Monday, July 30, 2012

August 2012 Tarotscopes

Hello Lovelies!
August is here already!!! Anyone else have whiplash? The months are just FLYING by at light speed and here I sit again your humble prognosticator with another month of predictions, omens and a review! Now I know last May I was pretty tough on the ShadowFox Tarot (by Richard &  Jennifer ShadowFox)  but I believe that the Deck of Heroes is a true redeemer, the graphics are the same as the ShadowFox Tarot but the colors come through and they are extremely inspiring. The book is fantastic (which I wasn't really surprised about) its easy to tell that Richard knows and respects the tarot but also acknowledges that it is not the end all be all of divination systems. I was VERY excited about this deck! I suggest it be one for anybody who ever read a romance novel! Inspired by the cards I have changed some of the format of the Tarotscope for this month, rather than talking about you we will be telling you about the hero! Now most of the heroes in this deck are men but it is not a slight against the females Richard explains in his book that he felt it would come across better. Which it did. Anyway, so the hero is you this month whether male or female although I may refer a lot to the 'he' it is simply part of the story for this month!

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) – Happy Birthday Leo!!! You begin the month in the Nine of Pentacles as a hero hangs pentacles upon the wall while his lady watches on. This card indicates that you will be going through a time of self-dependence, it's all on you but it's okay, your flourishing! Mid-month brings with it the Five of Cups, where our hero stands in front of a grave still mourning his loss and unable to move forward. This card asks you to please let go of past trauma, give yourself permission to move forward, Universe is only waiting to hear that you are ready. At the end of the month you enter into The Fool! Looking ahead on a beautiful white horse our wonderful beefy blonde protagonist ventures forward beginning a new journey. Although uncertain of the EXACT path, this card tells us that you are meant to be there. This could apply to many things, a new business, partnership, romance or even a move. Either way, look at it as an adventure and an opportunity to expand and grow!

Aries (March 21 - April 20) –   The beginning of the month our hero is reminiscing about simpler times, thinking about family and love in the Six of Cups. As he contemplates the past he happens upon someone he hasn't seen in a VERY long time! What a surprise! Next our hero moves into the Two of Wands stands on the parapet looking out at the full moon thinking about what comes next. He may be moved to explore more options beyond the original plan. At the end of the month we see our hero in the standing on a wooden bridge, pike in hand, as he enters the Nine of Wands. He is on guard as you should be...the question becomes why? He must be wary of the people around him.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20) – Two heroes face off while standing on the roof of a great tower in the Two of Swords the tension between the two keeps them in perfect sync and balance. But the threat still lingers. As each hero evaluates the other fears arise and it keeps them both in a stalemate. Whichever overcomes their fears first will be declared the winner in this brilliant and deadly dance. A hooded hero stands in a red haze his arms crossed each holding long swords. His is the presence of a change that can't be reversed...he is Death. There may be fear, there may be resistance but either way he will come, and he will bring change with him. At the end of the month our hero sits upon his bed, head in his hands he looks out his door into the moonlight where the 9 Swords sit in the doorway. As he looks sightlessly towards the door instead he sees the faces, and situations that haunt him. Scenarios run in his mind of things he would have changed if only he could go back and have a do over. He must learn to release himself from the past and that no matter how much he obsessed about future issues at this point he cannot control it.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) –  A red haired hero practices his maneuvers with the staves with his black haired counterpart in the 5 of Wands. Personally it seems our hero simply needs to blow off steam and get out some aggression which is both healthy & long as he remembers to play fair! A golden haired hero stands in supplication of  the equally blond & angelic Judgment. The stairway lies beyond her and this man is bared before her all his sins, and his accomplishments. It was a last minute event that brings him to this point where he must appease this goddess and be allowed entrance. However, it is his honesty & not his charm that will get him through. Tan, dark and handsome our hero walks through his golden palace clothed in  rich greens & a large gold pentacle waist belt. his green came swishes behind him. He seems determined on his goal, he is the King of Pentacles after all. He may be an intimidating presence, powerful and has done well in business. He encourages planning, preparation & practicality to see him through to success.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) – Our hero this time is actual the anti-hero as he leads a lady down a set of stairs by chains. He seduces his women much like any addiction or bad habit, and people who feel his chains relish them, they don't even realize they are in danger until it is too late. In the next scene our dark haired hero stands with sword at the ready, his enthusiasm is infectious! Even though he may be fearful he puts on a brave front. Many people will underestimate him because he is the Page of Swords and has a youthful air, but his keen intelligence and willingness to do what is necessary will carry him through. Our lone hero faces the odds...alone, pushed on but the strength of his convictions all he has is his with and Seven Wands to aid him. Guided by principle (and maybe a little bit of stubbornness he is willing to do what he believes is the 'right thing' even though it may not be the popular choice.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) – Sitting on a balcony the Page of Cups looks out to the sea. His face is gentle & kind, he is sincere and willing to believe when others may question. He has the strong faith and is willing to open his mind to the messages of Universe. We look at him a little later and still he sits upon the balcony staring up at a single Star that shines so bright in the blanket of twinkling lights in the nights sky. Finally he has a plan, that golden answer that puts the world back to rights, he thanks his lucky Stars and moves on with renewed hope. A red haired hero stands strong with his Wand, we recognize him as The Page, he faces a tornado with abandon enjoying the risk & confirmation of life. He chases the rush that comes with danger, usually with no contingency plan. He doesn't take the time to think things through, his thought is "I Do". 

