Thursday, September 17, 2009

Horoscopes for September 18th - 24th

Here is your personalized Zodiac forcast for September 18th - 24th.
I pulled three cards for each sign in the areas of Career, Health, and Relationships. 


In your Career, you have the Lovers reversed. What that tells me is that at this point you’re in a place where relationships in your career may not be at their brightest. It’s about smoothing over misunderstandings, and reinforcing old connections. If you’ve been networking a lot, now is the time to reconnect with people who’ve you’ve fallen out of touch with. They could really help you in the future as far as your career is concerned.

What the Lovers reversed could also mean is that even though you’re a natural leader and say what you want, you may not be motivating enough people. At this point, it’s time to connect with the people underneath you. Re-inspire them.

Now, in your Health, you have the Death card. Don’t be dismayed! What the Death card means is that you’re currently in a time where you can make changes concerning your overall health. So if you’ve been tired, or feeling a little overweight, and been wanting to make changes, now is the time to do it. The week’s energy is going to work with you!

As far as Relationships and love goes, I pulled the 5 of Pentacles. He’s the poor man, so what that tells me is that you may be focused on other things instead of the relationships in your life. Now is the time to turn your focus back on your loved ones, don’t let those relationships wither away!


This week in your Career you’re going to be seeing a little more money and opportunities coming your way. It may come from friends and other coworkers, and some of your connections in the work place. Maybe an odd side job (helping a friend move and getting paid for it), or it could be a new job opportunity.

You have the 3 of Coins for your Health card. You’re in a place where you need to work really hard to make the healthy choices and decisions. Oftentimes, when it comes to focusing on yourself and your health, you forget to do it! Focus on your body now, pay attention to it. Try meditation exercises to reacquaint yourself with your body. I’m not seeing a particular illness, just be prepared for cold and flu season. Be body conscious this week.

As far as Relationships go, you’ve got the 9 of Wands. There’s a lot of hard work that needs to be done, and you need to put more energy into relationships than usual. Some of your relationships may be more work than play…not as fun as they should be. Pay attention now. Which friends are toxic to you? When you become friends, you honor the bond, but you can only honor some bonds so far. If certain people are exhausting you or bringing you down, you may need to think this week about who’s worth it and who’s not.


You have the Sun in your Career. You may be the center of attention at work this week, getting the recognition that’s owed to you. You’ve been building up on this for a long time, so celebrate it when you get it! You’ll be hitting goals, and you’ll be able to feel like you’re moving forward.

Heath wise, you have the Strength card. As far as Health goes, you’re going to be good this week. Watch out for some klutziness! But besides the occasional tripping over your own foot, you should be good!

As far as Relationships go, it’s all about overcoming obstacles this week. Now, you don’t want to get frustrated and take things out on your partner. Even if you feel torn in two this week and wanted by lots of different people, don’t let all that sleeve pulling stress you out! Take time out for friends, family, and relationships this week. Try to keep people from feeling neglected, but take care of yourself as well.


In the Career position, you have the 5 of Cups upright. It could mean that you’re high strung this week at work, but it could also mean there are lots of new opportunities. You may be more emotional, but try to go with the flow and don’t let yourself get stressed out at work. It may not feel as though you have control, but you’re going to be successful if you keep your stress low and your eyes clear.

As far as Health goes, you’re not going to be facing a lot of medical obstacles this week. You may, however, be dealing with some chronic issues. You may want to look into alternative health matters this week.

As far as Relationships go, during this week, your Relationships are going to be abundant. There may be a deepening of feelings and communication, and now is the time to be open and honest about whatever you’re feeling. Say things out of love this week. Now is the time to express yourself, but always use your “I” feelings (“I feel”, “I think”, “I want”…). This week is about change, bringing in spiritual and mental change.


You’ve got some new opportunities coming your way in your Career, Leo. But more than that, you may have new projects or business ventures. Getting a new job or expanding your business are two things that could happen. Right now you’re at your most charismatic, but you have to make these changes happen. If you’re in a position of management, those under you may be moving at a slower pace than you’d like. Part of the reason for that may be that you’re not fully focusing on everyone working for you. Do what you can to communicate to those in your offices. Give them a pep talk. One on one time. You may see a great increase in work ethic.

As far as your Health goes, you have the 9 of Wands reversed, which is a good card! It talks about that your health isn’t going to be a big concern this week. Things are going to stay how they have been. Just continue to do what you’ve been doing.

In your Relationships, you’re going to be very creative. You need to bring your Leo creativity to your relationships. Instead of just chilling out or having a beer, try something new and different! Invite your friends and loved ones to experience something new. You may find you bond over this creative experience. It’s also going to be about entertainment. You are going to make it your mission to make your friends and loved ones laugh and feel good.


You have the Lovers card in your Career. You’re establishing new connections and networking in great ways. You’re going to be moving forward, a lot of positive movement. There may even be a promotion. The energy in the Universe is working with you.

Physically, you’re pretty healthy, and your focus this week is going to be on maintenance. You may want to be put some more money into your health. This week is the week to put monetary energy in (joining a gym, a new diet plan.).

