Monday, July 5, 2010

Morwyn Joins Us on The Psychic Switch 7/28/10

Name: Morwyn

Show Title: Essentially Psychic

Show Date: 7/28/10

Show Time: 8-9 PM ET

Join Beckah Boyd and her guest Morwyn author of Green Magic and Witch's Brew as they talk about essences, herbs and more that will help you to increase your psychic ability

Green Magic: The Healing Power of Herbs, Talismans, & Stones

In Green Magic, Morwyn shares with her readers the wealth of her accumulated knowledge about medicinal and magical uses of herbs. Both beginners and seasoned readers in the field of magic, as well as those with an active interest in herbs, will benefit from this compendium of facts and lore about over one hundred medicinal and magical herbs. Morwyn offers a special perspective on the interrelationship between herbs, teas, precious stones and talismans, and shows how to incorporate these elements into rituals. She also answers such survival questions as which plants are poisonous and which can cure your ailments. Buy Here! 

Witch's Brew: Secrets of Scents
Here, Morwyn details the history, lore, and uses of perfumes, incenses, magical sachets, potpourris, baths, and other fragrance formulas and applies them to ritual magic, healing, and perfumery. Included are formulas, spells, and rituals that take advantage of the power of scent to create magic in your daily life. Experienced Witches will enjoy this volume as a valuable addition to their occult library, as it includes a veritable encyclopedia of data on scores of perfumes and other fragrance materials. Others will find the comprehensive information which is organized for easy reference an invaluable guide for the use of scents. Buy Here!