Thursday, September 24, 2009

Horoscopes for September 25th - October 2nd

Hello lovely readers!
Here is your Tarot Horoscope for September 25th - October 2nd.

Feel free to leave comments concerning your connections to these scopes. I'd love to hear how you're relating to them.


This week it seems that your Career is going to be centered on YOU. You're going to be the focus of the workplace – for good or for bad! You have the 5 of Cups, and that tells me that work may be emotionally or physically draining. Now is the time to get more education in or around your career, and those co-worker issues you ran up against last week should be a little less intense now. There is the possibility this week for reconnection with old coworkers or partners.

As far as Health goes, you have the Emperor reversed. This week, it's about going with the flow. You're going to want to pay attention to your emotional health…and even though you may be zealous this week about getting healthy, don't push yourself too far. There is also the need to bring balance back into your life this week. Pay attention to how you feel and how you can best find equilibrium in your emotions and physicality.

You've got the Ace of Pentacles in your Relationship sector. It's going to be about jumping over obstacles this week. Financial matters may strain your relationships; you may not be able to go out and do all the things you want with your friends and honey, but you're going to be able to jump over that next week. Even though financial strain may be around you right now, in the end, there is victory! So do not worry, just hold tight.


Last week was a week of real success in your Career, and this week is the same! You've got the Fool reversed, so even though you've still got success coming in, you're afraid to make some changes. But push through, because these changes will bring success and happiness. Don't let that fear of losing your security stop you from taking those leaps of good faith.

You're going to want to watch out for headaches this week, Taurus. There may be stress in relationships, so it may bring out some tension. Keep your anxiety down, if possible, to keep those headaches at bay. Besides the occasional pin pricks around your temples, the rest of your Health should be fine.

You've got the Queen of Chalices reversed.  This tells me your stubbornness is going to get in the way when it comes to Relationships.  Watch your attitude this week.  Even though you may be under stress right now, don't let it come out in displaced ways.  It's not really what you're saying this week; it's how you're saying it.  Most of the people around you may not expect the new sarcastic edge you've got, so be aware of how your attitude is affecting others.  As far as love relationships, your partner may be asking a lot of you, but do your best to be there for them.  They need you right now.


You have the Two of Pentacles in your Career sector.  You may be acquiring good money this week.  Just be careful, a lot of new bills are coming in, so use that extra money to pay them quickly.  I'm also seeing that you need to take on as much new work and new opportunities as you can.  The money will come and allow you to get payments out in time.

You have Temperance for your Health this week. Don't over-analyze the little things when it comes to your health, just have a wait and see attitude.  Small things may be happening, but don't panic.  Just take care of yourself.  Nothing big is on the horizon.

In your Relationships sector, you've got the 5 of Cups reversed.  Right now, you're going to be a supporting character, a shoulder to lean on.  Just watch out for negative thoughts and don't let them get you down in relationships.  If you don't hear from someone for a few days, don't start doubting or panicking. Just allow others to have the spotlight and focus this week and it will pay off for you later!


Communications are great in your Career sector this week; people may be coming to you for knowledge.  You're going to be jumping over a bunch of obstacles now; it's all about making things fit.  Pay attention to your time management; deadlines, schedules, etc, because you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but you have the opportunity to be and feel like an authority figure or teacher this week.

There are a lot of different opinions being thrown your way, and that may affect your Health.  You may feel more tired or run down, but to balance that out, you're going to feel like you're achieving your goals this week as well.  You're going to be coming out of your shell this week health wise; try a new gym class or new menu or even an alternative health plan and see what happens! Besides feeling run down, you could make some nice health strides now.

In Relationships, now is the time to clean out your closet.  Push those toxic people out of your life.  If there are people who are making you feel bad or taken advantage of, let those negative influences go. In Love relationships, take time to make changes or commitments; you're going through a cleansing period, so think through love related matters this week slowly and with clarity.


You have the 2 of Wands upright, and what that tells me is that you’re feeling a lack control when it comes to your Career.  This week, you have to take that control back.  Don't be afraid of taking the bull by the horns and standing up for yourself. People may be taking advantage of you at work, don't allow them to drag you down.  Also, watch out for a slightly diva attitude!  Find balance.

As far as your Health goes, you're going to be flying high this week.  If you need something done, you've got a great team around you.  If there are no health issues, you're going to be pretty darn fine!

You have the Knave of Swords reversed in your Relationships.  This means your relationships are going to be pretty steady.  There may to be friends who come at you with issues and drama this week; don't react.  Just think about it.  Don't lend money this week to friends, either.  It may not get returned to you.


In your Career sector, you have the 8 of Wands reversed.  You're not really putting yourself out there in work, you're kind of coasting, but that's okay.  You need this week to conserve your energy.  You're in a planning period now, and may be beginning a new project at work or feeling like you're starting over in some way.  You're putting yourself out there in small instances, but mostly, you're being cautiously quiet.

Health is going to be a dream this week.  If anything, watch for tension around the shoulders and neck area, there may be negative energy around there.  Besides that, take advantage of good momentum!

