Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Journey Tarot Review by Christopher Willey

Review By: Sue G. 

The very first thing you notice when using this deck is that the traditional imagery has been replaced by a modern update.  The colors are bold but not overpowering.  The Tower has been replaced by Intervention, The Hermit is now the Guidance and so on.  The images your clients see are ones that they can relate to more easily.  By using imagery that everyone can relate to, the deck easily lends itself to both new and advanced readers.  One of my favorite cards is the 12th Card of the Major Arcana, in Today's Journey is is entitled Choice and depicts a person's hand holding onto the steering wheel of their car while driving down a highway about to choice which off ramp to use.  This shows someone feeling a bit stuck, not knowing which way to go, but seeing the possibilities spread out before them.  Who can't relate to this much more easily then the image of a Hanged Man?  It's that type of ease that has made this deck quickly become my go-to one.

*images used with the permission of Schiffer Publishing LTD.