Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2010 Tarotscopes

Hello Lovelies!
The month of December will bring with it a lot of energy and movement toward manifesting dreams! For this reading I am using the The Lover's Path Tarot by By Kris Wilder and published by US Games. Kris also created the Goddess Tarot in this deck she brings to life some of the worlds most inspiring lovers and integrates them as Tarot archetypes. Romeo and Juliet, Arthur and Guinevere.  It is a gorgeous deck and Wilder's artistic talents really shine through and create enigmatic pictures that stir the senses and stimulate the psychic mind.  Now to the Tarotscopes!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) - Happy Birthday Sag! Let's see what Universe has in store for you during your birthday month. During the beginning of the month Penelope and Odysseus greet you. Penelope encourages you to look at things around you with a detached view, you may be emotionally to close to some of the situations going on around you and because of that, you are not seeing your options clearly enough. The Ten of Cups reversed knocks on your door mid month reminding you to fight through negative feelings, that now is an important time to keep positive no matter what is going on. Paolo and Francesca stop by at the end of the month bringing with them the ability to turn your greatest weaknesses into strengths and aid you in realizing another part of your potential.

Aries (March 21 - April 20) - The Prince of Coins makes an appearance for you at the beginning of the month, letting you know that financial you are on the right track working hard towards creating growth and new opportunities are on their way. Dido and Aeneas come mid month making you aware of a feeling of oppression, that someone or something is holding you back and it really is time to break free. Take a hard look at the situations around you, it's time for a reanalysis. With the end of the month comes the Three of Staves in its reversed position, be ready for some frustrating delays in work and other projects.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
- You start off your month with the Eight of Staves indicating a sudden burst of energy flow both in motivation and communication. Questions you have had for a long time will suddenly have sensible answers. Tamino and Pamina visit during the middle of the month letting you know that now is the time to go into things with an open mind. Pretend you know nothing about the current situations around you and you will learn more than you thought. Also this may indicate a new beginning, whether education comes into play, a move or new career. The Five of Arrows ends the month warning you of a feeling of defeat, whether it be a job you didn't get, or a class you failed. It also tells you that you need to be wary with your lack of trust, there are people around you that you can depend on. You just need to open your eyes and really look.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
- Scattered Gemini, that is how you will start the month. "To many eggs in one basket!" the Prince of Wands stops by to warn. Think about cutting back some of the work, or working on time management skills to help you tackle all of the things on your to do list. Brunnhilde and Siegfried visits mid month letting you know that right now is the time for you to accomplish great things. Get those big projects that had you scattered at the beginning of the month finished and work towards new goals. At the end of the month the Five of Cups reversed knocks on your door reminding you to appreciate the things you currently have and realize that relationships are not just burdens or happiness. They are what you make them to be.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) - It's time for change Cancer as you move into the Eight of Cups it is time to be your more authentic self. It is also a great time to move on from negative relationships, careers and to let go of unhealthy situations. The Queen of Arrows appears, you may call her Venus, now is the best time to communicate your thoughts and ideas, it is also a fabulous time for you to introvert a little bit and listen to the voice inside, discover your inner brilliance! The Eight of Arrows reversed comes to you at the end of the month reminding you not to obsess about your personal problems and that the sky isn't falling this month. Don't allow yourself to blow things out of proportion and try to keep your stress levels down.

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22) - Like Orpheus and Eurydice there must be sacrifice in everything we do. We give up one career for another, one love for another, one life path for another. The beginning of the month heralds such a sacrifice although short lived to attain a major goal you have been striving to attain. You move into the Nine of Cups reversed mid month giving you a sense of complacency. Do not mistake comfort with stagnancy, something will leave a sense of dissatisfaction around you.  But at the end of the month as you change to the Two of Arrows reversed you must recognize that you have become to logical and not allowed your emotions any leeway in your decision making. Be sure to let each side of you have a voice and that sense of dissatisfaction will dissipate.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) - Paolo and Francesca visit you in the reversed position at the beginning of the month giving you a sense of freedom amidst many obligations. During the middle of the month you  move into the Five of Arrows telling you to be careful and put up your defenses, emotional issues are going to come to a head in a verbal way. It is a good thing in the end to cleanse yourself of the problems by releasing the energy, but it will not be the most enjoyable of experiences. Recognize your triggers and the triggers of those around you if you wish to avoid the conflict although honestly, it's better just to have it out. You end the month with the Five of Cups in the reversed position wrapping up on a happy note with the ability to appreciate what you have in front of you rather than wishing for what you don't. This positive energy carries forward into the new year bringing with it a sense of accomplishment and positive change.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22) - Danae and Zeus, two royals one of the earthly plane the other of the gods. They come to you to let you know of fortunes that are heading your way. Now is the time to exercise your ability to accept abundance and not allow your critical thinking to get in the way! Isolde Queen of Coins comes to you in the reversed position in the middle of the month letting you know to pay more attention to current relationships as they may feel a little off kilter or out of sync. Also that now is the time to take absolute control of those emotions or be overwhelmed with them if you don't. At the end of the month the Two of Coins comes into play bringing balance to the earthly and spiritual realms as well as the other aspects of your life. You will juggle them all with much success!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) - At the beginning of the month you find yourself fin the Four of Cups reversed letting you know to accept your current situation no matter how upsetting or dissatisfying it may be. But also that it will pass. Mid month the Five of Arrows comes into play again in reversed position letting you know that now is the time for a decision to be made and if you will be made for you and you will not appreciate the outcome. This card gives you permission to take control and responsibility for the situation. Mark the King of Cups knocks on your door at the end of the month telling you to watch for someone who may be like a mentor coming into your life. They carry with them the qualities of wisdom, maturity and integrity pay attention to them you will learn a lot.

Capricorn (Dec. 21 - Jan. 19) -  Three of Staves reversed greets you at the beginning of the month so there may be some frustration at the moment while waiting out minor delays in planning. Bragwene Princess of Cups stops by in the reversed position mid month to make you aware that you may be involved in a codependent relationship in which you need to give yourself some distance. At the end of the month you meet Tristan and Isolde in the reverse letting you know that you need to pay attention to gut feelings and the signs around you. They also speak of planning be sure on how you are scheduling yourself, events and for the future. If you are planning a party of gathering just know it may be bad timing,  the weather may not agree, it could be your caterer or that everyone cannot attend, be open to rescheduling.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)
- The Prince of coins Perseus stops by at the beginning of December letting you know of new opportunities that are going to arise and that your hard work will pay off in the end just be persistent. Mid month you meet Wotan King of Staves in his reversed position letting you know to be aware of someone around you who is one hundred percent supportive of your pursuits but don't expect any more than that as they are not reliable. Guinevere and Arthur say hello at the end of the month bringing with them a message of power. Get ready to lead or take a position of power where you must be the driving force. Be careful to temper that power with logic and a cool head.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)
-  You kick off the month with the Two of Staves in the reversed position, don't be afraid to ask for help at this time when you need it. It also predicts that there will be a project that will quickly lose momentum, now is not the time to begin something new, wrap up loose ends instead. At the middle of the month Romeo and Juliet stop by reminding you to be aware of public perception, right now may be a critical time in regards to work so keep your nose clean! At the end of the month Fricka the Queen of Staves comes to you in the reversed position telling you that even though you may feel as though you lack control in the world that it is a false perception and that now is the time to take a stand for yourself, let your voice be heard!

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*images used with permission from US Games Systems Inc.