Saturday, December 5, 2009

TarotScopes for the Week of December 5th-12th

I'm back, Lovelies!
After a crrraazzzy week writing more than I ever have in my life, I'm here again
to give you your TarotScope for the week of December 5th - 12th.

Enjoy! And stay warm.


Career – Now is the time to push toward your hopes and dreams! The Star card illustrates an inner confidence in yourself and your work environment, something you've been needing. You're going to feel empowered and that things are going your way.

Health – Be aware of travel. Your immune system is slightly weakened so catching something could be in your future if you're not taking care of yourself.

Relationships – Take care of your finances this week when they're coupled with friendships and relationships. Now is not the time to lend money or to borrow it. There may be someone around you who's going to depend on you a little more than usual – so try to be there for them.


Career - There's a lot of talk going on around you right now, and it may not always be positive talk. Make sure, however, that you don't "talk yourself" into thinking everyone is out to get you. That's not the case and you don't need that extra negative energy.

Health – You've got the Tower reversed, which means recovery and recuperation! Make sure that you take it easy, however, and let nature fix you up in her own time.

Relationships - You have the Empress in your relationships. Now is the time to bring out your creativity with loved ones and your honey – don't let things get stale and boring. Spice it up!


Career – You're building on a steady foundation in your Career this week. Keep pushing things forward. You'll do fine.

Health – You're going to be in control of your health this week. Take care to wash your hands and be aware that there may be some discomfort and sensitivity in the lower stomach.

Relationship – You have the Strength card reversed, which tells me that you're going to have to verbally "kick some ass" right now! You'll win the day, but be prepared for some possible animosity.


Career – Put your money away right now. You've got the 7 of Coins reversed, which means now is the time to either invest or put some funds away somewhere safe. There may be some funds going out that don't need to be. Look carefully and track that. Keep a nest egg for projects that will be coming your way!

Health – I don't see you getting sick this week, but people around you may be feeling ill. You may be recruited to be a caretaker, so make sure you keep your immune system up.

Relationships – The 10 of Swords in your Relationship sector tells me that you'll be dealing with some obstacles this week. A lot of information may be coming your way and you may be having some hard conversations. Do your best to listen to your partner or your friends.


Career – You've got the 6 of Swords reversed in your Career this week, which means that issues, challenges, arguments and resistances will be crumbling. Things will start to flow again, and there will be a lot of positive finality.

Health – Your health will be pretty good this week, and if there's been some hidden ailments, you'll find out why you've been suffering.

Relationships – Right now you've got to take the supporting role and take care of your loved ones. You don't mind this task, and the person will be grateful for all your help. You're there to put them back into balance.


Career – You're aware that there is a lot of money going out this week, but be prepared for a little more than previously thought to leak out. You may feel this financial pinch, but your job is steady, so don't worry.

Health – Watch your stress! Don't let this money issue bring you down and allow it to make you sick.

Relationships – Things may be up in the air this week in terms of relationships. There may be opened-ended questions and not enough answers. The Universe has a plan, it just hasn't quite figured out the details.


Career – Like Virgo, you're going to need to watch your money, but unlike Virgo it's exactly as much as you expected.

Health – There's the potential for you to get sick because of stress (maybe regarding your leaking money?), so watch that you don't make yourself worse than you need to be!

Relationships – This week, you're going to be honest and real about your emotions to your friends, family, and loved ones. You may not be as logically centered as you have been in the past, and things may be more emotionally driven.


Career – Work and coworkers are going to work for and with you. There may be some debt around you, but it's big investments and something that needs to happen. Even if the financial strain is a little more than expected, it's going to be taken care of.

Health – Your health should be just fine, the only thing you need to watch out for are some pesky headaches.

Relationships – Money might cause you some interpersonal stress, and you may be a little more temperamental than usual. Understand where your stress is coming from and do what you can to keep it from affecting your relationships.


Career – This week is a good time to focus on moving up. When it comes to work, however, you could be in a precarious position. Do you leave, do you stay, will you ever get that promotion…? You have the ability to hit your goal; you have a fantastic way with manifestation. Think it out, plan it out, and make it happen!

Health – Your health should be all right, just watch out for your chest area and lungs, you may have a bit of a cough.

Relationships – You're going to be spending some time on your own this week – but it's a good thing! You need some self-inflection. Some meditation. A little bit of space may be needed if you're in a relationship, but it'll be good for everyone.


Career – You're going to be working behind the scenes this week, and it's going to work well with your nature. Money may be a little tight, but it seems like you're going to be fine – even solid.

Health – Don't let the stress of work cause unneeded health problems. You should be fine overall, as long as you don't focus on unneeded issues.

Relationship – you have the Lovers reversed in your relationship sector – this could mean there are some misunderstandings coming your way. Do what you can to use your "I" statements ("I feel", "I think"), and know that you may be more emotional than usual.


Career – You're finally going to get a feeling of justice in your Career sector. There's going to be some sort of victory – you're going to feel a sense of achievement.

Health – You're not taking care of yourself the way you should. You need to spend more time on your physical health. You need to do the work; don't just wish to stay healthy – work on it!

Relationships – Your relationships will be strong, and there's a possibility of someone from your past coming back and you two having a positive rekindling.


Career – You may be being a little negative this week; you're feeling stuck. Don't let that doubt and negativity get to you! As much as you feel like you can't get out of where you are, you definitely can. Look beyond yourself

Health – Watch for your sinuses this week.

Relationships – Even though you don't feel in control in your relationships, you're very much okay. Negativity wants to creep in everywhere but you are in control of your emotions and you can change how you're feeling and relating to others!