Saturday, December 19, 2009

TarotScopes for December 19th - December 25th

Here are your TarotScopes for December 19th - December 25th.
And remember to check back after the New Year to see your prediction for 2010!


Career – You have the 6 of Cups in your Career sector, which tells me you'll be doing a lot of networking this week. Pay attention to all the words you say right now; communication is essential to the changes that are beginning all around you.

Health – You may feel a little low this week, but I'm not seeing any big issues.

Relationships - You're going to take a step back and let your partner take control this week. Allow them to surprise you and shower you with attention, you never know what might happen!


Career – Your usual stable nature is going to be challenged this week. You may be feeling a little stuck at the moment, but I feel that you're definitely going to be passing through this stagnant time in the next two weeks.

Health – You may be doing a lot of entertaining right now, so be aware of all the people coming into your "bubble".

Relationships – There's a lot of good talk, networking, and problem solving going on this week. There may be some decisions happening; just make sure those decisions are made quickly.


Career – There's the possibly for travel around you in regards to your Career, so be on the look out for opportunities.

Health – Take control of your health this week, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. You've been sitting back for a bit and now is the time to take charge.

Relationships – There's some stress hovering around you centering on money. If there are any arguments happening this week, most likely they will be of a financial nature.


Career – You're going to let other people take the lead in your Career right now, which is slightly unlike you, but it's OK. You're going to let others handle projects and move things forward, and that's fine because you can trust the people in charge.

Health – This may be a time of cleansing for you, and besides the possible side effect of feeling tired, you're going to be in good spirits!

Relationships – You have the Star in your Relationship sector, which means that you're heading into a time of self-empowerment. Your hopes are moving you forward and you have the ability to right current rocky relationships.


Career – You're making battle plans at the moment, Leo, and that's good. You're in a transitional phase, which is helped by a particularly clear head. Continue to plan for the future step by step.

Health – You have the possibility of being really healthy this week, so give yourself plenty of time and rest.

Relationships – There may be a slight disruption in a key relationship. It's not necessarily negative, so don't spend all your time getting overwhelmed and making a mountain out of a molehill.


Career – You don't feel like you're in control this week, which is highly unusual for a Virgo. I wouldn't worry too much about it; simply do what you can to keep it from stressing you out!

Health – Watch for mishaps and small accidents while traveling right now, Virgo.

Relationships – There are some issues in Relationships that you haven't quite figured out how to solve. Don't force anything this week. Now is not the time to come to any final conclusions.


Career – You have the Tower reversed in your Career, which means that you're in the rebuilding stage. A strong foundation is still being constructed.

Health – There may be a lot of illness around you, but I don't necessarily see it affecting you. However, now is the time to definitely keep your immune system up.

Relationships – You have The Wheel in your Relationship sector, which is an unpredictable card. Paths are clear in Relationships, but which direction to take isn't as clear. Whatever decisions you make are going to be the right ones, though, so just follow your gut.


Career – You're going to be jumping over a lot of obstacles this week, but don't worry because it's not going to last for very long.

Health – You have the 5 of Coins in your Health sector, which makes me feel like there may be some imbalances in your system. There may be some dizziness, fatigue, and just a general feeling of being "off".

Relationships – There are some people that need to be removed for your life. Give yourself a cleansing and knock negative people out of your social circle.


Career – There's a lot of communication and some small changes or shifts happening around your workplace this week, Sag. It may not affect you directly, however, and could amount to nothing more than "office buzz".

Health – You have the 10 of Cups reversed, which tells me that you need to watch out for allowing stress to bring you down. Watch for neck pain, back pain, and upset stomach – these could all be caused by stress! Do what you need to do to keep your equilibrium.

Relationships – Any issues or problems happening in your key Relationships are going to be easily solved this week, so that's one thing not to stress about!


Career – Issues and disagreements about the workplace are finally being put to rest. If you've been trying to hash out negotiations, this week is all about those going through. Also, a lot of worries and some stress you've been holding will dissipate.

Health – You may be healing an injury this week, and although it might be a "slow mend", I do see things getting better. You may just feel a little achy.

Relationships – You're going to be the leader in a key Relationship this week, and may even feel like someone's leaning just a little too heavily on you for support.


Career – This is a week of relief for you when it comes to work. You're going to be able to take it easy and put your attention elsewhere.

Health – You're going to be out and about this week, and it seems like you might bypass any illness on the hunt for you. Just be watchful of your joints – they may cause you a little bit of pain.

Relationships – Right now you want to be recognized for who you are on your own, not as part of a pair or group. You're going to be doing a lot by yourself this week.


Career – Your finances are going to be here one minute, gone another! Do what you can to pay attention to your dollars and cents. Work itself is going to be steady.

Health – Be aware of your digestion this week, there may be sensitive there.

Relationships – Take time and think things over right now. Withhold judgment and don't rush to any big conclusions concerning Relationships.