the month in the Six of Cups indicating a return of someone from your past. It is a happy reunion though and a re-connection you are more than glad to make! Mid-month Death rolls in indicating a big change, but these are never without sacrifice. You have to be willing to give in order to receive. This could be giving up one job or career path to begin another or something similar. You move into the High Priestess at the end of the month indicating a need to look at the bigger picture. You are focusing to much on the details and getting a little lost in them, take a step back and refocus!

Leo - You begin the month in the Queen of Cups heightening you empathetic nature, you will hyper-aware of the feelings of others around you and your kindness will know no bounds. It will also be more appreciated at the beginning of March by those you do help! You next move into the Hierophant indicating that any issues around you will need to be explored from a spiritual perspective or that a spiritual mentor may get involved. If you are someone who occupies the latter position know that you will be in great demand during the middle of March. You wrap up the end of the month in the Seven of Cups bringing with it a sense of creation and exploration added to it the need to have it all RIGHT NOW! It is an opportune time to take a look at your goals and allow yourself an objective view of what can be reached and what is truly unrealistic  AT THIS MOMENT.

Virgo - The Five of Cups starts your month bring with it the necessity to recognize your support system. You may be feeling blue, stagnant, or upset but the Five of Cups ask that you pick yourself up by your bootstraps and recognize how many people are there to help you! It is not weakness to take a hand! By mid-month you move into the phase of Judgment indicating that someone around you is asking for forgiveness. This is your opportunity to take the higher road, to forgive and forget.  By the end of the month you have passed into the Princess of Coins, now is a time to celebrate your success but don't go nuts with money, be sure to show it the respect it deserves by buying things that will last or taking trips that will make forever memories.

Libra - You've got some major players in your cards this month Libra. The Star burns bright for you at the beginning of March indicating a need to retain hope in others, situations and yourself. Be the Star in your own life and people will pick up on that new found confidence. Just that change alone will bring new opportunities to you! Mid-month it will be a little more difficult to hold onto that confident feeling as the Wheel of Fortune moves in bringing with it a sense of change....but from where or when no one knows. Universe has your back though and now is the time to just go with the flow. At the end of the month you move into the Eight of Cups, a lovely card with the idea of progress in it's energy. You use emotional lessons learned from the past in order to climb the stairs that bring you to your future.

Scorpio - Wow, the beginning of March is not your best Scorpio with the presence of the Nine of Wands bringing chaos and calamity, but keep your cool and put out the fire. Part of this chaos comes from YOU being stuck in old ways of thinking, there is more than one way to douse the flame, look for other methods rather than your old go to. It will allow you to save time and be more prosperous. Evidently you followed the cards advice because by mid-month you are the hero as depicted in the Six of Wands, you gain the loyalty and trust of your people and move ahead to continue old plans or start new! By the end of the month things have settled down quite a bit and it is time to rejoice in the fruits of your labor as indicated by the Ten of Cups. Relax.....

Sagittarius - Keep trying Sag! You can't pull a tree out of the ground using your bare hands, as much as the Ten of Wands tries it's just not happening. Stop trying to rely only on yourself to get the job done, reach out to others around you. Once you do the World will open up at the middle of the month and become your oyster. At the end of the month the Four of Swords comes into play telling you that now is the time for rest, it's been a chaotic month. It also indicates a great time to get into some meditation practices to open you up to Universe and start listening to your Higher Self.

Capricorn - Be skeptical of the people around you Capricorn, someone is collecting ideas, thoughts, plans and has decided to bring them to an enemy camp or use them for their own gain, so says the Seven of Swords. Be on your guard! Two of Wands comes into play at the middle of March letting you know that now is the time to put thoughts and ideas onto paper, be very careful in how you word or depict those ideas though, anything you send out during the middle of March WILL manifest. You end the month at the Knight of Coins, this shows that there is a lot of hard work going on and a possibility of travel for work. Either way be sure to take advantage and make it as much pleasure as it is business!

Pisces - At the beginning of March you are influenced by the Five of Wands, giving you a feeling of  the connection between all things. It can also indicate a mess that must be unraveled! As you slowly put pieces together your own personal growth and changes will happen. Mid-Month the Fool enters telling you to keep the faith but also to use your resources to do due diligence before hopping on the bandwagon. The end of the month you move into the Four of Coins letting you know you may be clinging to the material things around you for the wrong reasons. Why do you hold onto all that physical stuff? What hole may you be trying to fill?

*images used with permission from Schiffer Publishing LTD