You've got the Devil reversed in your Relationships.  You may be doubting people and friendships around you this week, but that's okay.  You may have been submissive in the past, but now is the time to be an authority figure or leader.  Go out, meet new contacts and new friends.  Have fun this week!  Relax, have fun, and be the star.


You have the 9 of Swords upright in your Career.  Stress is going to be around you like crazy.  You may be tying up loose ends and it might get overwhelming.  For some reason, you've been allowing Stress to control what you say and even how you think.  You may not be at your creative best right now, and you may fear failure at this point, but honestly, that's the stress talking. Spiritually, do your best to get that stress out!!  Things will flow much easier afterward.

That stress at work is going to be affecting your Health this week.  You may be feeling head cold or sinus symptoms – but most of that is due to stress.  Take care of yourself and do your best to let go.  Your health will find it's upswing if you do.

You have the 2 of Pentacles reversed in Relationships.  Now is the time to pay back people you owe, Libra.  Also, as far as relationships go, your focus isn't really there.  It's more centered on the stress at work.  What matters right now are the obstacles in your career sector, and your friends and family seem willing to wait for you to get through.


You have the Empress card in your Career.  You're going to be really creative this week; so let your passions run wild, express yourself.  Figure out how to use your creativity to move things at work.  Think outside the box. Take advantage of this energy, a new kind of impulsiveness!

You have the Knight of Wands as your Health card.  This week, your health may be put on the back burner.  You may be thinking of everything else, but it's important to maintain your strength.  There may be people who are coughing and sneezing around you this week, so take precautions.  There is the potential out there to come down with a cold or other illness, so take care to wash your hands and be cautious.

This week you are the emotional center in your Relationships.  You're putting good energy out there and giving friends and family what they need.  Don't judge, just be who you are and accept those around you.  You're going to be a steady presence around others now.  Also, there is going to be a message you'll hear that's going to hit home this week and it may even turn into a new motto.  It's going to inspire you and help you on your spiritual journey in the relationship realm. 


You have the Knave of Pentacles in your Career this week.  You may feel like there have been some setbacks at work, but it's mostly in your mind.  Don't let those negative feelings control you.  Be open to other people's ideas and advice, and try to be more presently focused.  Don't just focus on your goals, focus on the now.  You may be working harder than usual this week, and therefore, more money might be coming in.  Pay attention to the moment and don't let fears push you backwards.

You are in control of your Health this week, but watch out for your stomach (or lower abdomen).  Be aware of what you're eating.  Your tummy might be a little sensitive this week.

You have the Star reversed in Relationships.  You've been trying to push common sense on people around you, and it seems like you might want to give up because they just aren't getting it!  The person or people you are trying to reach haven't quite realized the position they're at.  Do your best to stay out of their drama.  As far as love goes, there may be some small miscommunications, but it's going to be steady.  This week focus on the love you do have, rather than going out and looking for more.


Now is the time to take control in your Career!  You have the 2 of Wands reversed.  The more paperwork you can move, the more goals you can manifest, the better.  Now is the time for action.  Work may be a little more spiritually draining than normal, you may be bored, but there are some changes happening. Be on the lookout and be forward thinking!

As far as Health goes, you're pretty good this week!  Take it easy, relax, you're going to be fine (What a nice outlook, huh?).

In Relationships, you need to be the center of attention this week.  You might be very funny and entertaining to a lot of people.  Go with the flow when it comes to your friends, let them take the lead.  Try not to get serious in love or with friends, just let the river take you.  Hang out, have fun, go with the flow, and make a few people laugh!


There is movement and money this week in your Career.  There is going to be a lot of communication around you; the opportunity to network and build your standing.  If you've been trying to get in good with the boss, now is the time to do it!  There is travel around you too, so be open to a new errand or journey.  If you aren't working at the moment, now is the time to look for a job a little farther away than originally planned.

You have the Hermit in your Health sector.  This week, let your intuitive self tell you if anything is the matter. Pay attention to your emotions and your gut feelings. Also, be aware of your feet.  Watch for tendons or nerves in that area.

You've got the Ace of Swords reversed in your Relationships.  You may need to vindicate yourself from negative relationships.  You've been wanting to talk to someone about something for a while, and now is the time to do it.  Get it off your chest. Clean those negative feelings and people out of your life. In your love relationships, you're going through a period of fairness and calmness – very enjoyable!  If you're not in a love relationship at this point, now is not the time to get into one.  Put the focus on you. Think about what you want and why you want it.


You have the 10 on Pentacles in you Career.  You're going to be hitting goals this week at work, and there's even the possibility of a pay raise!  However, your stubbornness might get the best of you this week.  Don't be afraid to look beyond tried and true ways of doing things, and don't be afraid to bend some rules that can afford to be bent!  The key to your success is going to be presented to you this week, so stay open!

Watch out for a lackadaisical attitude in your Health areas this week.  You may feel worn down or out of it this week.  It's nothing serious; your mind may just be elsewhere, almost in a dream, for a day or so.  Just make sure to keep your protean intake up!  Have you been neglecting that?

Stay close at home when it comes to your Relationships this week.  There is a lot that needs to be taken care of around you.  I'm not seeing anything going wrong, but you need to take time to nurture those around you instead of going on wild travels or adventures.  Listen to the people you see and interact with everyday.