This week, be careful, because you’re going to have a lot of friends around you who talk to you about feeling wronged in some way. You’re going to want to stick up for them, but you’ve got to pay attention to all sides. Be fair, Virgo, and don’t be hasty in your actions. Don’t be surprised if you’re a little attacked this week. A lot of people don’t understand your perfectionism, so some friends of yours may interpret that as being nitpicky. Let that slide off your shoulders and be clear. This week, try not to over-analyze your friendships and their problems. There may be high drama around you, so don’t get too involved.


You’re going to be very creative in your Career this week. If you’re in writing, lecturing, or entertainment, there are opportunities to express yourself and your viewpoint. You’re also going to be a little less stressed this week, even though lots of things are happening around you. This week, you’re going to have creative control. Use that to the best of your ability. Turn a creative hobby into something more, think outside the box, bring the unusual into your usual.

There isn’t really any Health stress right now. It’s going to be easy going this week, nothing really on the horizon.

You’ve got the Ace of Wands in your Relationships sector. You’ve going to have a lot of information coming at you all at once. Lots of things are coming your way, quickly, one after another. You can book your schedule with friends and commitments. Now is the time for you to get together with people and get creative. This is also a passionate time in love relationships. You’re going to be irresistible to your partner this week! If you’re not in a relationship, this is a great time to mingle! Pay attention to the people around and embrace the relationships that come your way.


In your Career, in co-worker situations, people may misinterpret your actions. You’re going to get into something you’re passionate about, but don’t get upset if people don’t understand you right away. Some relationships may be strained because you’re very set in your views, but nothing is going to break. You’re just very passionate right now.

Your Health focus is going to need to be on preventive care this week. Really take some time out to relax. Stress is going to hit you hard, and it may come out in a physical way; sniffles, feeling drowsy or groggy. These are all immediate problems with immediate fixes. Be sure to drink plenty of immune building green tea and take your vitamins, this is not a week that you can afford to feel out of it.

Miscommunication is going to be the name of the game in Relationships this week. Missed calls, misunderstood meanings... Frustration is really going to get to you. Your ability to tune people out may fail you this week. Be present in the moment when communicating and really pay attention so you don't have to suffer any relationship mishaps later. Emotions will also be off the charts, so try not to be overly sensitive. As much as you may hide your feelings, others around you react to your emotional state. They know, even if you don't want them to. Recognize that what may be said to you this week is a blessing not a verbal beatdown or insult. Truths are going to be hard to avoid this week – it’s going to be a few days of (good!) lessons for you.


We have the 10 of Chalices in your Career. It’s kind of like a dream card. It means your goals are in sight. Anything you put your energy into, you’re going to get a magnified output. You’re going to definitely be moving forward, but be careful, because you’re going to be a little more stubborn to other people’s ideas and advice. Don’t tune people out this week, Sag!

You have the Devil in your Health sector, reversed. Just watch out because you may have illnesses that are hidden by other symptoms. Be aware of the minor signs of illness. There’s nothing dangerous right at the moment, but catch the little things now.

You’re going to be in a very good place in Relationships this week. It’s going to be a 50/50 type of week. Right now, you’re not giving too much, but try and keep an easy going attitude for the next couple of weeks so that you don’t feel like you’re giving yourself away. You don’t have to take care of everyone all the time, Sag.


In your Career, you may be in a situation at work where it seems like a lot of people are coming at you -- don’t worry. They’re making asses out of themselves. You’re also feeling like your accomplishing things, but not as fast as you’d like. Go with the flow this week. The next couple of weeks show more progress. Don’t let the pace drive you mad.

In your Health sector, you’re going to be pretty stressed, but that’s okay! Everything is in your control. Meditate. Make time for yourself. You have the power to de-stress. Keep yourself in a good mental, physical, and emotional place.

You may be building new Relationships this week. Things are rebuilding in the areas of friendships and relationships. If you’ve recently broken up with someone, there’s going to be a reconnection or rekindling or something. There is also going to be a lot of bonding in your friendships.

The Moon is in your Career, which means that secrets and hidden messages may be revealed this week. If there have been things held back from you, you may get some leads this week. Listen to office gossip, but make sure you take everything with a grain of salt. Seek out the truth. Listen hard.

In your Health area, this isn’t much to worry about, except for the fact that you might be feeling like an ‘old man’ or ‘old woman’ a little bit this week! Things may feel slower, a little achier, but no big red flags.

In terms of Relationships, you may be relinquishing your power over to a partner this week, but that’s okay. You may end up having a blast! Definitely release control. Also, just be there for your friends. They need you, and they value your presence this week.


Building work relationships and being mature in your Career dealings is the name of the game this week for you, Pieces. You’re a mature individual, and this week is all about building and nurturing foundations. Also, pay attention to new relationships at work. These people may be able to help you later on down the line. Foster new friendships and rekindle old ones. They’re going to be your ticket to success later.

In your Health sector, you may be having some intense dreams or nightmares this week. Perhaps it’s your subconscious asking you to pat attention to yourself. Be body conscious this week.

As far as your Relationships go, your career ambition might slightly overshadow them at this time, but that’s okay. I don’t see anyone getting really bent out of shape about it. They know you’re busy! Focus on your career and on any extra money that might be coming your way, but just make sure to always remember the people around you that make it possible!