Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tarotscopes for September 2010

This month I am using the Tarot of the Magical Forest with artwork by Leo Tan and instructions by Giovanni Pelosini. This deck is put out by Lo Scarabeo and carried by Llewellyn. It is truly an enchanting deck, and one that is great for sparking imagination with bright imagery and cute little creatures it is really a pleasure to read! So let's see what this deck has to say about September!

Virgo - Happy Birthday Virgo!! In the beginning of the month you move into the phase of the High Priestess, represented in this deck as a wise owl peering out into the night between two trees. This is a time to use your intuition and expect to be learning some unusual things! Also be on the lookout as when you are in the phase of the High Priestess hidden truths may be revealed (life path, career change etc). A very good start to September! The middle of September bring with it the Emperor in his reversed position, this will be a particular challenge for you Virgos always capable and well ordered the Emperor in reverse indicates that many of situations you will come across will be out of your control. Now is the time to relax and go with the flow, don't try to force your will. At the end of the month comes the Two of Swords compromise is the name of the game but it is a temporary one. The little cat lady is blindfolded holding two crossed swords, this usually means that there is an argument or a fight and agreement must come. However, you must be sure to keep those swords balanced and be wise. You will move on from this quickly.

Aries - Death in it's reversed position greets you at the beginning of the month. To me death has always indicated change with sacrifice. For example, leaving town permanently for a new job, usually this would be something you can anticipate, however when Death is in it's reversed position to me it's always meant that changes may be more subtle or not at all. No big news at the beginning of the month Aries! Mid-month brings with it the Ace of Chalices reversed, you should be excited about the things around you, should feel enthusiastic and motivated, but you don't. There is an uncanny emptiness there, it is as though you have put a wall up between you and your emotional self. Now is the time to dig deeper and really meditate on emotional issues that you haven't dealt with in a while. Seven of Wands reversed chimes in at the end of the month, to let you know that trying to hold your position or viewpoint is a challenge that at this point you may not have the confidence to win.

Taurus - The Six of Wands comes to you in the beginning of the month Taurus, Oscar Wilde said "A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." You've been dreaming up an idea for a while, but reality causes you to hesitate to act upon it. This card is definitely one to stimulate you into action, now is no longer the time for dreams but for action! The Ace of Swords visits mid-month making you feel clearer, and sharper mentally. You will be ready to take on any problem solving challenges and obstacles that come your way. At the end of the month the Nine of Swords reversed moves in, a little kitty wakes up from a nightmare swords line the wall...but in the reversed position it is not a portent of evil dreams and bogeymen but one of peaceful sleep and beautiful visions.

Gemini - Time to let you hair down and celebrate Gemini, whether an anniversary, engagement, wedding, birthday or accomplishment now is the time to sit back and enjoy! The Three of Chalices indicates a party is in order so get ready to get your groove on! The Eight of Chalices comes to you mid-month giving you the power to release old relationships and friendships in favor of moving forward, now is the time to release the bonds that hold you back! At the end of the month, the Nine of Chalices reversed arrives bringing a message of restlessness. You have shed those old what? It is time for you to plan your next big move forward.

Cancer - The Ace of Wands reversed, brings you down in the beginning of the month you may be feeling a lack of creative and as though you are stuck in a dead end. But this is not something to worry about as it will pass fairly quickly. With the middle of the month comes the Ten of Wands that wall which creates a dead end is lifted away and new beginnings are being put into motion. Come the end of the month you move into the phase of the Seven of Swords reversed, burdens are lifted and lightened. Move forward in peace.

Leo - The Three of Swords reversed makes it's way to you in the beginning of the month telling you that now is not the time to make decisions your mind may be fairly cloudy. Love can abound for you during this time but again approach cautiously as the choice of love may be unwise. The Ace of Pentacles greets you mid month allowing you to look at things in a practical and constructive way. At the end of the month the King of Chalices reversed stops by money and resources may be slipping out of your grasp. But not to worry come the beginning of October will bring you flush again.

Libra - The Five of Swords reversed meets you at the beginning of the month letting you know that now is not the time to take caution, move quickly opportunities abound! The Ten of Chalices comes in mid-month work may be overtaking your time, causing you to lose touch with family and nature, make a point of reconnecting with both it will help to keep you sane. The Two of Chalices reversed shows at the end of the month there are no obstacles between you and your lover/spouse or in finding one. Be open now is a time of great passion and communication for you and your mate.

Scorpio - The Moon reversed shows order moving into a sense of chaos, the world has flipped, no longer are the Sun and Moon in control but now it is the animals. Time to pay attention to your house and career the world will flip again soon. Now is not the time for manifestation as things may have a habit of going into the reverse of what you expect, same with projects or other endeavors. The Hanged Man comes in the middle of the month to say that you are sitting in your 'stuff' that you are not moving forward or backward, it is a get off your butt card. Now is the time for action, don't sit back and relax in a feeling of comfort and safety. The end of the month heralds Strength, telling you to kill your enemies with kindness. The maiden representative of innocence and the Lion representative of the Leonine energy, ferocity and courage. Time to face situations that make you uncomfortable, you have a great inner strength and now is the time to test it.

Sagittarius - At the beginning of the month Justice comes to remind you that every action has a consequence, now is the time to be vigilant about what you say and do. As the price may be more than your willing to pay. The Lovers greets you mid-month bringing with it a sense of connection and love, this can also herald positive negotiations, new partnerships and agreements, success all around! Yay! The end of the month brings the Eight of Pentacles the little fox is busy carving out a new coin and so will you be busy with work! Although this work may not give you the thrill you were hoping for as it may be both repetitive and a boring, do not despair for the beginning of October will bring opportunity for change. Right now bask in the certainty of a paycheck!

Capricorn - As for Gemini the Three of Cups comes to you at the beginning of month Capricorn to bring tidings of celebration! You have accomplished something to be proud of! In addition, this may indicate positive news on its way to you, enjoy! The Five of Pentacles warns of a feeling of loss to come mid-month, there may be a setback in health, financial loss or loss of a prized item. It is not a permanent destiny however so be vigilant about your health, money and objects! Justice again comes to remind us that actions have consequences both negative and positive so be aware!

Aquarius - Quick and changeable is usually a good thing but the Fool reversed tells you that the beginning of the month is not a time to start any new ventures impulsively. Really think things over before making plans! The Knight of Wands reversed comes to you mid-month to tell you that even though you have a lot coming at you, you don't need to act now. Have patience, things will sort themselves out in their own time. Give yourself plenty of space in the middle of September and don't let the opinions of others cloud you judgement. The Knight of Swords dashes forth at the end of the month this little kitty all dressed in armor with sword at the ready riding awhite stallion transforms into a lion in the heat of battle. Quick and accurate, graceful and calculating, solutions to this month's obstacles will be revealed! You will percieve things a little more clearly and intelligent action can be taken.

Pisces - The Eight of Swords bears a distinct message for you, with a little puss-in-boots blindfolded and surrounded by swords it warns of issues that you may not be looking for or refusing to look at coming to a head around you. Even though uncomfortable this can be a positive card as it can help clear the air and bring healing. The Five of Swords reversed marches in come the middle of the month confirming that with the Eight of Swords help you have lightened your load a little bit. Be aware that opportunities to delegate tasks are going to abound, take only the most trustworthy and use them to their fullest capacity, then sit back and relax. The Four of Wands brings a period of peace and a respite from the chaos, take the opportunity to recharge your batteries and get ready for next month!

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