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) – A heroine stands in the center of a room, dressed in white flowing robes she holds a gold dish in either hand. Two heroes stand behind her, one with a rose the other a sword, her eyes are closed as she waits for the weight of Justice to be applied. She is the judge, and the jury, her decisions are quick and final although she tries to gather all the facts not everything is known to her. Our hero sits on a table one of his Four Cups toppled over, a blond woman bathes in the background at this moment he couldn't care. He is completely detached from everything that surrounds him, lost in his own world. Next our black haired hero stands upon the roof of a house, cape & hair whipping in the wind he holds his sword as if to challenge the Moon. It is time for him to slice through the dark and shed some light on issues.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) – Betrayed...our hero has been betrayed on the worst level, he finds his mate in bed with another man. He doesn't enter the room but rather stands outside of it to dry his tears. Not only is this man with our hero's woman but he counted this man as friend. It is Three Swords right through his mighty heart. It feels as though our hero clings to the ledge of a Tower over the next bit of time, his will to survive is stronger than this pull to release himself from the collapsing rubble that was his life. And it pays off as this hero finds himself in the possession of Three Pentacles and a new lady! Reminding him that although friendships and love may end there is always a new beginning around the corner!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) – Our hero looks over his parapet hung with Four Pentacles he gazes over his land with a birds eye view. He loves what he has earned and is more impressed by what you have than 'who you are' but he has worked hard for each and every item. To see others with similar success will draw him to them. Doing this though we know that he passes up opportunities to expand his horizons. In the next chapter comes our Page of Pentacles, sitting upon a stool he thumbs through the pages of his favorite book, he loves to spend time on his own, not that he is shy but he likes his own company best. He gathers knowledge like a sponge soaks up water and he is a great ally to have on your side. The final chapter (for this month anyway) for our hero is when he steps into the King of Swords looking out from his balcony into the gorgeous blue sky, his uses his trusty sword like a walking stick and holds a casual pose of contemplation. He takes his time and rarely uses the power bestowed upon him as king, respect comes to him easily from peers and he demands nothing of those around him that he would not expect of himself.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 - Jan. 19) – Our hero lays in bed with his lady, their look is one of obvious love and mutual attraction. Three swords decorate the fireplace near the bed and the fourth lies beneath it. He is unguarded now, not even a thought to defend but only to love. If however, that love is threatened he will go to war to defend it. Do not doubt this deadly man. A dark haired hero walks up a set of stairs to meet the woman who holds his gaze. He cuts a dashing figure, as he walks through the Six men holding Wands on either side of the red runner up the stairs. There is a swagger to his step and a confidence only given through victory, his return is highly celebrated and he truly comes home the hero! Our man is not someone who bends easily, yes he may be in need but he won't say it and he won't let anyone help. No matter if you throw his Five Pentacles or twenty, but he will insist on talking about horrible things are and rehashing old war stories.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) – A king's rightful place is upon his throne and the King of Cups is not exception as he claps his hands to some unknown amusement before him. Aware that you 'can't sweat the small stuff..and it's all small stuff.' he knows that life is good. Even though life is fabulous our hero still has to do his chores and when he is chopping wood three sirens with Three Cups stop to take a peek at his *ahem* work. He knows that although these women are present he still must collect the bounty of Mother Nature and chop wood before winter, distractions just will not do right now! Our hero looks back as he walks down a watery walkway, he is about to enter a new corridor. Passion lights his eyes, excitement for the adventure and the possibilities. He is a determined man and knows he has a purpose, he wants to reach that goal even if he may not know exactly what it is just yet.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20) – Our hero transcends from mortal to angel as he hovers above a pool of water where a woman is bathing, he supplies the water as it pours from his hands. He is both lover, sinner and divine, someone who torments himself and works three times as hard for the simple pleasures that we take for granted he is multi-dimensional but serene as he keeps balance in the midst of chaos he is the epitome of Temperance. Joy and love keep fear at bay, our hero stands with his beloved in the tide of the sea, the partners have Two Cups between them as they gaze out on the vast blue glass water before them on their island paradise. They see a kindred soul in the other and are eager to explore their burgeoning love.  They've discovered their love to be true and not their cups runneth over all Ten Cups new life has sprung from the couple's love and the family is happy!