Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey Lovelies!
Yes I just posted the December Tarotscopes! Yay! But aside from that exciting news I have a little bit more to talk about! Firstly I wish you  a merry happy holidays if I don't see you in the chatroom, for a reading or on Facebook or Twitter. I do want to give a shout out to a very loyal Truthful Tarot reader named Lee! I recently got to go down and meet her, she has been reading the Tarotscopes for a while and I was so excited, her family especially her mum was fantastic and I even got to take home some of her portugese sweet bread (need I say yummy?).
Aside from that thoroughly awesome experience, I want to let everyone know that all of the shows (including The Psychic Switch!) are now on the mobile application. Where ever your phone does Tenacity! You can get it for Palm Pre, Android, Blackberry, and IPhone!!!! Yay!!!!
So earlier today, I was working on the Tarotscopes when a knock came at the I ran in my jammies to greet the person (I had deliberately cleared my schedule this morning so I could do the tarotscopes so I knew it wasn't a reading) and it was this lovely young woman who dumped a package in my hands and took off. Stamped on the side was the name Schiffer in bold red letters. It couldn't be I thought to was. I ripped open the package, tossed around the paper packing and inside was a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay (I already have three bottles of Sangria from the last books so I was happy for the change) and my authors copy of Psychic Sex! One hundred and sixty full color pages....I had to be pinched to make sure it was real. Indeed it was!!!!

So friends with the delivery of the authors copy it only confirms Psychic Sex will be hitting the stores in the next few days and I must say that it looks beautiful (although I may be biased ;) )

I believe at the moment that is all I have to report!